'The X-Files' Promo Warns: "We've Never Been in More Danger"

X-Files Still - H 2015

X-Files Still - H 2015

With just under three months until The X-Files revival launches, Fox has released its second new promo in a week.

The newest spot — which includes a slowed-down, dramatic version of the iconic theme song — touts Mulder (David Duchovny) as a "true believer," while Scully (Gillian Anderson) retains her "skeptic" label. And though the duo both acknowledge the danger of their current situation, Mulder also points out, "When has that ever stopped us?"

Check out the newest promo for The X-Files!

Fox also released new key art for the event series. The poster features an X-ray of what appears to be an alien, with the tagline, "I still want to believe."

The X-Files returns Jan. 24, 2016 on Fox.