'X-Men' Star Hugh Jackman Spends a 'Fantasy Day' at ESPN

The Wolverine actor showed off his World Cup knowledge and his game talk during a "SportsCenter" appearance on Tuesday.

Hugh Jackman is better known for his acting skills and muscle mass than his sports knowledge, but the X-Men: Days of Future Past star showed off his know how when he made a special visit to ESPN on Tuesday.

The multi-talented Aussie actor -- who can sing, dance, host, produce and bench-press his own body weight -- was surprisingly savvy about U.S. sports as he chatted about the NFL, NBA, World Cup, and challenged John Cena to a WWE bout.

"Psyched is not strong enough of a word. Let’s call it a 'fantasy day,'" Jackman said about his trip to Bristol, Conn., to visit the famous SportsCenter set. 

"So far it’s been awesome. This has been the easiest, most fun, most energizing work day of my life. You  can’t even call it work. The only TV that I watch pretty regularly is SportsCenter. In fact, it’s almost the only TV I watch."

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No one is betting on the Australians to win the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, but Jackman said that isn't going to stop him from cheering on his homeland when they take on Chile June 13, in a match that will air on ESPN. 

"Rest assured. I’m going to be watching. I’ll be with my daughter and her friends that day. They’re not going to be as understanding that I’m going to be stopping everything to see this match, but I am," he said, adding hopefully: "Because come on…Australia, we can do it!" 

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With the latest X-Men installment -- which also stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, Nicholas Hoult, Ellen Page and Peter Dinklage -- hitting theaters on Friday, the star of seven of the films revealed which sports stars he thought would made powerful mutants.

Needing a dose of dysfunctionality as well along with brawn and brains, he suggest Miami Heat star LeBron James (although he is too grounded) or Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman, who proved he has a feisty temper during a post-game interview with Erin Andrews earlier this year. 

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Later, the Les Miserables Oscar nominee proved he didn't need Wolverine's claws to reveal his angry side, when he challenged WWE's Cena to a battle in the ring. "I am the Flying Aussie, I am coming off the top rope -- you're going down!"

Watch a video clip below of Jackman's challenge to the wrestler.