Yara Shahidi, Jimmy Fallon Team Up for 'Schoolhouse Rock'-Inspired Voting PSA

Jimmy Fallon and Yara Shahidi teamed up to highlight the importance of voter registration in "Voting America." The Schoolhouse Rock-themed animated video, which was released on Monday, encourages millennials to vote as midterm elections approach.

The video begins as an animated Fallon and Shahidi greet each other. "I'm on my way to Voting Avenue," she begins. "It's a place you get to go when you turn 18. It means you get to vote."

A ballot even led them to Voting Avenue. "So you say that you're 18. Well I'll tell you what that means. It's an opportunity for something new," sang the ballot about young voters fulfilling their civic duty. "It don't matter who you are, if you walk or drive a car. It don't make a difference if you're red or blue."

The animated Shahidi then encouraged voters to register to vote, whether they do so by visiting Vote.gov or by asking Siri for instructions. She also explained to Fallon why midterms are so important. "There's an election every year, Jimmy, and state and local elections can be just as important, if not more," explains Shahidi. 

The video concludes with Fallon, Shahidi, the ballot and a group of judges, mayors and voters holding hands and swaying back and forth. "So don't miss the possibility to take part in your democracy. Come join us here on Voting Avenue," they sang as the video zooms out to show that the people holding hands across a map of the United States.

Watch the full video above.