'So You Think You Can Dance' Winner Named; Debate Rages Among Viewers

After the Season 8 champion was crowned, fans took to Twitter to express both their joy and displeasure.
Adam Rose/FOX
Neil Haskell and Melanie Moore

So You Can You Can Dance has crowned Melanie Moore the season eight champion.

Moore beat out second-place contestant Sasha Mallory; Marko Germar, who came in third; and fourth-place finisher Tadd Guadduang to take the crown in Fox’s dancing competition on Thursday night.

After the announcement was made, SYTYCD fans took to Twitter to express their widely differing opinions, with many happy about Moore’s win and still others arguing that one of the other finalists should have won.

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Those in Moore’s camp included:

Shane Adams
Really happy with the winner of #SYTYCD. My favorite all season. So great.

Lindsay Pearce
Crying like a baby for Melanie in SYTYCD. Well done, babygirl!!

Karen Williams
My votes went for Melanie. I feel in love with her when she auditioned.

Congratualtions Melanie on being America's favourite dancer. Feels like the season flew by. 

But Mallory had numerous viewers disappointed she didn’t win:

Sasha was robbed on #SYTYCD

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Hanna B
@D8Sasha You're the winner to us!!! #2 is the new #1 

Well, Sasha may be #2 on SYTYCD but she's number one dancer in our hearts!!! @D8Sasha Fierce Rules!!!

Meanwhile, German and Guaddang also had their own fans upset with their losses:

Wendy Perron
Marko #SYTYCD, his presence is beautiful and heartfelt. Oh, and I love his dancing too.

I don't care if Tadd lost. I still believe he was the most versatile one of the bunch & could do amazing things.


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