'The Young Pope' Teaser: Jude Law Is a Conniving Religious Contradiction

A new teaser has been released for The Young Pope, and it previews the conniving contradiction of its titular character.

Jude Law stars as a newly powerful pope who is described as conservative, melancholy and ruthless, and an expert at playing Vatican politics.

"Like Mary, virginal mother; like man, good and evil; I'm God," he explains when asked who he is. The teaser further notes that he "does not negotiate on anything or with anyone," and that, as the first American pope, he intends to ignite a revolution.

"They chose a pope they didn't know, and today, they'll begin to realize who I am," he concludes with an air of mischief.

Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando, Scott Shepherd, Cecile de France, Javier Camara, Ludivine Sagnier, Tony Bertorelli and James Cromwell also star in the Paolo Sorrentino series.

The Young Pope premieres on Oct. 21 on Sky Atlantic in Italy and Germany, on Oct. 27 in the United Kingdom and in 2017 on HBO.