'You're the Worst' Books Raymond J. Barry for Season 4 (Exclusive)

Ray Barry - Publicity - P 2017
Courtesy of FXX

Season four of FXX's You're the Worst is beginning to come into focus.

The critically praised comedy from creator Stephen Falk has enlisted Justified grad Raymond J. Barry for the season four premiere.

The actor, whose credits also include Gotham and Ray Donovan, will guest star as Burt, a loner who meets Jimmy (Chris Geere) in the special hourlong season four opener. Burt is an aggressively independent and set-in-his-ways loner who has built a life of solitude in a rural trailer park outside Los Angeles. He and Jimmy, both seeking seclusion from the real world, form an unlikely friendship, bonding over their love of whiskey and old TV shows. 

Season four kicks off after Gretchen (Aya Cash) accepted Jimmy's marriage proposal, only to see him leave her stranded in the Hollywood Hills after he freaked out that she would be his family. Now broken up and involved with other people, Jimmy and Gretchen struggle to move on while constantly being pulled back toward one another.

"When Jimmy proposes up on the ridge and she says, 'We’re family now,' that is what causes him to get in his car and drive away and leave her up there," Falk told The Hollywood Reporter of the surprising season three finale. "It’s basically saying, 'You just got over your family, and now I’m that for you,' and that’s a poison word for him. It’s a very scary thing. He doesn’t want her to become that to him. He loves her enough to do it, but he doesn’t in the moment make the connection between 'Oh, I’m now taking this person who I love and want to spend time with and want to be there every morning when I wake up' into the realm of, 'Now we are going to be this institution called family with all its complications and psychological implications,' and it really has this end-of-life meaning. That is not what he’s signing up for, but he’s saying that. He’s not really emotionally mature, but I think it’s understandable. He’s a bit of a romantic. He’s done this before, and he hasn’t quite thought it through. I think it’s in earnest, he means it, but he doesn’t make that connection."

Barry is repped by Metropolitian Talent Agency and McGowan Management.

You're the Worst returns Sept. 6 at 10 p.m. on FXX.