'You're the Worst' Final Season Will Explore Commitment

You're the Worst - Set Visit -Photographed by Jessica Chou-EMBED 4- 2017
Photographed by Jessica Chou

“Not only with the clinical depression, but with Jimmy and his grief and a lot of the other things explored on the show, a lot of comedy comes from the other people involved in those storylines not understanding that situation,” says Geere. “When you’re out of your depth, comedy comes from that.”

The upcoming fifth, and final, season of FXX's critical darling, You're the Worst, will explore commitment, creator Stephen Falk told reporters Friday at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour.

In making their final appearance before press at TCA, Falk and stars Aya Cash (Gretchen), Chris Geere (Jimmy), Desmin Borges (Edgar) and Kether Donohue (Lindsay) reminisced about the past four seasons while also teasing what to expect when the final season bows in January.

"All our performances are with each other," Cash said after tearing up while discussing how much the cast helps one another and how close everyone is both on set and off.

As for what to expect, Falk noted that he plans to wind his show down in an "organic way" after Jimmy and Gretchen officially got engaged at the end of season four. "This is the season leading up to, and playing with, the idea of commitment and what that means — and what that means in a legal and personal structure and what it means to one's development — and, vis a vis, the end of one being cool or not," he said.

The first episode of season five will likely catch viewers by surprise in that it doesn't feature any of the YTW stars for its first couple acts as the episode — like the series itself — is a send-up of '90s rom-coms.

"It's a gooey love letter to the tension between cynicism and belief in romance and movie-style love and endings," Falk said of the episode that will also feature a send-up of Notting Hill.

Falk, talking with THR after the panel, also revealed that the final season would feature the return of fan-favorite episode "Sunday Funday" after the series skipped the annual installment in season four.

"When we realized it was our last season, I had to bring it back. It's so much fun, and great to have all the cast together. It's a really fun way to tell a different kind of story — but one that the audience seems to really enjoy," Falk said. "This one is pretty nuts. Paul F. Tompkins is joining us this season, and he plays a big part in Sunday Funday."

Falk, who started his TV writing career as a recapper for Television Without Pity, described the series finale as "absolutely surprising, but, in retrospect, makes complete sense and is completely satisfying."

As a whole, star Geere said the final season is an "amalgamation of everything [the characters] have learned before," and would feature everyone's respective personal development — or lack thereof. "We had our idea of how we wanted it to end and, now that we all know, we cried when we found out," he said.

For her part, Cash previewed that there's something that happens in the final season that is just above and beyond the horrible things Jimmy, Gretchen, Edgar and Lindsay have ever done before (which says a lot for a show like You're the Worst).

"We do something this season that, when we all read it, we all thought we jumped the shark … and then you read the rest of the episode and it makes sense," Cash said. "We do something so heinous and deplorable that you think we can never come back from it."

The final season of You're the Worst will air in January. FXX has yet to set a specific premiere date.