'You're the Worst' Creator: Move to FXX "Doesn't Affect Us at All"

You're The Worst Still - H 2014

You're The Worst Still - H 2014

You're the Worst die-hards, rest easy. Jimmy, Gretchen, Edgar and Lindsay are going to be just fine when creator Stephen Falk's critical darling comedy makes the move from FX to FXX.

The comedy — which centers on two horrible people, Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash), and their misadventures in life, love and romance — quickly became a critical darling during its 10-episode run on FX.

FX renewed the anti-romantic comedy for a second, expanded season of 13 episodes and announced the series would move to its newer, younger-skewing sibling network FXX, quickly raising concerns among the wave of critics who embraced the series and its originality.

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"Being on FXX doesn't affect us at all," creator Stephen Falk tells The Hollywood Reporter of the move. "They gave me no mandate. When I got the call from [FX Networks CEO] John Landgraf explaining we were going to FXX, my concern was it would feel like a demotion. But I wasn't concerned about the perception."

FXX typically caters to adults 18-34, as opposed to FX's focus on the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 set. You're the Worst's addition comes as the younger-skewing network recently hit ratings paydirt with its Every Simpsons Ever marathon, a move Falk notes helped FXX hit its ratings mark two years ahead of schedule.

"They really wanted some signature shows on there; they wanted us to help — along with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League and [new comedy] Man Seeking Woman — to anchor FXX and help brand it," Falk says. "As John said, there's still a learning curve — they're still trying to find 100 percent exactly what the difference is and I think there's a perception already. You can tell there's a difference: FXX is a little younger — and maybe a little weirder.

"I always saw this show as appealing to everyone just because it's not a teen dating show," Falk continues. "So I was concerned. But they obviously put all those questions to bed. The other nice benefit is FXX is in 77 million homes as opposed to 90 million for FX, so our ratings threshold is a little lower. … I think we're going to have more breathing room and, as John said, as long as we continue to grow creatively, the ratings are less than important."

As for what to expect plot-wise when YTW returns — likely in the summer — Falk noted the entire writing staff from season one is returning and already hard at work on its sophomore run. The comedy will pick up a couple weeks after Gretchen moves in with Jimmy after accidentally burning her house down.

"They're probably not ready to move in [together] — just as they weren't ready for a relationship — but they are," Falk says. "So we're accelerating it even more so we'll see if it's a mistake or not. But we're just dealing with what it looks like when Gretchen can't necessarily leave."

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Gretchen's full-time addition to the house will also create a new source of stress for Edgar (Desmin Borges), a former soldier already dealing with PTSD, while Lindsay (Kether Donohue) will continue to devolve. "Suddenly, he's the third wheel as opposed to the second," Falk says. "And Lindsay is reeling in the aftermath of her husband leaving her for a girl he met on a website. So we're going to see Lindsay, the hot mess she already was, spiral even further, which is a lot of fun."

Another thing Falk will incorporated into YTW's upcoming run: Donohue's singing voice, on display in season one during her heartbreaking cover of Kate Bush's "Woman's Work."

"Without giving too much away, we took note that Kether has an amazing singing voice. But it was also pathetic and hilarious at the same time, so I think we're going to take the cue of it being pathetic and hilarious, but also tuneful, and keep going with that," Falk says.

Settle down with a plate of Edgar's nachos and some Trash Juice until You're the Worst returns.

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