'You're the Worst' Stars Play TV-Themed 'Bone-Marry-Kill'

You're the Worst Cast Still - H 2015
Autumn De Wilde/FXX

You're the Worst Cast Still - H 2015

FXX's You're the Worst has won over critics and fans alike with its willingness to turn the romcom on its head. The comedy from Stephen Falk (Weeds, Orange Is the New Black) centers on a group of friends who are unafraid to be themselves — which in many cases, proves to be good people who say and do terrible things and give zero shits about it.

The comedy, which moves from FX to FXX for its expanded 13-episode second season, revolves around Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash), as well as their close friends Edgar (Desmin Borges) and Lindsay (Kether Donohue) and their misadventures in life and love.

While the characters have made faux baby announcements, stolen cats and burned down apartments with faulty, ahem, personal devices, the tight-knit cast takes great delight in the sometimes truly terrible things their respective characters are charged with and share the same banter as their on-screen counterparts. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the quartet and challenged them to a TV-themed game of Bone-Marry-Kill in an effort to get the stars to be as dirty and as delightful as their FXX comedy's characters. And because nothing was off-limits, we challenged them to the same game with their own show.

The Walking Dead: Rick, Daryl or Carol
Cash: Marry Carol, who can cut a bitch because that's the kind of girl you want to marry. Rick the sheriff is probably a really good lay and I'd kill the fan favorite! F— the fan favorite! I have a crush on Alexandra Breckenridge (who co-stars as Jessie) so can I bone her, too?
Borges: I'd bone Daryl, marry Rick and kill Carol.
Geere: I'd kill all of them because they're going to die anyway!
Donohue: I'd bone all of them!

Game of Thrones: Daenerys, Arya or Jon Snow
Cash: If you say bone Arya … that's just weird.
Geere: We'd all bone Daenerys.
Borges: Bone Daenerys, marry Arya so you can mold her and kill the guy who is already dead.
Cash: Bone Arya — no, I'm kidding! (Laughing)
Geere: Kether and I will have a threesome with all of them! And the kid can watch!
Borges: That's a fivesome!
Cash: I know how hard it is to wear a tight blonde wig, so I'm going to marry Daenerys because that poor actress goes through a lot in that show. I'm going to kill Arya because she's too young to know better, and come on, Kit Harington (Jon) is fly.

Mad Men: Don, Betty or Joan
Geere: I'd bone Joan.
Donohue: I'd marry Don so I could bone him and be with him every day. Then by default, I'd kill Betty even though I find her very attractive. And I'd bone Joan.
Cash: I'd kill Betty because I've only seen a few episodes but she's a pain in the butt. I'd marry Don Draper because Jon Hamm doesn't believe in marriage and that would be an accomplishment. And I'd bone Joan. Everyone is going to bone Joan!
Borges: Bone Joan!

Scandal: Olivia, Fitz or Mellie
Donohue: I'd marry Fitz because he's so hot. If you marry the person, you can bone them and be with them every day!
Borges: And kill them if you want, the option is there! I've seen Forensic Files!
Donohue: I'd bone Olivia and kill Mellie.
Geere: I need to kill myself because I haven't seen any of these shows yet! Is Entourage on this list?!
Borges: I'd bone Olivia but I'd kill the other two. I wouldn't marry any of them — and I watch Scandal.
Cash: I'd bone Mellie because I bet she's a wild beast in bed! Then I would marry Olivia and kill Fitz.

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon, Penny or Leonard
Borges: I'd kill Sheldon. And marry Penny. But … I'd have to kill both the dudes in this situation. Sorry guys!
Donohue: I'd bone Penny, she's cute! I'd marry Leonard and I'd kill the other neurotic one.
Cash: Please tell me you have all the Orphan Black characters Tatiana Maslany plays on that show on this list! I'd marry all of her!

Empire: Lucious, Cookie or Jamal
Cash: Marry Cookie, hands down. That woman goes to jail for you. That is a good woman! I'd bone Jamal because he's hot and I'd kill Lucious before he killed me.
Donohue: I'd bone Cookie because Taraji P. Henson is hot. I'd marry Lucious and kill Jamal.
Borges: You're killing the gay guy?! I'd bone the gay guy, marry Lucious and kill Cookie!
Cash: You'd kill Cookie?!
Borges: I don't hate Cookie, I would just kill her in this situation! You gave me three options!
Donohue: You have to kill your darlings sometimes!
Borges: I'd black-widow spider her!
Cash: Hard-core, man.
Geere: I'm still dead because I still have yet to see any of these shows! Do you want to do British soap operas?
Cash: Or Thomas the Tank Engine!
Geere: Oh, I know all of them!! I'd kill Henry, I'd bang James and … (everyone laughing) Seriously! I can't believe I haven't watched anything but Entourage and Thomas the Tank Engine!

OK, Chris, Entourage
Geere: I'd bang Eric's girlfriend, Sloan, without a doubt. I'd kill E because he just annoys me and then I'd marry Vince because I could live his life.
Donohue: Can we do Shark Tank?!

New Girl: Jess, Schmidt or Nick
Borges: Marry Jess, bone Schmidt and kill Nick — although you left off the hottest person on the show. I would marry Cece and then blow everyone else up in the apartment.

Parks and Recreation: Leslie, Ron or Andy
Borges: You bone Leslie, you marry Ron and unfortunately you kill Andy. Ron can build you a house, he's got gold buried in certain places, he can whittle knives out of wood and then you would always have Scotch and steak around!

Orange Is the New Black: Piper, Alex or Red
Donohue: I watch that! Wait, which one is Alex?
Geere: Kill Red because —
Cash: No! Red can cook, she is a loyal bitch and works hard and has great eyeliner. I'm marrying Red!
Geere: OK, you marry her, I'll kill her. I'd bone Piper.
Cash: I'd bone Piper and I'd kill Alex.
Geere: Can you have a threesome with Piper and Alex? Yeah you can!
Donohue: I'd bone Alex, marry Piper and kill Red.
Geere: Can I watch Kether boning Laura Prepon?!

Last up is … You're the Worst — and you can't include your own character.
Geere: Wow! This is so crazy!
Borges: Chris, have you watched this show?!
Cash: It's the only show he's seen! (All laughing)
Geere: I'd marry Lindsay, because she deserves happiness —
Donohue: Awwww!!
Geere: I'd bone Gretchen because she'll kill me if I don't and I'd kill Edgar because he's the only one who would forgive me.
Donohue: Great answer! That makes up for you not knowing any of the other ones!
Cash: Hmmm…. Jimmy, Edgar or Lindsay —
Donohue: Don't you kill me, Aya!
Cash: Again, a good cook — I'll marry Edgar because I like to eat! I'd marry Edgar and f— Lindsay because she'd be amazing in bed.
Donohue: Lindsay is amazing in bed!
Cash: She destroys. And I'm sorry, I'd kill Jimmy. Can I kill Jimmy by f—ing him?!
Geere: In a suicide pact?!
Cash: There you go!
Donohue: Season three!
Cash: Kether, you can't kill me now, I sacrificed Jimmy for you!
Donohue: I'd marry Edgar, I would f— Gretchen and —
Geere: Oh my God, I'm dead twice.
Cash: Yeah, we just agreed we wouldn't kill each other!
Donohue: I will kill you, then kill myself and then f— you in hell.
Cash: That's love.
Borges: This is like a Greek tragedy —
Donohue: It's like Romeo and Juliet, just the f—ed up version.
Geere: Season three, suicide pact. Season four, You're the Worst in hell.
Cash: It's like a Simpsons episode.
Geere: Des, you can't kill Jimmy!
Borges: (Laughing) I'd bone Gretchen. I'd marry Jimmy, just to get the house and car and then divorce his ass.
Donohue: You'd kill Lindsay?!?
Borges: Lindsay doesn't know how to pay her own bills, yo!
[Everyone erupts in laughter]

Season two of YTW, which will also feature a rap feud, premieres Sept. 9 at 10:30 p.m. on FXX. For more scoop, check out our deep dive interview with Falk about season two here. Stay tuned to THR's The Live Feed for more You're the Worst coverage.