YouTuber Freddie Wong’s Sci-Fi Anthology Series Lands at Hulu

Dez Dolly Matthew Arnold and Freddie Wong  - H 2016
Courtesy of Hulu

Dez Dolly Matthew Arnold and Freddie Wong  - H 2016

Freddie Wong is moving into the realm of scripted television.

The YouTuber best known for his virtual effects has found his next project: Dimension 404, a sci-fi anthology series from Lionsgate that will stream on Hulu. The scripted series, which will explore the wonders and horrors of the digital age in six hourlong episodes, marks Wong’s digital production company RocketJump’s second longform network series.

Hulu, Lionsgate and Wong first partnered on half-hour docuseries RocketJump: The Show, which offered an inside look into the filmmaking process behind RocketJump’s YouTube shorts. The non-scripted project was RocketJump’s first series to premiere off YouTube.

New entry Dimension 404 was created by Dez Dolly and Will Campos, with Dan Johnson and David Welch credited as co-creators. Wong will executive produce and direct the show with his RocketJump co-founders Matthew Arnold and Dolly, both of whom he collaborated with on RocketJump: The Show.

The anthology series draws inspiration from the Internet’s notorious "404" error code and aims to evoke the feeling of wandering onto the weird side of the web at 3 a.m., stumbling upon stories that cannot be explained in the world as we know it. Among the sorts of questions explored in the series: What if an obscure cartoon held the secret to time travel? What if energy drinks caused the apocalypse? What if the NSA’s top analyst was a gigantic, all-knowing cube of sentient meat named Bob?

With nearly 8 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion video views, the RocketJump team has established themselves as top digital content creators. Wong first gained recognition for his breakout action comedy YouTube series Video Game High School, which generated over 84 million views in its first two seasons. 

"As the fourth series with our wonderful partners at Hulu, we are very excited to bring Dimension 404 to life," said Lionsgate Television Group chairman Kevin Beggs. "RocketJump’s Freddie Wong, Matthew Arnold and creator-showrunner Dez Dolly have tapped directly into the digital consumer zeitgeist with their distinctive vision and special, kinetic brand of creativity. We feel that the RocketJump team is uniquely positioned to bring digital viewers a fresh take on all the wild things that amaze and scare us today."

"Inspired by our favorite anthologies and the notion that the web is a truly strange place where anything is possible, we've let our imaginations run wild and created a show that takes the viewer on a journey through the sci-fi genre. From mind-bending action-adventure to outrageous horror-comedy, Dimension 404 has it all," added Dolly, who will serve as the showrunner on the series.

Wong and the rest of the RocketJump creators are repped by WME.