Zac Efron Takes Bra Removal Skills to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Video)

The star of "The Lucky One" continues his recent promotional parlor trick by going head to head in a bra-off with the ABC host.

There's a scene in Zac Efron's new film, The Lucky One, that's been subject to a surplus of attention during his recent promotional tour. In it, he shows off an apparently natural ease with removing bras.

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First pointed out in an interview on Australian TV, where Efron happily demonstrated his skill, his parlor trick went to the next level on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live. The host challenged Efron to a bra removing competition.

Having to go through five bras, secured to the respective chests of Live security guard Guillermo Díaz and "other Guillermo," Efron and Kimmel shredded through the colorful underwear before the 24-year-old actor ultimately emerged victorious.

Watch the contest below: