Zac Efron: Seth Rogen Tricked Me Into Going Shirtless on 'Neighbors' (Video)

Also last night, Jimmy Kimmel challenged Pharrell Williams to a selfie contest.

Zac Efron shows a lot of skin in his new comedy Neighbors, but on set he says he was unwittingly shirtless a lot more than necessary thanks to costar Seth Rogen. Efron told Jimmy Fallon that Rogen would tell him to take his shirt off even for scenes in which the script didn't call for it: ""He was just f---ing with me," Efron told Fallon (the first of several f-bombs).

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Efron also showed off his recent The Hollywood Reporter magazine cover. Click here to read the revealing profile, where he discusses his career reinvention, rehab and a recent fight on skid row.

On ABC, Jimmy Kimmel challenged Pharrell Williams to “Twofie Shootout" -- a mad dash down Hollywood Boulevard to see how many selfies they could take in a frantic two minutes.

Later, Seth Meyers revealed his epic credit card fiasco with Amy Poehler had come to a conclusion. For the unfamiliar: The two had their credit cards mixed up after going to dinner several weeks ago. Since then, Poehler has been sending Meyers pictures of her using his card. On Wednesday, Meyers said Poehler had given the card back, but not after making a $5,000 donation to charity on it (in her name) at an event both were attending.