Zach Cregger, Asif Ali, Ally Maki Among Cast of TBS' 'Wrecked'

Ally_Maki_Zach_Cregger_Asif_Ali_Split - H 2015
Courtesy of TBS; AP Images; Courtesy of TBS

Ally_Maki_Zach_Cregger_Asif_Ali_Split - H 2015

TBS has set the cast for its Lost-meets-Gilligan's Island comedy pilot Wrecked.

Wrecked centers on a group of passengers who, after their plane crashes on a remote island, the group of extremely diverse survivors are forced to adjust to life in a dangerous new world that poses unique threats — mostly brought upon themselves. From writers Justin Shipley and Jordan Shipley and producer Jesse Hara, the comedy explores the group who, no longer plugged in, must navigate the new society and learn to live without the comforts of 2015 — including social media, WiFi, indoor plumbing and Chipotle. 

Zach Cregger (Guys With Kids,About a Boy) will portray Owen, a flight attendant and good guy who only took the job out of college to travel and avoid starting his life. 

Brian Sacca (FCU) is set as Danny, an opportunistic guy who wants a cop but whose work ethic and physique won't really allow that to happen. He heads to Thailand to sow his wild oats before joining the police academy.

Ginger Gonzaga (Mixology) is set as Emma, a quick, self-deprecating, genuine woman on her way to Thailand with her friend, Florence, after having decided to drop out of medical school.

Asif Ali (Arrested Development)will play Pack, a successful, entitled, full of shit kid with a classic rich-guy disregard for everyone around him who is a sports agent tied to his iPhone like it's an umbilical cord.

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Ally Maki (10 Things I Hate About You) will be Jess, a woman traveling to Thailand with her handsome douchebag boyfriend Todd (Will Greenberg, Hot in Cleveland), with whom she struggles to get along.

Brooke Dillman (Kickin' It) will play Karen, a stocky, arrogant, tough — physically, personally and professionally — passenger on the plane who is a vp at Bing, a Google competitor, which is the seminal influence in her life.

Jessica Lowe (Wish It Inc) is Florence, intellectually pretentious and a feminist in theory who spouts complex, forward-thinking social ideas on which she's too lazy or scared to act.  

James Scott (Days of Our Lives) is Liam, a confident, charismatic, appealing, natural leader and seemingly the most handsome man in the world — even after a plane crash. He's done 10 years with British special forces, military police before that and now campaigns for human rights for child war refugees.

George Basil (College Humor Originals) is Chet, a drunk guy who passed out on the plane to Thailand and doesn't even realize when it crashes.

Rhys Darby (Yes Man) is set as Steve, a good-natured guy traveling with his dog, Brimlow.

Cregger is repped by WME and Principato Young; Sacca is with ICM; Gonzaga is with Innovative and 3 Arts; Ali is with David Shapira & Associates, Aligned Entertainment and Stone Meyer; Maki is with Abrams Artists and Sweeney Entertainment; Dillman is with Rebel Entertainment Partners and McKeon-Myones Management; Lowe is with ICM Partners and Brillstein Entertainment; Greenberg is with CAA, Mosaic and Avalon Artists Group; Scott is with Haven Entertainment; Basil is with ICM and Brillstein; Darby is with CAA, Independent Talent Group and Principato Young.

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