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  1. Anthony Hopkins Horror Movie 'The Rite' Poised to Top Weekend Box Office

    6:42 pm PST 01/27/2011
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    Jason Statham starrer "The Mechanic" also opens wide, while Oscar-nominated films "King's Speech" and "127 Hours" make major expansions. READ MORE

  2. How the Eddie Predicts the Oscar, and Why '127 Hours' Took 'Inception's' Editing Nom

    11:01 am PST 01/27/2011
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    Who’s going to win the Oscar for best picture? The one group in Hollywood that usually holds the key to the answer are the film editors. An Oscar-winning editor explains this year's race. READ MORE

  3. Unusual Number of Oscar Nominees Feature Severed Extremities, Oral Sex

    4:22 pm PST 01/26/2011
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    Film critic Steven Rea "goes out on a limb" and proclaims this the biggest year for amputations in Oscar history. But oral sex scenes win still more kudos. READ MORE

  4. Pauline Kael's Editor: 'She'd Laugh at 'Black Swan,' Vote for 'The Fighter'

    12:38 pm PST 01/24/2011
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    Daniel Menaker channels Pauline Kael's votes on the 2011 Oscar race: "I don't think she'd like 'The King's Speech.'" READ MORE

  5. Pre-PGA Oscar Predictions: 'Social Network' and Portman Will Win

    12:56 pm PST 01/21/2011
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    THR's Oscar predictor gives up on "The King's Speech" and Annette Bening -- but ask us again after Saturday's PGA Awards. READ MORE

  6. EXCLUSIVE: Big Oscar Bet for '127 Hours'; Major Expansion Planned

    5:06 pm PST 01/20/2011
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    Danny Boyle's Oscar hopeful, now in 76 theaters, will expand to 600 screens Jan. 28. READ MORE

  7. Backlot: Made in Utah

    10:46 pm PST 01/19/2011
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    From “Thelma & Louise” to “127 Hours,” Hollywood has had a longtime love for the Beehive State. Now lawmakers are stuggling to save the state’s incentives program. READ MORE

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  8. Why 'The Fighter,' Other Contenders Are Suddenly on iTunes

    2:49 pm PST 01/14/2011
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    A week after Fox Searchlight changed history by putting "Black Swan" and "127 Hours" on iTunes for SAG voters, Focus Features adds "Kids" and Paramount "The Fighter" to the iTunes screener tsunami. Big bucks, big stakes, big news. READ MORE

  9. Piracy Hot List: '127 Hours' Is Week's Most-Downloaded Movie

    9:09 am PST 01/11/2011
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    The ten most pirated films include Oscar contenders and films still out in theaters READ MORE

  10. VIDEO: Danny Boyle: 127 Hours

    9:55 am PST 01/07/2011
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  11. Fox Searchlight Offers SAG Screeners on iTunes

    9:33 am PST 01/07/2011
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    In the latest twist in awards campaigning, 20th Century Fox and iTunes are teaming to offer nearly 10,000 SAG members access to Fox Searchlight’s Black Swan, 127 Hours and Conviction across various Apple platforms, including the iPad and iPhone. READ MORE

  12. Post-PGA Oscar Predictions: 'True Grit' No. 3, Tie for First Place

    5:43 pm PST 01/06/2011
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    I'm stubbornly sticking with "The King's Speech" for best picture, but my fellow Gurus o'Gold are split. But the Coens' Western galloped from No. 7 to No. 3. READ MORE

  13. 100-Critic Poll: 'Black Swan' Down; 'Inception,' 'King,' '127' Up

    8:42 pm PST 12/31/2010
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    "Social Network" tops MCN's 100-critic poll. "Black Swan" drops two slots, "King's Speech" up two. READ MORE

  14. IMDb's Top 100 Actors: 100 Million Vote Emma Stone In, Seth Rogen Out

    6:17 pm PST 12/29/2010
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    Watch the stars soar and crash on Amazon.com's IMDb Top 100 actor list. READ MORE

  15. VIDEO: James Franco's Grandma Mocks Those Squeamish About '127 Hours'

    9:01 am PST 12/27/2010
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    The actor and his grandmother release Christmas video mocking those worried about film's amputation scene. READ MORE

  16. 13 Oscar Wishes from Gurus o'Gold

    10:33 am PST 12/24/2010
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    Fifteen important pundits post their Oscar Christmas gift wish list -- and switch their Best Picture prediction to "Social Network." READ MORE

  17. Palm Springs Film Fest to Honor Ben Affleck, Danny Boyle

    2:05 pm PST 12/21/2010
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    Festival runs Jan. 6-17. READ MORE

  18. Post-SAG Oscar Predictions: 'The Fighter' Rises, '127 Hours' Falls

    5:54 pm PST 12/17/2010
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    Like a guy plunging into a canyon, 127 Hours sank to No. 7 on my Oscar best picture prediction list, replaced by The Fighter at No. 3. But you want to know what's No. 1. READ MORE

  19. THR Critics Name 'Inception,' 'Carlos' Best of 2010

    1:43 pm PST 12/17/2010
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    Todd McCarthy and Kirk Honeycutt agree on four films, but there's plenty of room for argument. READ MORE

  20. Oscar Song Predictions: 'Tangled,' 'Burlesque,' and Randy 'Susan Lucci' Newman

    8:49 am PST 12/16/2010
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    Which five of the 41 best song contenders will be Oscar nominees? Four brave souls make risky predictions. READ MORE

  21. Rock Tees in the Movies

    2:35 pm PST 12/15/2010
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    From the Phish shirt James Franco wore in '127 Hours' to the fictional Citizen Dick tee sported narcissistically by Matt Dillon in 'Singles,' THR runs down ten movies that made a musical statement through clothing. READ MORE

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