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  1. 'Erase and Forget': Film Review | Berlin 2017

    2:14 pm PST 02/27/2017
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    Documentary director Andrea Luka Zimmerman embeds herself with Bo Gritz, the Special Forces veteran whose bloodthirsty real-life exploits inspired Rambo and others, in 'Erase and Forget.' READ MORE

  2. If Only Every Liam Neeson Movie Were a 'Taken' Movie

    10:12 am PDT 10/04/2014
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    Because at the end of the day, isn't that what we all really want? READ MORE

  3. MIPTV: 50 Cent Premieres Video to 'Big Rich Town' at 'Power' Premiere

    1:50 pm PDT 04/07/2014
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    The theme song to the Starz crime drama, which 50 Cent executive produced, drops Tuesday. READ MORE

  4. Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson Settle Lawsuit Over Use of 'A-Team' Images

    3:40 pm PST 01/03/2014
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    In this instance, the actors weren't happy to see their faces on the big screen. READ MORE

  5. 'The Grey' Director Joe Carnahan to Remake 'Death Wish'

    12:06 pm PST 01/31/2012
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    Filmmaker Joe Carnahan is set to write and direct a remake of Death Wish, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Carnahan, director of this weekend’s box office champion, The Grey, has lined up the remake as his next project, pushing back a handful of pet projects the director has been working on. READ MORE

  6. How U.S. Stars Are Cashing In Overseas

    6:00 am PST 12/20/2011
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    Japollywood, an upstart management company, seeks to give actors' fame a boost in Asia -- and they don't have to be on Hollywood's A-list. READ MORE

  7. TV Executives Admit in Taped Interviews That Hollywood Pushes a Liberal Agenda (Exclusive Video)

    5:00 am PDT 06/01/2011
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    In clips that will hit the Internet to promote a new book, producers including "Friends" co-creator Marta Kauffman and "House" creator David Shore say Hollywood discriminates against and belittles conservatives. READ MORE

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  8. Former Universal/MCA TV Executive Edward Masket Dies

    4:08 pm PST 03/08/2011
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    The 88-year-old industry veteran, who helped develop such hits as "Miami Vice" and "The A-Team," died of complications from renal failure in California. READ MORE

  9. Director Joe Carnahan: How I Knew 'We Blew It' With 'The A-Team'

    8:14 pm PST 12/14/2010
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    Helmer says he hopes the film, which underwhelmed this summer at the box office, will reach more viewers on home video. READ MORE

  10. The A-Team: Film Review

    9:40 pm PDT 10/14/2010
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    "The A-Team," a Fox film derived from a 1980s TV series, seems nearly writer-free: Absolutely no time gets wasted on story, character development or logic. READ MORE