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  1. Steven Spielberg's 'The Adventures of Tintin' Gets North American Premiere as 25th AFI Fest Closes

    1:11 am PST 11/11/2011
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    Produced by Peter Jackson, the 3-D film blends mo-cap technology and animation in unprecedented ways. READ MORE

  2. 'The Adventures of Tintin': Never-Before-Seen Footage Promises Plenty of Action (Video)

    9:32 pm PST 11/10/2011
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    The movie, from director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson, is set for a Dec. 21 release in the United States. READ MORE

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  3. Foreign Box Office to Save Movie Studios in 2011

    4:07 pm PST 11/10/2011
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    With Steven Spielberg's "The Adventures of Tintin" doing well overseas and several holiday tentpoles waiting to be released, the six majors are on track to score record revenue despite a slow domestic marketplace. READ MORE

  4. Foreign Box Office: 'Tintin' Takes No. 1 Spot for Second Straight Weekend to Jump $100 Mil

    12:12 pm PST 11/06/2011
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    "Tower Heist" opens to a soft $9.19 million from 23 markets; Record foreign box office looms for Hollywood's major studios in 2011. READ MORE

  5. Oscars 2012: 18 Movies to Vie for Animated Feature Film Award

    2:15 pm PDT 11/04/2011
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    The crowded field that includes Paramount’s "The Adventures of Tintin" and Pixar's "Cars 2" could yield as many as five nominees. READ MORE

  6. RealD Shares Hammered Again Despite Posting Strong Quarterly Profit

    3:32 pm PDT 11/02/2011
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    The company misses slightly on the top line and discloses that a deal for 3D televisions has fallen through. READ MORE

  7. Animated Features Face Nov. 1 Oscar Submission Deadline

    7:52 pm PDT 10/31/2011
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    A new rule introduced this year could result in four or five nominees rather than the customary three. READ MORE

  8. 'Tintin' Breaks Box Office Record in Belgium

    8:40 am PDT 10/31/2011
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    Early figures from key European territories indicate a box office bonanza for Herge's creation. READ MORE

  9. Foreign Box Office: Spielberg's 'Adventures Of Tintin' Opens Solid No. 1 Overseas

    12:55 pm PDT 10/30/2011
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    No. 2 "Puss In Boots" sets animation records in Russia and the Ukraine; Fox's "In Time" opens No. 3. READ MORE

  10. Box Office Preview: 'Puss in Boots,' 'Adventures of Tintin' Set to Rule the World

    7:12 pm PDT 10/27/2011
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    At the domestic box office, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried's "In Time" and Johnny Depp's "The Rum Diary" also debut. READ MORE

  11. Steven Spielberg's 'Adventures of Tintin' Soaring in Overseas Debut

    10:54 am PDT 10/27/2011
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    The film is posting strong mid-week numbers in Belgium, France and the U.K. READ MORE

  12. Daniel Craig Reveals His Happy Face at 'Tintin' London Premiere

    11:52 am PDT 10/24/2011
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    The usually stone-faced actor finally cracks a smile, an event which is rarer than a lunar eclipse. READ MORE

  13. 'The Adventures of Tintin' U.K. Premiere Blue Carpet Arrivals

    4:51 pm PDT 10/23/2011
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    Daniel Craig was among those who walked the blue carpet at the 55th BFI London Film Festival at the Odeon West End on Sunday, Oct. 23, in London. The movie, directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson, among others, begins a European rollout this month before its Dec. 21 release in North America. READ MORE

  14. FEINBERG & FRIENDS, Episode 3: Scott & Hollywood News' Sean O'Connell on the Awards Race (Audio)

    6:32 pm PDT 10/19/2011
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    A chat about the five "question-mark" movies, the potential for two supporting nods for "The Descendants," Ellen Barkin's "f*ckin'" Twitter rampage, and more. READ MORE

  15. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson: The Titans Behind 'The Adventures of Tintin'

    11:41 am PDT 10/19/2011
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    In an exclusive interview in Paris, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson reveal the secrets behind their first-time working relationship and the ambitious $140 million project that brings a beloved comics character to the big screen. READ MORE

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  16. 'The Adventures of Tintin': What James Cameron Showed Spielberg and Jackson

    11:40 am PDT 10/19/2011
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    The "Avatar" director, who made bold advances in motion capture working with Weta's visual effects wizards, gave his colleagues a hands-on demonstration. They left convinced that computer-generated animation could do justice to the Herge comics. READ MORE

  17. 9 Things You Should Know About 'The Adventures of Tintin'

    11:38 am PDT 10/19/2011
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    He may be a star in Europe, but Herge's comic-book hero is a veritable unknown in the States. Here's the lowdown on the comics, the controversies and the movie. READ MORE

  18. Steven Spielberg’s and Peter Jackson’s 'The Adventures of Tintin' and 'Cat in Boots' (Puss in Boots) Added To The Doha Tribeca Film Festival

    7:18 am PDT 10/19/2011
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    Festival's family day will also include a 10-year anniversary screening of "Spy Kids." READ MORE

  19. 'The Adventures of Tintin' Exclusive: Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson On the Making of the Film (Video)

    10:07 am PDT 10/18/2011
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    The filmmakers reveal to THR how they created the motion capture project on two separate continents, and how "Avatar" director James Cameron influenced the movie. READ MORE

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  20. 'The Adventures of Tintin': New Trailer Promises Indiana Jones-Style Action

    10:07 am PDT 10/18/2011
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    The latest trailer for Steven Spielberg’s animated adventure film looks like a throwback to the director’s ‘80s glory days. READ MORE

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  21. VIDEO: Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson 'The Adventures of Tintin'

    10:06 am PDT 10/18/2011
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