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  1. Zurich: Andrew Garfield to Receive Golden Eye Award

    1:23 am PDT 08/29/2017
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    The Oscar-nominated actor will attend the festival for a gala premiere of 'Breathe.' READ MORE

  2. Sally Field Criticizes 'Amazing Spider-Man': "Hard to Find a Three-Dimensional Character In It"

    8:03 am PDT 03/16/2016
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    "It’s really hard to find a three-dimensional character in it." READ MORE

  3. Lionsgate, Avi Arad to Adapt 'Borderlands' Video Game for Film

    9:10 am PDT 08/28/2015
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    Gearbox Software’s popular video game will be turned into a tentpole movie. READ MORE

  4. Composer James Horner Dies in Plane Crash: Hollywood Reacts

    9:11 pm PDT 06/22/2015
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    The Oscar winner scored dozens of Hollywood classics including 'Apollo 13,' 'A Beautiful Mind,' 'Avatar' and 'Aliens.' READ MORE

  5. Peter Parker Can't Be Black or Gay? What Marvel's 'Spider-Man' Restrictions Really Mean

    11:29 am PDT 06/19/2015
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    Leaked documents reveal that Marvel gave Sony a list of what Spider-Man is — and isn't. READ MORE

  6. 'Spider-Man': 10 Recommendations for a Successful Reboot

    8:32 am PST 02/15/2015
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    From bringing back J. Jonah Jameson to remembering that the audience has seen the earlier movies, some suggestions on how to reboot Marvel's wall-crawler READ MORE

  7. What's Next for 'Spider-Man'? 6 Questions About the Sony and Marvel Partnership

    8:28 am PST 02/10/2015
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    Miles or Peter? And how much crossover should fans expect, anyway? READ MORE

  8. Sam Raimi on 'Spider-Man 3': "I Messed Up Plenty"

    6:56 pm PST 12/30/2014
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    The director has a lot of regrets about the 2007 blockbuster READ MORE

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  9. Spider-Man's Aunt May Will Get Her Own Comic Strip

    11:32 am PST 11/12/2014
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    The character has been the subject of a few rumors this week READ MORE

  10. Sony Names Nicholas Weiss to Oversee Creative Ad Campaigns

    2:02 pm PST 11/11/2014
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    The former Vibe Creative LA exec worked on the studio's successful campaign for '22 Jump Street' READ MORE

  11. Carrie Gormley, Jonathan Gitlin Promoted at Create Advertising

    6:54 pm PDT 10/22/2014
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    Gormley will oversee the theatrical group, while Gitlin will head up television and advertising READ MORE

  12. Irrfan Khan Boards World War II Drama (Exclusive)

    8:46 am PDT 09/12/2014
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    The 'Slumdog Millionaire' star will topline a miniseries set to start shooting in Japan in early 2015 READ MORE

  13. 'Venom' Will Offer a Darker Take on Sony's Spider-Man, Director Pledges

    1:49 pm PDT 09/11/2014
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    "You can do things with Venom that you can’t do with Spider-Man" READ MORE

  14. Spider-Man Villains Movie 'Sinister Six' Gets Nov. 2016 Release Date

    9:22 am PDT 07/23/2014
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    As part of the move, Sony pushed back "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" by two years to 2018. READ MORE

  15. Future of 'Spider-Man' Movie Franchise 'Up For Grabs,' Says Producer

    1:13 pm PDT 07/18/2014
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    "Everything is still on the table" regarding the timing and content of "Amazing Spider-Man 3," "Sinister Six" and "Venom," according to Alex Kurtzman. READ MORE

  16. Hollywood Guilds Want Supreme Court to Hear Marvel Characters Dispute

    1:18 pm PDT 06/23/2014
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    SAG-AFTRA, the DGA and the WGA are rallying behind an effort by Jack Kirby's heirs to terminate rights to Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four and the Avengers. READ MORE

  17. Does a Supreme Court Ruling Mean Disney Will Lose 'Spider-Man' Rights?

    11:58 am PDT 05/21/2014
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    Once rejected for not suing soon enough, the company challenging Disney's hold on the character thinks it's no longer precluded from moving forward in court. READ MORE

  18. Peter Parker Gets a Fellow Spider-Victim in New 'Spider-Man' Relaunch

    1:23 pm PDT 04/25/2014
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    Parker wasn't the only high school student bitten by that radioactive spider, a preview for the relaunch of Marvel's "The Amazing Spider-Man" reveals. READ MORE

  19. 'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Sally Field Hasn't Seen Movies, Not Sure If She'll Be in 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Sequel (Video)

    8:31 am PDT 04/24/2014
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    Appearing on "The Late Show With David Letterman," the actress also seemed surprised by the success of both Marvel films she's appeared in. READ MORE

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  20. Orders for 'Amazing Spider-Man' Comic Book Relaunch Top 500,000

    1:33 pm PDT 04/02/2014
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    The first issue of the revived flagship title has the highest level of initial orders of any comic book in the U.S. in more than a decade. READ MORE