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  1. SeaWorld Whale Profiled in 'Blackfish' Has Died

    8:54 am PST 01/06/2017
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    Tilikum, the orca that killed a trainer at the Orlando park in 2010, was estimated to be 36 years old. READ MORE

  2. First SeaWorld Park Without Orcas to Open in Abu Dhabi in 2022

    12:56 pm PST 12/13/2016
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    The move comes after SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment announced it was ending its orca-breeding program after declining attendance and pressure from activists following the 2013 release of the critical documentary 'Blackfish.' READ MORE

  3. 'Blackfish' to Be Celebrated at Live Concert Event in Hollywood

    12:01 pm PDT 06/30/2016
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    Three-and-a-half years after the release of the game-changing documentary, the film's Emmy-winning composer will conduct his score live-to-film at the Montalban Theater. READ MORE

  4. The Doc Hoping to Be the 'Blackfish' for Beluga Whales

    1:41 am PDT 06/16/2016
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    'Born to Be Free' hightlights the plight of 18 belugas bound for U.S. aquariums, while also showcasing the brutal and often deadly methods of capturing and transporting the white marine mammals known as Arctic dolphins. READ MORE

  5. 'Blackfish' Director Calls SeaWorld Ending Killer Whale Breeding "Paradigm Shifting"

    8:15 am PDT 03/17/2016
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    Gabriela Cowperthwaite reacts to Thursday's big news. READ MORE

  6. SeaWorld Will End Killer Whale Breeding Program

    5:16 am PDT 03/17/2016
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    Criticism over keeping killer whales in captivity increased in 2010 after one killed a trainer, an incident that was highlighted in the documentary 'Blackfish.' READ MORE

  7. 'Blackfish' Director Responds to News That Whale Featured in Doc Is Dying: "A Profoundly Tragic Story"

    7:26 am PST 03/09/2016
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    "Tilikum lived a miserable life," says Gabriela Cowperthwaite. READ MORE

  8. SeaWorld: 'Blackfish' Whale Is Very Sick

    2:43 pm PST 03/08/2016
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    Tilikum, the killer whale blamed for the 2010 death of a trainer, has developed a bacterial infection in his lungs that is resistant to treatment thus far. READ MORE

  9. 'Blackfish' Director Says SeaWorld's New Orca Experience Doesn't "Change Anything for the Animals"

    3:51 pm PST 11/09/2015
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    "Until they stop the breeding and retire their whales into sea sanctuaries we just can't let up," Gabriela Cowperthwaite, who helmed the documentary that slammed the amusement park's captivity of orcas, says in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. READ MORE

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  10. SeaWorld to End Orca Shows in San Diego

    11:35 am PST 11/09/2015
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    The critical documentary 'Blackfish' and the boycott of the park by musicians contributed to the uproar around the orca show. READ MORE

  11. Cannes: Festival Closes With Focus on the Environment

    7:16 am PDT 05/22/2015
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    "I think having the film for the closing night sends a very strong political message,” says 'Ice and the Sky' director Luc Jacquet. READ MORE

  12. 'Blackfish' Director on SeaWorld CEO Resigning: It's "Rearranging Chairs on the Titanic"

    6:44 pm PST 12/11/2014
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    Gabriela Cowperthwaite says she doesn't see evidence the company is really changing READ MORE

  13. Jeff Zucker, CNN Films Execs Talk News-Docs Interplay, Tease Future Features

    3:22 pm PST 11/08/2014
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    But there are no plans to make scripted movies READ MORE

  14. 'Blackfish' Director Talks SeaWorld Revenue Drop: "People Are Truly Willing to Change Ethically"

    5:00 am PDT 08/20/2014
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    Last summer's controversial documentary centered on killer whales in captivity READ MORE

  15. The 'Blackfish' Effect: California's Proposed Orca Ban, Artists Canceling Theme Park Concerts

    3:28 pm PDT 03/17/2014
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    Willie Nelson, REO Speedwagon, Heart and Barenaked Ladies dropped out of their SeaWorld gigs, while Diane Warren says, "It should impact musicians to not ever play at these horrible places. Animals are not here to entertain us." READ MORE

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  16. SeaWorld Demands Probe of Investigator's 'Blackfish' Ties

    2:26 pm PST 02/28/2014
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    After being featured in an unflattering documentary, SeaWorld now says it has evidence tying a government investigator to a leak of company trade secrets. READ MORE

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  17. UPIE Nets 'Blackfish' Documentary for Multiple Territories

    6:08 am PST 01/30/2014
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    U.K. banner Dogwoof inks the deal for the documentary to swim to screens across Asia, Italy, Portugal, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Scandinavia and Latin America. READ MORE

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  18. Oscar Nominations: Who Was Snubbed (Poll)

    6:21 am PST 01/16/2014
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    UPDATED: The big movies, actors, directors and screenwriters left out of Thursday morning's Academy Award nominations. READ MORE

  19. SeaWorld Runs Ads After 'Blackfish' Doc Spurs Performers to Cancel

    6:56 am PST 12/21/2013
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    Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, Willie Nelson and Heart have dropped out of park appearances citing the documentary. READ MORE

  20. Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood Among Latest Cancellations at SeaWorld

    6:16 pm PST 12/14/2013
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    Justin Moore, Scotty McCreery and .38 Special among the only artists left on the bill. READ MORE