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  1. Steve Zahn, Kathryn Hahn Board 'Captain Fantastic'

    8:24 am PDT 08/04/2014
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    The latest talent additions come as Entertainment One picks up the international rights to the Viggo Mortensen-starrer by writer-director Matt Ross. READ MORE

  2. Gosling, Guns and a 'Nation Built on Brutality': Derek Cianfrance on 'The Place Beyond the Pines'

    8:13 am PDT 03/25/2013
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    The director tells THR, "I hate gun violence in movies, I feel like it's so irresponsibly handled. If I have to see another slow motion-bullet come out of a gun and hit someone in the head, I’m going to puke." READ MORE

  3. 'Blue Valentine' Director Reveals How the Movie Changed His Life (Q&A)

    9:22 am PDT 09/05/2012
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    "I was eating two avocados a day," Derek Cianfrance, whose new film is called "The Place Beyond the Pines," says of his lean years. READ MORE

  4. Michelle Williams Channels Marilyn Monroe on and off Screen

    9:13 am PDT 10/10/2011
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    Michelle Williams resurrects Marilyn Monroe's sexy style at the New York Film Fest. READ MORE

  5. Michelle Williams Red Carpet Evolution: From 'Dawson's Creek' to the Oscars (Photos)

    11:45 am PDT 10/07/2011
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    Michelle Williams has had multiple peak red carpet moments during her career from "Dawson's Creek" to the 2011 Academy Awards. With three films in consideration, the 2012 Awards Season will surely provide more. READ MORE

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  6. 'Drive' Star Ryan Gosling's 11 Most Memorable Roles (Photos)

    11:42 am PDT 09/16/2011
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    Since appearing in "Remember the Titans" in 2000, the Canadian actor has amassed a solid resume of studio and independent film credits. READ MORE

  7. Ryan Gosling: Career in Pictures

    9:18 am PDT 09/16/2011
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    The Canadian-born actor's first big break came in the early '90s when he joined the "New Mickey Mouse Club." He's been working consistently ever since in independent and studio films, including his latest, the throwback action pic, "Drive." READ MORE

  8. Michelle Williams: What's Next For The 'My Week With Marilyn' Actress

    4:11 pm PDT 09/13/2011
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    The star of the upcoming Monroe biopic will be channeling another iconic character in the near future. READ MORE

  9. The Biggest Youthquake Since 1977 Hits the Oscars

    3:22 pm PST 02/24/2011
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    Critic Carrie Rickey surveys the flood of young blood: Almost half the acting Oscar noms are 40 or under. READ MORE

  10. Oscars: Will the Loudest Actors Win?

    6:09 pm PST 02/23/2011
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    If you want an Oscar, it doesn't pay to play it cool. Here are the noisiest contenders -- and likeliest to win on Sunday. READ MORE

  11. Unusual Number of Oscar Nominees Feature Severed Extremities, Oral Sex

    4:22 pm PST 01/26/2011
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    Film critic Steven Rea "goes out on a limb" and proclaims this the biggest year for amputations in Oscar history. But oral sex scenes win still more kudos. READ MORE

  12. Palm Springs Fest Director: 10 Best Actress Slots?

    6:19 pm PST 01/05/2011
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    Palm Springs' Darryl Macdonald thinks upping the Oscar best actress slots from five to 10 is a fine idea: "I like that!" READ MORE

  13. Michelle Williams Compares Sex Scenes in Blue Valentine to Black Swan

    9:16 am PST 01/05/2011
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    She says she knows why her indie initially got an NC-17 rating and why Natalie Portman's sexually-driven Black Swan didn't. READ MORE

  14. WGA's Nix List: Top 10 Oscar Losers

    1:27 pm PST 12/29/2010
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    The Writers Guild has ruled some of 2010's best-written scripts ineligible for a WGA Award. Here's a list of the most important victims (and victors) of the WGA's latest declaration of independence. READ MORE

  15. Three Awards Hopefuls -- 'Another Year,' 'Biutiful' and 'Blue Valentine' -- Hit Theaters Wednesday

    4:42 pm PST 12/28/2010
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    Studios look to generate buzz just as Oscar nomination ballots show up in voters' mailboxes. READ MORE

  16. Online Critics Swoon for 'Swan,' Diss 'King,' Dodge 'Fighter'

    10:16 am PST 12/27/2010
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    Just as Oscar ballots go out, the Online Film Critics do their best for "Black Swan" and "The Social Network," a bit less for "The King's Speech" and "The Fighter." READ MORE

  17. 'Sweetest Sex Ever Shown in Movies' Boosts Michelle Williams' Oscar Hopes

    9:51 am PST 12/24/2010
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    Harvey Weinstein turned "Blue Valentine's" NC-17 to an R rating, and now moved its release from New Year's Eve to Dec. 29. READ MORE

  18. 5 Best Scenes of Nudity, Sexuality or Seduction 2010

    10:55 am PST 12/23/2010
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    Which awards groups gave the smartest, artiest, sexiest insights into film this year? The Alliance of Women Film Journalists and the Women Film Critics Circle. READ MORE

  19. VIDEO: Michelle Williams on 'Nightline:' Heath Ledger, 'Blue Valentine'

    6:43 am PST 12/23/2010
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    In an emotional interview, she breaks her silence on her ex's death. READ MORE

  20. BULLSEYE, Dec. 24: 'Fockers,' 'Grit,' 'Valentine,' 'Witch,' More

    5:33 pm PST 12/22/2010
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    It's the Christmas holiday weekend, and there are lots of plum Christmas Day movies for the picking, as the Flixster Bullseye shows. READ MORE