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  1. 'Bully' Director, U.S. Mayors Teaming for Anti-Bullying Program (Exclusive)

    1:36 pm PDT 06/20/2014
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    Lee Hirsch's documentary will be screened across the country as part of a program also involving the U.S. Conference of Mayors. READ MORE

  2. Susan Sarandon and Gael Garcia Bernal to Serve on Puma Impact Award Jury

    1:03 pm PDT 10/28/2013
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    "Bully" and "The Act of Killing" are among the documentaries competing for the prize, which will be announced Nov. 13. READ MORE

  3. PGA Announces 2014 Awards Date

    10:33 am PST 02/21/2013
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    The 25th annual awards ceremony will take place in January. READ MORE

  4. 'Bully' Doc Awarded Producers Guild's 'Stanley Kramer' Award

    7:42 am PST 12/18/2012
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    Lee Hirsch's look at the impact bullying has on the lives of children and families is honored for "illuminating and raising public awareness of important social issues." READ MORE

  5. What Richard Did: Film Review

    9:55 pm PST 11/12/2012
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    Lenny Abrahamson's classy Irish suspense drama explores the aftershocks of a lethal act of violence on Dublin's gilded youth. READ MORE

  6. Elissa Greer Named FilmDistrict Senior VP of Publicity

    5:49 pm PDT 06/25/2012
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    She joins the indie distributor's new marketing team assembled by Christine Birch. READ MORE

  7. 'Bully' Director: Mitt Romney Apology 'Fell Short'

    9:25 pm PDT 05/14/2012
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    Filmmaker Lee Hirsch, reacting to reports that Romney bullied a prep school classmate, calls on the presidential candidate to take the lead on the issue. READ MORE

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  8. 'Bully' Director Lee Hirsch to Hold Reddit Chat as PG-13 Film Hits Theaters

    10:50 am PDT 04/13/2012
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    After a ratings showdown with the MPAA, the documentary will release wide with just a few edits. READ MORE

  9. Bully Trailer Featuring Justin Bieber's Song 'Born to be Somebody'

    7:03 pm PDT 04/09/2012
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    Pop star Justin Bieber lends his song "Born to be Somebody' to Lee Hirsch's television trailer for the movie 'Bully.' READ MORE

  10. Justin Bieber Lends Song 'Born to Be Somebody' to New 'Bully' Ad (Video)

    3:56 pm PDT 04/09/2012
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    The singer encourages fans to see the Weinstein Co.'s high-profile documentary, which now has a PG-13 rating. READ MORE

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  11. Weinstein Co. Changes Course, Edits 'Bully' for PG-13 Rating

    3:40 pm PDT 04/05/2012
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    The ratings board acts swiftly in granting the PG-13, and allows the Weinstein Co. and filmmaker Lee Hirsch to retain one crucial scene after other language trims were made. READ MORE

  12. MPAA Chief Christopher Dodd Says SOPA Debate Isn't Over, Defends Hosting Harvey Weinstein Even as He Attacked Over 'Bully'

    10:04 am PDT 04/05/2012
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    Hollywood's top lobbyist reflects on his first year; says Weinstein "was very helpful to me as a candidate for Congress and as a senator over the years." READ MORE

  13. ‘Bully’ Director Slams MPAA For 'Great Hypocrisy'

    7:17 am PDT 04/03/2012
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    Lee Hirsch questions why his film about school bullying got an R rating when he believes studio pictures that glorify violence constantly receive a PG. READ MORE

  14. Box Office Report: 'Hunger Games' Wins Friday With $18.9 Mil, 'Wrath' Follows With $12.4 Mil

    10:17 am PDT 03/31/2012
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    "Wrath of the Titans" opens softer than expected domestically, Julia Roberts starrer "Mirror Mirror" also soft with $5.9 million; the Weinstein Co.'s documentary "Bully" opens in five theaters for a screen average of $6,097. READ MORE

  15. 'Bully' Producer Defends Use of Swearing in Documentary (Video)

    3:38 pm PDT 03/29/2012
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    "We wanted to depict honestly what bullying sounds like," Cynthia Lowen told THR at the premiere for Lee Hirsch’s film. READ MORE

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  16. Bully: Film Review

    2:52 pm PDT 03/28/2012
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    Controversy surrounding the MPAA's ratings decision has dominated news and fired up advocates, but away from all that noise, Lee Hirsch's documentary is an intimate reflection on the bullying epidemic that makes its points quietly and succinctly. READ MORE

  17. Aisha Tyler Slams MPAA's Rating Decision for 'Bully' (Video)

    5:36 pm PDT 03/27/2012
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    "It's irresponsible of the ratings association to not see how critical it is that kids get to see this film," the actress told THR at the premiere. READ MORE

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  18. Aisha Tyler 'Hunger Games' PG-13 vs. 'R' Rating for 'Bully'

    4:58 pm PDT 03/27/2012
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    Aisha Tyler disagrees with MPAA's "R" rating for the film "Bully." READ MORE

  19. Producer Cynthia Lowen 'Bully' Premiere

    4:43 pm PDT 03/27/2012
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    Writer and producer Cynthia Lowen shares the biggest obstacles in getting the documentary made and what message she hopes the viewers take away. READ MORE

  20. 'Bully' Director Says Releasing the Film Unrated Is 'The Right Thing to Do' (Video)

    11:16 pm PDT 03/26/2012
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    Lee Hirsch spoke to THR at the premiere for his film, which has been involved in a heated battle over the R rating it was given by the MPAA. READ MORE

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