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  1. Award Season Roundtable Series: Animation Part 3

    12:17 pm PST 12/16/2011
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    Our guests share their desire to make a R-rated animated feature but explain the cost and limited audience are the major stumbling blocks. READ MORE

  2. Fox Business Network Calls Muppets Communist; Debate Goes Viral

    4:22 pm PST 12/05/2011
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    A segment on the network was highlighted by Media Matters, reigniting a conversation about whether or not there are political messages in children's movies. READ MORE

  3. 'Kung Fu Panda 2' Leads Annie Award Nominations

    8:57 am PST 12/05/2011
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    DreamWorks Animation also picked up 9 nods for "Puss in Boots." READ MORE

  4. Why 'Tintin' and 'Rango' Stand Out Among This Year's Animated Awards Contenders (Opinion)

    8:39 pm PST 12/01/2011
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    THR chief film critic Todd McCarthy dissects 2011's good, bad, and downright excruciating toons. READ MORE

  5. Hollywood Studios Accused of Pushing Liberal Agenda Through Children's Films

    2:09 pm PST 12/01/2011
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    Conservatives are striking out against what they perceive as left-wing propaganda aimed at their kids, and a movie about adorable penguins isn't their only target. READ MORE

  6. Golden Globes Preview: 'Tintin,' 'Cars 2' Faceoff in Animation Category

    1:31 pm PST 11/25/2011
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    Steven Spielberg's motion-capture smash poses a real challenge to the five-year reign of Pixar movies. READ MORE

  7. Animated, Documentary and Foreign: 3 Key Oscar Categories Analyzed

    4:21 pm PST 11/18/2011
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    THR's awards analyst Scott Feinberg picks his top five films in the categories. READ MORE

  8. 'Harry Potter' Films Dominate Home Video Chart Thanks to 'Deathly Hallows Part 2' Release

    4:33 pm PST 11/16/2011
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    The movie bumps "Cars 2" to the No. 2 spot as six of the seven previous Potter films re-enter the top 20. READ MORE

  9. Disney Posts 30 Percent Boost in Quarterly Net Income as Theme Parks Soar

    1:37 pm PST 11/10/2011
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    UPDATED: Studio revenue falls as "Cars 2" and "Thor" are no match for last year's "Toy Story 3" and "Iron Man 2." READ MORE

  10. 'Cars 2' Beats Out 'Crazy Stupid Love' on Home Entertainment Charts

    4:36 pm PST 11/09/2011
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    The Steve Carell-Ryan Gosling romantic comedy didn't appear among the top rentals for the week as Warner Bros. delays release to oulets by 28 days. READ MORE

  11. Oscars 2012: 18 Movies to Vie for Animated Feature Film Award

    2:15 pm PDT 11/04/2011
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    The crowded field that includes Paramount’s "The Adventures of Tintin" and Pixar's "Cars 2" could yield as many as five nominees. READ MORE

  12. 'Cars 2,' 'Winnie the Pooh' to Be Rereleased at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre

    8:51 pm PDT 11/02/2011
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    The animated movies will show for two weeks, featuring special appearances by Pooh and a related art exhibit. READ MORE

  13. Animated Features Face Nov. 1 Oscar Submission Deadline

    7:52 pm PDT 10/31/2011
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    A new rule introduced this year could result in four or five nominees rather than the customary three. READ MORE

  14. Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 Teams With Disney for Fun, Sesame Workshop for Learning Products

    1:06 pm PDT 10/18/2011
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    The company wants to redefine learning with interactive TV, book and games offers that allow users to interact with the likes of Grover and Cookie Monster and let kids play with characters from "The Incredibles," "Toy Story 3" and "Cars 2." READ MORE

  15. 'Cars 2' Director John Lasseter Defends Film, Says Sequel Wasn't About Merchandising

    11:48 am PDT 10/18/2011
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    Weeks before its release on DVD and Blu-ray, Pixar's chief creative officer speaks out on all of the criticism. READ MORE

  16. 'Cars 2' Toys, Disney Princesses Help Drive Mattel's Third-Quarter Results

    5:30 am PDT 10/14/2011
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    Entertainment segment revenue increased 14%, driven "primarily" by sales tied to the animated Disney/Pixar film. READ MORE

  17. 'Transformers 3,' 'Cars 2' and 'The Social Network' Among HPA Awards Nominees

    5:47 pm PDT 09/07/2011
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    "Mad Men," "Downton Abbey" and "Falling Skies" were three of the shows cited in the TV categories. READ MORE

  18. 'Smurfs' vs. 'Cars 2': Who's Winning the Toy Wars?

    12:10 pm PDT 08/16/2011
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    Licensed merchandise becomes more critical and studios search for the secret to extending a franchise's shelf life. READ MORE

  19. Toy Wars: Battle of the Blockbuster Summer

    4:59 pm PDT 08/15/2011
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    From READ MORE

  20. 'The Legend of Tembo' to Be Tradition Studios' First Animated Feature

    11:39 am PDT 08/10/2011
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    Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams will direct the film, currently in development. READ MORE

  21. Disney Posts Strong Quarterly Results Despite Weakness in Film Studio

    1:43 pm PDT 08/09/2011
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    UPDATED: The company says "Cars 2" and "Thor" didn't measure up to "Toy Story 3" and "Iron Man 2" a year ago. READ MORE