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  1. Disney Posts Strong Quarterly Results Despite Weakness in Film Studio

    1:43 pm PDT 08/09/2011
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    UPDATED: The company says "Cars 2" and "Thor" didn't measure up to "Toy Story 3" and "Iron Man 2" a year ago. READ MORE

  2. 'Cars' Copyright Lawsuit Dismissed in Win for Disney

    9:17 am PDT 08/01/2011
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    UK screenwriter claimed animated films were based on his screenplay, but judge finds works dissimilar. READ MORE

  3. 'Cars 2' Toys Drive Higher Second-Quarter Results at Mattel

    5:40 am PDT 07/15/2011
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    Green Lantern product also contributed as the toy giant's entertainment segment posted a revenue gain of 41%. READ MORE

  4. German Piracy Site Kino.to Relaunches as KinoX.to

    3:50 am PDT 07/12/2011
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    European authorities shut down original site in massive raid one month ago. READ MORE

  5. Disney and Pixar’s ‘Cars 2’ a Hit in Red States

    12:54 pm PDT 06/26/2011
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    The 3D toon underperforms in the East, and does slightly below average on the West Coast. READ MORE

  6. Box Office Report: 'Cars 2' Races Past 'Kung Fu Panda 2' Overseas

    12:15 pm PDT 06/26/2011
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    The Disney/Pixar sequel debuted to $42.9 million at the international box office, beating DreamWorks Animation's sequel's $37—despite playing in fewer territories. READ MORE

  7. Box Office Report: 'Cars 2' Speeds to $68 Million, Beating Original Movie's Opening

    9:31 am PDT 06/26/2011
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    The Disney/Pixar sequel easily won domestic box office; Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz lands No. 2 spot with better than expected $31 Million. READ MORE

  8. 'Cars 2': What the Critics Are Saying

    11:50 am PDT 06/25/2011
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    Pixar's latest film is filling up its box office coffers despite mixed reviews. READ MORE

  9. Box Office: Will 'Cars 2' Join Pixar's Top-Grossing Movies List?

    8:29 pm PDT 06/24/2011
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    See how far the company's newest pic has to go to compete with its animated siblings in theatrical grosses. READ MORE

  10. Box Office: 'Cars 2' Zooms Away with $25.7 Mil on Friday

    5:51 pm PDT 06/24/2011
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    UPDATED: Pixar sequel is looking at a $67 million-$70 million weekend; Cameron Diaz's R-rated comedy "Bad Teacher" also overperforms. READ MORE

  11. Cars 2: 5 Things to Know About the Pixar Sequel

    5:38 am PDT 06/24/2011
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    The toon is expected to earn at least $50 million in theaters this weekend despite receiving mixed reviews. READ MORE

  12. New Movie Reviews: 'Bad Teacher,' 'Cars 2,' 'Conan O'Brien Can't Stop' in Theaters This Weekend

    10:37 pm PDT 06/23/2011
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    Wondering which film to go see this weekend? Check out what THR's critics say about the movies opening Friday. READ MORE

  13. Box Office Preview: 'Cars 2' Likely Will Open Below Original

    6:25 pm PDT 06/23/2011
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    "Bad Teacher," starring Cameron Diaz, Jason Segal and Justin Timberlake, also opens wide, while "Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop" and Chris Weitz's "A Better Life" will be released in select markets. READ MORE

  14. 'Cars 2'

    2:56 am PDT 06/23/2011
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    FILM REVIEW: Lightning McQueen and Mater mix it up with spies and Formula 1 in yet another Pixar winner. READ MORE

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  15. What Makes Pixar Work?

    2:56 am PDT 06/23/2011
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    A modern-day Walt Disney, John Lasseter, along with Steve Jobs and Ed Catmull, has overseen 11 straight blockbusters (and is hoping for a 12th in Cars 2) thanks to a tight-knit creative culture and superb technology that doesn't get in the way of the 'small-town values' that put story first. READ MORE

  16. 'Cars 2': How Pixar Used Its Secret Weapon on CGI Sequel

    6:04 pm PDT 06/22/2011
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    One of the company's effects artists has a specialty he used to create the movie's opening scene, featuring some of the biggest and most realistic waves ever seen in computerized animation. READ MORE

  17. Trailer Cars 2

    5:50 pm PDT 06/20/2011
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  18. Cars 2: Film Review

    12:00 am PDT 06/19/2011
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    Cooler cars and more action follow Lightning and Mater as they mix it up with spies and Formula 1 racers in yet another Pixar winner, writes Todd McCarthy. READ MORE

  19. Walt Disney Expects 'Cars 2' Merchandise to Eclipse 'Toy Story 3'

    11:22 am PDT 06/09/2011
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    The 'Cars' franchise has crossed $10 billion in total retail sales, and Mickey Mouse remains the largest licensed character with projected $9 billion in sales this fiscal year as the company plans a Disney Baby store. READ MORE