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  1. Paramount Nabs Hot Sci-Fi Script From Chris Gorak (Exclusive)

    10:49 am PDT 10/22/2013
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    Adam Schroeder ("Chronicle") is producing the project, titled "Attach," which sparked a bidding war among multiple studios. READ MORE

  2. Max Landis Reveals What He'd Originally Planned for 'Chronicle 2'

    11:12 am PDT 08/12/2013
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    The writer of the original "Chronicle" took to Twitter this weekend to tease what he had planned for the sequel, back when he was still involved in the production. READ MORE

  3. 'Chronicle's' Alex Russell to Star in Indie Film 'Believe Me' (Exclusive)

    6:34 pm PDT 08/07/2013
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    The actor will play a college student turned con artist who hopes to profit from naive churchgoers. READ MORE

  4. 'Safe House,' 'Chronicle,' Now 'Black Sails': Inside Cape Town Studios

    6:00 am PDT 05/10/2013
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    After hosting Hollywood tentpoles for the past two-and-a-half years, the cutting-edge shooting facility welcomes Michael Bay. READ MORE

  5. 'The Grey,' 'Chronicle' Top DVD, Blu-ray Sales Charts

    4:53 pm PDT 05/23/2012
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    New releases "The Devil Inside" and "One for the Money" were the No. 1 and 2 rentals. READ MORE

  6. 'Chronicle' Director Josh Trank Developing 'Shadow of the Colossus'

    1:21 pm PDT 05/23/2012
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    Kevin Misher is producing Sony's adaptation of the popular PlayStation 2 video game. READ MORE

  7. 'Chronicle' Director Josh Trank on His Surprising Success, Possible Sequel

    12:27 pm PDT 05/15/2012
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    As the Fox movie comes out on DVD/Blu-ray, Heat Vision talks to the director about found footage and gray characters. READ MORE

  8. 'Chronicle,' 'Contraband' Directors Sign with Management 360 (Exclusive)

    7:19 pm PDT 04/30/2012
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    Josh Trank and Baltasar Kormakur are both behind surprise 2012 box-office hits READ MORE

  9. Box Office Report: 'Chronicle' Scores Touchdown With $22 Mil, 'Woman in Black' Earns $21 Mil

    9:15 am PST 02/05/2012
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    Both films overperform on the strength of younger moviegoers; Drew Barrymore-John Krasinski whale pic "Big Miracle" places No. 4 with $8.5 million. READ MORE

  10. Box Office Report: Young People Rush to See 'Chronicle,' 'Woman in Black'

    11:37 am PST 02/04/2012
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    "Chronicle" zooms past expectations to gross $8.7 million on Friday, "Woman in Black" likewise overperforms with $8.3 million; Drew Barrymore-John Krasinski whale pic "Big Miracle" opens to No. 4. READ MORE

  11. Box Office Report: 'Chronicle,' 'Woman in Black' Overperforming for Possible $19 Mil-Plus Weekend

    10:42 pm PST 02/03/2012
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    The two genre films are in a close race for the weekend crown, although 'Chronicle' was slightly ahead on Friday night. READ MORE

  12. Box Office Report: 'Chronicle,' 'Woman in Black' Scaring Up Strong Business as Super Bowl Weekend Kicks Off

    4:09 pm PST 02/03/2012
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    UPDATED: The two films are in a relatively close race at the Friday box office; Drew Barrymore-John Krasinski whale pic follows at No. 3. READ MORE

  13. Box Office Preview: 'Chronicle,' 'Woman in Black,' 'Big Miracle' Take on Super Bowl

    7:15 pm PST 02/02/2012
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    Moviegoing is traditionally a wash on the day of the game, putting pressure on films to pile up points on Friday and Saturday. READ MORE

  14. 'Chronicle' Promotion Goes Viral With 'Flying People' in New York City (Video)

    6:57 pm PST 02/02/2012
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    Ahead of the superhero film’s release, 20th Century Fox generated buzz by launching human shaped RC planes over the streets of the big apple. READ MORE

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  15. Chronicle: Film Review

    5:57 pm PST 02/02/2012
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    Directed by Josh Trank, the 20th Century Fox feature co-stars Australian actor Alex Russell and "Friday Night Lights" vet Michael B. Jordan. READ MORE