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  1. Will Smith "Surprised" 'Concussion' Didn't "Have a Bigger Impact"

    7:56 am PDT 09/28/2016
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    "I knew it would be hard because people love the game, but the science is so overwhelming, and it’s something that we really need to take a look at," the actor says of head-trauma in the NFL. READ MORE

  2. Will Smith Learned of Wife's Oscar-Boycott Video From the Paparazzi

    10:39 am PST 02/03/2016
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    "Let me tell you if I was the only person of color nominated, my wife would have made two videos," Smith said, laughing, of criticism that Jada Pinkett Smith's boycott was inspired by his lack of a nomination. "She would not have gone with me. Trust." READ MORE

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  3. Oscar-Winning Producer Denounces "Spoiled Brats" Crying "Racism"

    7:00 am PST 01/22/2016
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    "As far as Michael Moore is concerned, he is a socialist always looking to insert his brand of racist hatred. Spike Lee — haven't I heard this from him before?" says 'Schindler's List' producer Gerald Molen. READ MORE

  4. Will Smith Joining Wife in Not Attending Oscars

    6:11 am PST 01/21/2016
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    The 'Concussion' star, who many believe should have been nominated for an Academy Award, told 'GMA's' Robin Roberts that he didn't think this year's nominations reflect America's diversity. READ MORE

  5. Oscars: Omission of Black Actors Upsetting, But Not Inexplicable or Proof of Racism

    5:00 am PST 01/19/2016
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    "None of this year's excluded films about people of color or people of color themselves were thought to be slam-dunks going into the nominations," writes THR's awards analyst. "They were competing in very competitive categories." READ MORE

  6. Watch THR's Full, Uncensored Actor Roundtable With Will Smith, Mark Ruffalo and More

    6:00 am PST 01/18/2016
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    Will Smith and Mark Ruffalo join four other notable actors of the past year for The Hollywood Reporter's Actor Oscar Roundtable. READ MORE

  7. Box Office: 'Star Wars' Rings in Record New Year's Day, Nears $700M in U.S.

    9:07 am PST 12/31/2015
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    Worldwide, the blockbuster hits $1.39 billion; Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' rides to No. 3 in its nationwide expansion, while Alejandro G. Inarritu's 'The Revenant' continues to thrive at the specialty box office. READ MORE

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  8. 'Concussion' Editor Talks About Balancing Artistic License, Lawyers and the NFL (Q&A)

    3:19 pm PST 12/30/2015
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    "The scrutiny that that you come under when you are making a movie that based on real events is sometimes overwhelming," says Oscar winner William Goldenberg. READ MORE

  9. NFL Player Pens Essay After Viewing 'Concussion': "Football Has Placed Me in Harm’s Way"

    2:48 pm PST 12/29/2015
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    "When you’ve actually competed against a player who was later found to have CTE, it is unsettling," New York Jets' D'Brickashaw Ferguson wrote. READ MORE

  10. Sony Offers Free Admission for NFL Players to 'Concussion'

    10:31 am PST 12/23/2015
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    Will Smith stars in the Sony film about the doctor who discovered CTE, a football-related brain trauma. READ MORE

  11. NFL Drama 'Concussion' Has Already Been Screened for "a Few Hundred" Players

    2:38 pm PST 12/21/2015
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    "This was something our union was definitely going to recommend," says top NFL Players Association executive George Atallah. READ MORE

  12. Producer J. Todd Harris: This Year's Prestige Titles Reaffirm Faith in Movies (Guest Column)

    3:15 pm PST 12/17/2015
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    'Spotlight,' 'Concussion' and 'The Big Short' have all taken on massive institutions and could "influence how we view those institutions and their impact on our lives." READ MORE

  13. 'Concussion' Producer Giannina Scott to Lead Bennet Omalu Foundation

    1:47 pm PST 12/17/2015
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    The newly launched foundation aims to further research for traumatic injuries and present findings to the NFL. READ MORE

  14. 'Friday Night Lights' Creator Peter Berg on NFL-Concussion Outcry: "We Should Not Stop Playing Football" (Guest Column)

    7:00 am PST 12/17/2015
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    The gridiron die-hard writes about his "utterly conflicted" feelings on the risks faced by NFL players, as highlighted in Will Smith's upcoming film 'Concussion': It's "probably the most dangerous activity behind only military combat." READ MORE

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  15. Oscars: 'Star Wars' and the All-Out Scrum of a Race Without a Frontrunner

    7:55 am PST 12/16/2015
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    As 'The Force Awakens' premieres, Academy voters reveal their favorites and annoyances with the season: "I have never been so assaulted by screenings and events and screeners." READ MORE

  16. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Caught on Camera Laughing at Concussion Joke

    12:38 pm PST 12/11/2015
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    Famed quarterback Roger Staubach mocked his history of head-trauma, pretending to forget that Goodell is the commissioner, at Tuesday's National Football Foundation dinner, in a joke that he said Goodell approved. READ MORE

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  17. 'Straight Outta Compton,' 'Suffragette' Among Awards Season Contenders That Prove Diversity Is Possible

    7:00 am PST 12/10/2015
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    Following 2015's #OscarsSoWhite protest hashtag, 2016's doors have opened to both the black actors that are in contention and the movies that are addressing women’s issues, paving the way for different voices and rising talents. READ MORE

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  18. 'Awards Chatter' Podcast — Will Smith ('Concussion')

    4:00 am PST 11/25/2015
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    In his first podcast interview ever, the two-time Oscar nominee talks about his journey from West Philadelphia to Hollywood, the secret to his commercial success — and his previously-unknown plans to enter the political arena "in the near future." READ MORE

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