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  1. War Over 'The Conjuring': The Disturbing Claims Behind a Billion-Dollar Franchise

    6:00 am PST 12/13/2017
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    A legal spat reveals the real-life demonologists in the $1.2 billion-grossing horror movies may not have been nearly as pious as they're portrayed. READ MORE

  2. Lionsgate to Remake Russian Horror Film 'The Bride,' 'Conjuring' Writers to Produce (Exclusive)

    5:31 am PDT 10/05/2017
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    Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes will produce alongside Vlad Severtsev. READ MORE

  3. Box-Office Milestone: 'The Conjuring' Horror Universe Passes $1B

    3:44 pm PDT 08/18/2017
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    The latest installment, 'Annabelle: Creation,' has earned more than $110 million worldwide. READ MORE

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  4. 'The Conjuring' Has Launched a Cinematic Universe That Actually Works

    9:00 am PDT 08/12/2017
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    James Wan weighs in on the future of the small (but mighty) horror franchise that has become a reliable hit-maker with all signs pointing toward expansion. READ MORE

  5. Warner Bros. Asks Court to Ghost $900 Million 'Conjuring' Lawsuit

    7:00 am PDT 06/22/2017
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    "[I]t is unsurprising that Brittle swore under oath in 2014 that 'The Conjuring' movie and the Book are 'not related,'" writes an attorney for the studio. READ MORE

  6. 'Annabelle: Creation': Film Review | LAFF 2017

    5:12 am PDT 06/20/2017
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    New Line’s prequel for the 'Conjuring’ spinoff provides a chilling backstory for the demonic doll. READ MORE

  7. 'True Detective' Actress Nabs Lead in 'Conjuring 2' (Exclusive)

    11:25 am PDT 09/24/2015
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    Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are reprising their roles as real-life paranormal investigating couple Lorraine and Ed Warren. READ MORE

  8. 'Furious 8' Stuck at the Starting Line: Universal's Director Dilemma

    8:00 am PDT 09/23/2015
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    'Furious 7' helmer James Wan opts for a 'Conjuring' sequel as star-producer Vin Diesel causes headaches and the studio faces an April 2017 release date on the follow-up to the $1.5 billion box-office behemoth. READ MORE

  9. AFM: 'The Conjuring' Producer, Writers Set Sights on 'Crucifixion'

    6:30 am PST 11/05/2014
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    Lotus Entertainment will introduce the supernatural thriller to foreign buyers at AFM READ MORE

  10. Mexico Box Office: Horror Prequel 'Annabelle' Nabs Record Opening

    2:13 pm PDT 10/27/2014
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    The previous record holder for a horror film, 'The Conjuring,' pulled in $4.2 million its first weekend READ MORE

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  11. 'The Conjuring' Sequel Pushed for Untitled Horror Film

    6:09 pm PDT 10/20/2014
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    New Line puts an unknown horror film on the Oct. 23, 2015, date READ MORE

  12. 'Conjuring' Producer Calls Warner Bros.' $750,000 Check Insufficient for Sequels

    12:25 pm PDT 07/28/2014
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    In new court papers, Tony DeRosa-Grund alleges that the studio perpetrated a "deliberate scheme" to violate rights on the blockbuster horror franchise. READ MORE

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  13. 'Conjuring' Spinoff 'Annabelle' Introduces Demonic Doll in First Trailer (Video)

    6:34 am PDT 07/18/2014
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    The spinoff, centering on the demonic doll that played a supporting role in New Line's 2013 horror blockbuster, opens on Oct. 3. READ MORE

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  14. It's Official: 'Conjuring' Spinoff Will Be Called 'Annabelle'

    4:13 pm PDT 07/07/2014
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    The New Line horror film opens in theaters this fall. READ MORE

  15. 'The Conjuring' Keeps Spooking Up New Lawsuits

    5:07 pm PDT 04/23/2014
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    The latest by Evergreen Media Group against Warner Bros. discusses how in-development sequels to last year's hit film are allegedly violating rights on a 1980 book. READ MORE

  16. Lawsuit Aims to Halt Warner Bros.' 'The Conjuring' Sequels (Exclusive)

    9:44 am PDT 03/31/2014
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    Tony DeRosa-Grund's Evergreen Media claims that the studio is withholding profit-sharing from last year's blockbuster and has stolen rights to make two more films. READ MORE

  17. 'Conjuring 2' Gets a Release Date

    5:16 pm PST 02/25/2014
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    An untitled horror movie plus "Mean Moms" and "How to be Single" also get dates. READ MORE

  18. 'Fast & Furious 7' Director James Wan's Last Interview on Set Before Paul Walker Crash

    9:00 am PST 12/18/2013
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    "Compared to my past work, the set pieces in this film are incredibly out there," the director of "The Conjuring" and "Insidious Chapter 2" told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's an amazing playground for me to play in." READ MORE

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  19. 'The Conjuring' Debuts at No. 1 on DVD, Blu-ray Charts

    5:12 pm PDT 10/30/2013
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    "The Heat" and "Pacific Rim" are No. 2 on the DVD and Blu-ray lists, respectively. READ MORE

  20. 15 Horror Movies That Offered the Most Bang for the Buck

    2:24 pm PDT 10/21/2013
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    From "Paranormal Activity" to "The Conjuring," here are the top 15 horror films since 2009 with budgets of $20 million or less. READ MORE