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  1. The Making of 'The Dark Knight Rises'

    3:13 pm PST 12/28/2012
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    Christopher Nolan on the final installment of the franchise. READ MORE

  2. 20 Top Grossing Movies of 2012: THR Year in Review

    12:07 pm PST 12/28/2012
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    World-saving heroes won the box office in 2012. READ MORE

  3. 'Project X' Most Pirated Film of 2012

    10:45 am PST 12/28/2012
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    The list contains some expected titles ("The Avengers," "The Dark Knight Rises") but it's what topped them all that surprises. READ MORE

  4. 'Ted' Remains No. 1 On Home Entertainment Charts

    9:49 pm PST 12/27/2012
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    "Dark Knight Rises" comes in No. 2, while "Pitch Perfect" overperforms by 30 percent at some retailers. READ MORE

  5. Christopher Nolan on 'Extreme Places' in the Making of 'The Dark Knight Rises'

    11:47 am PST 12/27/2012
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    Deciphering Bane, turning Anne Hathaway sultry and more as Warner Bros. wraps up its $2.45 billion franchise. READ MORE

  6. Best Editing Oscar: Spoiler Alerts From 'Argo' Through 'Zero Dark Thirty'

    8:00 am PST 12/21/2012
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    The editors of 7 of this season's contenders on picking the right shot, when to cut, and - in 'Dark Knight Rises,' when to "give the audience the payout they would want." READ MORE

  7. Visual Effects Oscar: The Illusions Behind 'Avengers' Through 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

    7:00 am PST 12/21/2012
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    With the Academy's shortlist of finalists due Jan. 3, a look at the effects we take for granted -- from a Bengal tiger on a lifeboat to a 3D Gollum. READ MORE

  8. Todd McCarthy Ranks the 10 Best Movies of 2012

    11:37 am PST 12/20/2012
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    THR’s chief film critic picks his favorites, and -- from obscure foreign gems to genre blockbusters -- they all had something in common: the end of something. READ MORE

  9. Todd McCarthy's 10 Best Movies of 2012

    11:37 am PST 12/20/2012
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    THR’s chief film critic picks his favorites. READ MORE

  10. 'Ted' Tops 'Dark Knight Rises' on Home Entertainment Charts

    4:24 pm PST 12/19/2012
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    "Bourne Legacy" debuted at No. 3, while the latest "Ice Age" came in at No. 4. READ MORE

  11. Award Season at Home: Why Blu-ray Is Better Than Screeners

    11:00 am PST 12/14/2012
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    Discs of contenders like "The Dark Knight Rises" and "Brave" reveal behind-the-scenes glimpses of how they were made. READ MORE

  12. Cinematography Oscar: Why 'Argo' and 'The Dark Knight Rises' Shot on Film

    9:00 am PST 12/14/2012
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    Digital photography may be the wave of the future, but celluloid was behind two of this year's biggest contenders. READ MORE

  13. 'Dark Knight Rises' Dominates Home Entertainment Charts in First Week

    5:39 pm PST 12/12/2012
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    "The Dark Knight" trilogy set charts at No. 2 with "Men in Black 3" slipping to third on the DVD sales chart. READ MORE

  14. Grammy Nominations: 'Hugo,' 'The Dark Knight Rises' Battle Video Game 'Journey' for Best Score

    8:30 pm PST 12/05/2012
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    Composing vets John Williams, Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore will compete in the score category, while best soundtrack pits The Muppets against Woody Allen. READ MORE

  15. Foley Artist John Roesch to Receive Career Achievement Award From Sound Editors

    10:24 am PST 12/04/2012
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    His credits include "The Dark Knight Rises," "Inception," and "The Matrix" trilogy. READ MORE

  16. Critic's Notebook: Thoughts on the Year's Strongest Scores by Some of Hollywood's Best Composers

    11:00 am PST 11/21/2012
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    From "Argo" to "The Dark Knight Rises" to "Hitchcock," THR's Todd McCarthy celebrates the best film music of 2012. READ MORE

  17. From 'Lincoln' to 'Skyfall': Why This Year's Best Picture Race Has Something for Everyone

    11:00 am PST 11/15/2012
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    For once, nearly every genre could be represented in the potential 10 nominees in Oscar's top category. READ MORE

  18. FEINBERG FORECAST: Updated Projections (With 16 Weeks Until the 85th Oscars)

    5:25 pm PST 11/04/2012
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    THR's awards analyst offers his latest assessment of the race. READ MORE

  19. Todd McCarthy's First Analysis of the Year's First Oscar Picks

    11:00 am PDT 10/31/2012
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    THR's chief movie critic on the slow start start of the year and the recent releases that might make this award season interesting. READ MORE

  20. Hollywood Shifts Late-Night Screenings From Midnight to 10 P.M.

    9:00 am PDT 10/25/2012
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    With opening grosses as make-or-break as ever, some studios and theater owners are quietly trying to re-energize late-night business in the wake of the Aurora shooting by opening films the night before their official release date. READ MORE

  21. Hollywood Blockbusters Battling Head-to-Head in China: a Trend?

    7:29 am PDT 10/25/2012
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    Imax CEO Richard Gelfond on Thursday told analysts that short-term concern over consumer spending is opening more slots for local Chinese-language titles. READ MORE