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  1. Tribeca: J.J. Abrams, Chris Rock Talk Collaborating, Joke About Denzel Washington-Starring 'Fantastic Four'

    11:05 pm PDT 04/15/2016
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    The two entertainment industry insiders had a funny, career-spanning discussion in which they also discussed what they look for in people they hire. READ MORE

  2. Miles Teller, Josh Brolin to Star in Firefighter Action Movie 'No Exit'

    10:28 am PST 03/02/2016
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    Joseph Kosinski will direct the firefighter action pic. READ MORE

  3. Marvel Confirms Shelving 'Fantastic Four' as Ongoing Comic Book Concern

    1:07 pm PST 01/13/2016
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    This will be the first time Marvel has not had a Fantastic Four comic in publication or development in more than five decades. READ MORE

  4. Japan Box Office: 'The Intern' Rises to Second Spot

    3:55 am PDT 10/19/2015
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    Local film 'Library Wars – The Last Mission' stays on top as Keanu Reeves' promo visit to Japan fails to boost the fortunes of 'John Wick' after it is finally released a year after it bowed in the U.S. READ MORE

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  5. Simon Kinberg on 'Fantastic Four' Failure: "Movies Are Hard to Make"

    11:49 am PDT 09/14/2015
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    Producer is disappointed fans didn't dig Josh Trank's take on the comic book heroes. READ MORE

  6. Summer Box-Office Flops: 'Tomorrowland,' 'Fantastic Four' Top List

    12:23 pm PDT 09/04/2015
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    Here are the movies that got the worst sunburn. READ MORE

  7. Samsung Launches Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player; Fox Commits to 4K and HDR Content

    3:00 am PDT 09/03/2015
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    Fox plans to offer recent releases including 'Kingsman: The Secret Service,' the studio reported on Thursday at IFA. READ MORE

  8. Russia Box Office: 'Fantastic Four' Debuts on Top

    11:18 am PDT 08/26/2015
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    However, the movie's gross fell short of projections. READ MORE

  9. How 'Fantastic Four's' Josh Trank Can Get Out of Directors Jail

    10:00 am PDT 08/20/2015
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    The filmmaker's debacle could make him unhirable, but Hollywood history has shown there's a proven path to career recovery (just ask David O. Russell). READ MORE

  10. Box Office: 'Mission: Impossible' Continues to Rule Internationally With $46.1M

    1:09 pm PDT 08/16/2015
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    'The Man From U.N.C.L.E' bows in the top slot in Russia, while 'Fantastic Four' ranks No. 2 overseas. READ MORE

  11. Box Office: 'Straight Outta Compton' Breaks Out With Massive $56.1M

    7:05 am PDT 08/16/2015
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    'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,' the weekend's other new wide release, lags far behind in third place with $13.5 million. READ MORE

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  12. Scientist Dissects 'Fantastic Four': What Worked and What's a "Train Wreck"

    12:26 pm PDT 08/13/2015
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    Is being a giant rock monster or having super-stretchy powers more plausible? READ MORE

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  13. 1994: When a Troubled 'Fantastic Four' Film Was Just Shelved Entirely

    12:00 pm PDT 08/13/2015
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    Low-budget wizard Roger Corman was brought in to trim a $30M big-budget tentpole into a $1M quickie that was never released. "My first thought was 'Now, that's a challenge. We may have to trim a few things.'" READ MORE

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  14. What Should Fox Do With the 'Fantastic Four' Franchise?

    10:16 am PDT 08/12/2015
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    Four suggestions for future moves, if the studio really does want to remain committed to the Marvel superheroes. READ MORE

  15. 'Fantastic Four' Blame Game: Fox, Director Josh Trank Square Off Over On-Set "Chaos"

    9:00 am PDT 08/12/2015
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    Before the film opened, the director tweeted that he had made "a fantastic version" of the film that audiences would "probably never see." READ MORE

  16. 'Fantastic Four' Could Lead to $60 Million Write-Off for Fox

    3:55 pm PDT 08/10/2015
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    The $120 million movie earned just $26 million domestically its opening weekend. READ MORE

  17. Box Office Report: August 7th - 9th

    3:08 pm PDT 08/09/2015
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    20th Century Fox's 'Fantastic Four' sees one of the lowest openings of all time for a big-budget studio superhero movie. READ MORE

  18. 'Fantastic Four' Gets Worst CinemaScore Ever for Studio Superhero Movie

    2:24 pm PDT 08/09/2015
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    "We fully supported Josh Trank's vision for the film, as we do with all our filmmakers," says a Fox executive. READ MORE

  19. It's Been a Forgettable Year for the Fantastic Four

    8:15 am PDT 08/09/2015
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    With a poorly reviewed movie and a canceled comic, 2015 hasn't been kind to Marvel's First Family. READ MORE

  20. In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews of 'Fantastic Four,' 'Ricki and the Flash' and More

    7:21 pm PDT 08/08/2015
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    Read what THR's critics are saying about Jason Bateman's 'The Gift' and the animated film 'Shaun the Sheep.' READ MORE