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  1. Tom Hooper: The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat

    6:40 pm PST 02/14/2011
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    Director Tom Hooper's face reveals his triumph over seven BAFTAs for "The King's Speech" -- and also the pain of his loss to David Fincher. So which one will win the best directing Oscar? READ MORE

  2. Oscar Front-Runners, Led by 'King's Speech,' Enjoying Box-Office Boost

    2:55 pm PST 02/13/2011
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    Other awards contenders including "True Grit," "The Fighter" and "Black Swan" are still performing well globally. READ MORE

  3. 5 New Melissa Leo Quotes: Hailee Steinfeld 'Pimping,' Helena Bonham Carter 'Shoving Me'

    10:48 am PST 02/11/2011
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    Oscar frontrunner Melissa Leo says stardom is "oddly fascinating, a little uncomfortable, and tremendous fun." "Sounds like a push-up bra," says interviewer Thelma Adams. READ MORE

  4. Roger Ebert Picks Oscar Winners: Firth, Rush, Steinfeld, Hooper, Sorkin and 'Incendies'

    10:39 am PST 02/11/2011
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    Roger Ebert predicts who will win, who ought to, and offers you a chance to win $100,000 real dollars in the Outguess Ebert contest. READ MORE

  5. Oscar Expert Mark Harris: Ban Actors, Writers From Voting on Sound and Editing

    8:43 am PST 02/10/2011
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    Oscarologist and "Pictures at a Revolution" author Mark Harris has a revolutionary idea: common sense in Oscar voting for sound and editing awards. READ MORE

  6. David O. Russell on 'The Fighter'

    10:00 am PST 02/09/2011
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    At an exclusive Hollywood Reporter directors roundtable, David O. Russell discusses "The Fighter." READ MORE

  7. Oscar Eligibility Rules: Trickier Than Tax Code?

    12:31 pm PST 02/08/2011
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    Limiting the number of producers named on nominated films has proved controversial. READ MORE

  8. Watch Live Q&A With 'The Fighter' Director David O. Russell

    11:47 am PST 02/08/2011
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    Join Back Stage and the SAG Foundation for a free online Q&A with "The Fighter" director David O. Russell. READ MORE

  9. Melissa Leo on Her Controversial Ads: The Oscars Are About 'Pimping Yourself Out'

    7:05 pm PST 02/07/2011
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    Some say Melissa Leo's sexed-up advertisements will cost her Oscar votes. But she's defiant, and here's why her integrity's still intact. READ MORE

  10. 'Tangled' Tops Int'l Box Office for Third Time This Year With $25 Million

    1:36 pm PST 02/06/2011
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    UPDATED: "Nothing to Declare" opens at No. 2 with $23 million, while "The Green Hornet" takes third place with $16 million. READ MORE

  11. Scott Silver, 'The Fighter'

    1:02 pm PST 02/04/2011
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    The first-time Oscar nominee endured four years’ worth of ups, downs, budget-cutting, cast changes and a revolving door of writers. READ MORE

  12. Academy Award Movie Makeovers

    7:25 am PST 02/01/2011
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    A look at the physical transformations that helped these elite actors earn Oscar nominations. READ MORE

  13. SAG Awards 2011: Christian Bale Surprised On Stage by Dicky Eklund

    6:49 pm PST 01/30/2011
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    Backstage, the actor (who played the former professional boxer in "The Fighter"), said he felt "pretty freakin' good" for winning best supporting actor on his 37th birthday. READ MORE

  14. SAG Awards Winners: 'King's Speech' Tops

    5:07 pm PST 01/30/2011
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    Colin Firth and Natalie Portman take top acting awards; "Boardwalk Empire" and "Modern Family" casts sweep the TV categories. READ MORE

  15. 'The Rite' Possesses No. 1 Spot at Weekend Box Office With $15 Million

    8:52 am PST 01/30/2011
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    'No Strings Attached' lands at No. 2, while newcomer 'The Mechanic' and holdover 'Green Hornet' are tie for No. 3 spot with $11.5 million. READ MORE

  16. David O. Russell Compares Oscar Race to 'Sophie's Choice'

    1:03 am PST 01/30/2011
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    "The Fighter' director will not choose between Amy Adams and Melissa Leo — both nominated in the same category. READ MORE

  17. Will SAG Be a Game-Changing Kingmaker (or Unmaker)?

    5:27 pm PST 01/28/2011
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    Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards could give the Oscar race a nudge, only nobody knows which way. But if Annette Bening upsets Natalie Portman, all hell will break loose. And Colin Firth's Cristal had better already be on ice. READ MORE

  18. SAG Predictions: Annette Bening Presents -- But Pundits Think Natalie Portman Will Win

    3:00 am PST 01/28/2011
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    SAG announced Friday that Bening will introduce "The Kids Are All Right," but THR and top pundits predict a Portman victory (and 14 others) at Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards. READ MORE

  19. How the Eddie Predicts the Oscar, and Why '127 Hours' Took 'Inception's' Editing Nom

    11:01 am PST 01/27/2011
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    Who’s going to win the Oscar for best picture? The one group in Hollywood that usually holds the key to the answer are the film editors. An Oscar-winning editor explains this year's race. READ MORE

  20. Amy Adams Nixes Wearing a Pantsuit to the Oscars

    1:21 pm PST 01/25/2011
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    The best supporting actress nominee will celebrate her nomination on the set of "The Muppets" movie later today. READ MORE

  21. 'The Fighter's' David O. Russell on 7 Oscar Nominations: ‘It’s Huge for Me’

    10:11 am PST 01/25/2011
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    “If you have a couple of rough years, it means the world to you to get back up on your feet,” he tells THR. READ MORE