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  1. Japan 2015 in Review: NBCU Buys Control of Theme Park, Sony Eyes Profit, Netflix Launches

    1:21 am PST 12/30/2015
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    Comic Con will launch in the country, Nintendo's iconic boss died and a former Google executive rises at SoftBank. READ MORE

  2. Watch Taylor Swift, Idina Menzel Sing 'Frozen' Hit 'Let It Go' in Costumes

    6:43 am PST 11/02/2015
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    "And 55,000 people sang 'Let it Go' so loudly, it nearly took my breath away." READ MORE

  3. 'Frozen' Director Confirms He Thinks of Tarzan as Anna and Elsa's Little Brother

    5:35 am PDT 08/13/2015
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    "[Anna and Elsa's mother] gave birth on the boat, to a little boy." READ MORE

  4. "Let It Go"? Chinese Internet Users Complain Beijing Winter Olympics Song Copies 'Frozen' Anthem

    10:21 pm PDT 08/04/2015
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    Similarities between the two songs highlight ongoing copyright protection issues in China. READ MORE

  5. Critic's Notebook: Rewriting the List of Highest-Grossing Movies

    11:35 am PDT 07/30/2015
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    'Jurassic World' recently became the third-highest grosser of all time — and that's reason enough to revise the top 10 list, replacing unworthy titles with more deserving blockbusters (goodbye 'Avatar,' hello 'Star Wars'). READ MORE

  6. Kristen Bell Left 'Frozen' Voicemail for Young Fan with a Brain Tumor (VIDEO)

    11:38 am PDT 07/24/2015
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    Bell told 6-year-old Audrey Huffman that her sister, Queen Elsa, wanted to make Avery an honorary princess for being such a "good girl and being so brave." READ MORE

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  7. The 'Frozen' Effect: "Elsa" Re-enters List of 500 Most Popular Baby Names After 97 Years

    7:39 pm PDT 07/05/2015
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    A total of 1,131 babies born last year were named Elsa, making it the 286th most common name given to newborn girls. READ MORE

  8. Entertainment Midyear Stock Report: Streamers Soar, Sony Leads Conglomerates

    2:29 pm PDT 06/30/2015
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    Sony's lead would have been larger but for a 6 percent drop after announcing Tuesday it would raise money by issuing 92 million more shares of stock. READ MORE

  9. Licensed Merchandise Scores $241.5B in 2014

    10:00 am PDT 06/08/2015
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    'Frozen,' 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' fared well — and don't ignore the Kiss Kasket or 'Game of Thrones' beer. READ MORE

  10. Idina Menzel on 'Frozen 2': "We're Really Excited That There's a Future"

    11:23 am PDT 05/19/2015
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    The actress talked about the Disney sequel. READ MORE

  11. Idina Menzel Returns to 'If/Then' on Tour

    8:58 pm PDT 05/07/2015
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    The Tony-winning Broadway star, best known for her recording of the 'Frozen' anthem "Let It Go," will reprise her leading role in the musical this fall. READ MORE

  12. 'Off the Cuff' Podcast: Josh Gad Goes From 'Frozen' to Baked With Billy Crystal

    10:10 am PDT 05/04/2015
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    The star of FX's new comedy 'The Comedians' dishes on his upcoming Disney sequels and "going down the wormhole" with one of the greatest icons in Hollywood. READ MORE

  13. Watch Josh Gad, James Corden Perfectly Sing 'Late Late Show' Monologue to 'Frozen' Tunes (Video)

    6:48 am PDT 04/09/2015
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    "For the first time in forever, we don't suck at all!" READ MORE

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  14. Studio Profitability Report: Who's Up and Who's Down

    5:00 am PDT 03/20/2015
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    'Frozen' fever and Marvel moolah helped deliver $1.7 billion in 2014 as Disney topples Warner Bros., Paramount increases box office and Sony stumbles on 'Spider-Man' in THR's annual breakdown of money at the major studios. READ MORE

  15. 'Frozen 2' in the Works, Disney Confirms

    12:04 pm PDT 03/12/2015
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    Kristen Bell and Josh Gad celebrated the announcement of the 'Frozen' sequel on Thursday morning. READ MORE

  16. 'Frozen Fever': Preview Two Minutes of the Warm Music for Elsa's Cold (Exclusive Audio)

    5:30 am PDT 03/10/2015
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    Christophe Beck's animated measures bookend a new birthday-themed song by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez called "Making Today a Perfect Day," as Anna's loved ones strive to do onscreen. READ MORE

  17. Kristen Bell Hasn't Let Her Kids See 'Frozen'

    8:33 am PST 03/06/2015
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    Of finally screening the Disney hit for Lincoln and Delta: "I hope I don't show them the movie and they both go, 'Eh.'" READ MORE

  18. Vince Vaughn on Imitating 'Frozen' With His Daughter: "Are We Doing Some Serious Damage?" (Video)

    7:08 am PST 03/05/2015
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    "I wonder what a child psychologist would say about this. ... She says, 'I'm shutting you out, I’m not good for you. I have to be far, far away.'" READ MORE

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  19. 'The Eternal Zero' Dominates Japan Academy Awards; 'Frozen' Takes Best Foreign Film

    6:25 am PST 02/27/2015
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    The film about a wartime kamikaze pilot took home seven awards. READ MORE

  20. The Secret Formula Behind Disney's 'Cinderella'

    5:00 am PST 02/27/2015
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    The movie tests the studio's unique skill in modernizing animated hits as live action. READ MORE

  21. 'Frozen Fever' Trailer

    5:23 pm PST 02/25/2015
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    Anna has an icy birthday celebration. READ MORE