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  1. 'Awards Chatter' Podcast — Gal Gadot ('Wonder Woman')

    1:43 pm PDT 09/06/2017
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    The 32-year-old Israeli who played DC Comics' most iconic female character in the hit of the summer discusses her unusual road to Hollywood, her champions and trolls ("They had a lot to say about the lack of boobs and the lack of booty") and her film's critical, commercial and social success. READ MORE

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  2. How Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's "See You Again" Dethroned "Gangnam Style" as YouTube's Top Video

    12:47 pm PDT 07/13/2017
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    YouTube's increase in users racked up views on this catchy pop hit, the music video reaching nearly three billion looks as of Monday. READ MORE

  3. Vin Diesel Accepts 'Fast & Furious' Generation Award | MTV Movie & TV Awards

    6:28 pm PDT 05/07/2017
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    Vin Diesel pays tribute to Paul Walker while accepting the 'Fast & Furious' Generation Award: "We hope you're proud." READ MORE

  4. Universal's 'Fast 8' Lands China Release Date (Exclusive)

    12:32 am PST 03/06/2017
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    'Furious 7,' the most recent film in the franchise, earned a historic $390 million in China in 2015 and remains Hollywood's biggest release ever there. READ MORE

  5. CineAsia: Hollywood Titles Drive Demand for 4D Screens in India

    1:10 am PST 12/07/2016
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    U.S. blockbusters, including 'Jungle Book,' 'Tarzan' and 'Furious 7' have had success in India with the format, which adds sensory effects, such as vibration, rain or fog, to the 3D experience. READ MORE

  6. 'Furious 7' Song "See You Again" Becomes Second Video to Hit 2B YouTube Views

    4:44 pm PDT 09/07/2016
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    The Wiz Khalifa song featuring Charlie Puth was a tribute to the film franchise's late star Paul Walker. READ MORE

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  7. Weaker Film Slate Hits Earnings at Canada's Cineplex

    8:30 am PDT 08/11/2016
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    Blockbusters like 'Captain America: Civil War' and 'Finding Dory' didn't match Hollywood's record box-office performance in 2015. READ MORE

  8. Grammys: Drake, "See You Again" Shut Out as Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift Score Surprising Wins

    9:56 pm PST 02/15/2016
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    Although 11-time nominee Kendrick Lamar took home five awards, he failed to land the top prize of album of the year, while six-time nominee Max Martin's only win was as part of the production team on Taylor Swift's album of the year winner, '1989.' READ MORE

  9. Critics' Choice Awards: 'Furious 7' Song "See You Again" Wins After Oscar Snub

    5:01 pm PST 01/17/2016
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    The Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Pluth song was previously honored with Golden Globe and Grammy nominations but missed out on an Oscar nom. READ MORE

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  10. Oscars: 'Furious 7' Song "See You Again" Misses Out on Nomination

    11:29 am PST 01/14/2016
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    Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Pluth song was previously honored with Golden Globe and Grammy noms. READ MORE

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  11. Canada Box Office: Revenue Rises to $699M in 2015

    10:38 am PST 01/08/2016
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    'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' 'Jurassic World' and 'Avenger: Age of Ultron' were the year's top performers. READ MORE

  12. 'Fast and Furious 8' Eyeing to Shoot in Cuba (Exclusive)

    1:10 pm PST 01/06/2016
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    The Universal sequel would be the first major studio production to shoot on the island. READ MORE

  13. China Box Office Grows Astonishing 48.7 Percent in 2015, Hits $6.78 Billion

    5:44 am PST 12/31/2015
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    Hollywood movies accounted for 38.4 percent of the Chinese box office this year, falling from a 45.5 percent market share in 2014. READ MORE

  14. Mexico 2015 in Review: Televisa vs. Trump, 'Spectre' Shoot Controversy

    4:14 am PST 12/30/2015
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    The country's longest-running TV show was canceled, and 'The Revenant,' with Leonardo DiCaprio, again causes awards season buzz for Mexico's Alejandro G. Inarritu and Emmanuel Lubezki. READ MORE

  15. Hollywood's Surprise 2015 Box-Office Hits and Misses Abroad

    3:29 am PST 12/23/2015
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    'Minions,' not 'Inside Out,' rules in Russia, while China connects with 'Terminator: Genisys' and U.S. flop 'Fantastic Four' is a surprise hit south of the border. READ MORE

  16. Mexico Box Office 2015: A Record Year Led by Universal Pictures

    1:00 pm PST 12/18/2015
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    Business down south was booming for Hollywood, but not so great for local releases. READ MORE

  17. Box Office's New Normal in 2015: "You Can't Cheat an Opening Weekend Anymore"

    5:00 am PST 12/17/2015
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    Record highs and lows put studio heads on edge as audiences get savvier. Says Fox domestic distribution president Chris Aronson, "There is no bottom anymore." READ MORE

  18. How 'Furious 7' Brought the Late Paul Walker Back to Life

    5:00 am PST 12/11/2015
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    The actor's 2013 death didn't kill his character: VFX artists, with the help of his two brothers, created 350 shots to keep him on the screen. READ MORE

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  19. 'Furious 7', 'Fifty Shades' Songs Score Multiple Grammy Nominations

    7:19 am PST 12/07/2015
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    'Selma', 'Pitch Perfect 2' and 'Empire' also earned mentions in this year's Grammy nominations list. READ MORE