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  1. Berlin: Nicolas Cage Joins Horror Thriller 'Mom and Dad'

    11:30 am PST 02/12/2016
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    'Ghost Rider' director Brian Taylor will write and direct the feature, which XYZ Films is selling in Berlin. READ MORE

  2. Marvel Settles Lawsuit With 'Ghost Rider' Creator

    1:50 pm PDT 09/09/2013
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    In June, an appeals court revived Gary Friedrich's claim that Marvel no longer owned rights to the popular comic character. READ MORE

  3. 'Ghost Rider 2' Stuntman Sues Sony Over Fiery Motorcycle Crash (Video)

    4:23 pm PST 03/09/2013
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    Michael Gaboff, known as "Crazy Mike," says he required $1 million in medical bills from a videotaped promotional stunt gone wrong READ MORE

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  4. 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows' Tops Home Video Sales

    6:00 pm PDT 06/20/2012
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    The sequel follows its big screen success to hit the top spot for the week; "Act of Valor" holds steady at No. 2. READ MORE

  5. New on Blu: 'Ghost Rider', 'Harold and Maude' and 'Sherlock Holmes 2'

    3:46 pm PDT 06/12/2012
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    "Tyler Perry's Good Deeds" and Ivan Reitman's "Meatballs" are also among the week's high-profile high-definition releases. READ MORE

  6. Box Office Report: 'The Vow' Conquers All, Takes No. 1 Slot on Friday

    11:12 am PST 02/18/2012
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    While "Ghost Rider" opened strong in second place, "This Means War" had to settle for a fourth-place bow. READ MORE

  7. Box Office Report: Newcomer 'Ghost Rider' Battling Holdover 'The Vow' for Top Spot

    11:39 pm PST 02/17/2012
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    With "Safe House" showing the staying power that will put it in the third slot, "This Means War" is heading for a fourth-place opening. READ MORE

  8. Art Auctions Raising Money for 'Ghost Rider' Co-Creator Gary Friedrich

    4:01 pm PST 02/17/2012
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    Friedrich was recently asked to pay $17,000 to Marvel for damages after losing his lawsuit against the company. READ MORE

  9. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance: Film Review

    2:16 am PST 02/17/2012
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    This water-treading sequel offers just enough kooky color to keep less-discerning fans occupied. READ MORE

  10. Box Office Preview: 'Ghost Rider' Hopes to Burn Competition Over Presidents Day Weekend

    9:57 am PST 02/16/2012
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    Opening opposite the Nicolas Cage comic book adaptation are "This Means War," starring Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, and animated pic "The Secret World of Arrietty." READ MORE

  11. Nicolas Cage on Turning Down 'Dumb & Dumber,' Winning Another Oscar and the Movie that Made Him Change His Name

    7:56 pm PST 02/14/2012
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    While promoting "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence," the actor discussed his former friendship with Jim Carrey, and why he hated making "Fast Times At Ridgemont High." READ MORE

  12. Fandom 5: 'Walking Dead' Feud; 'Ghost Rider' Spat; Michael Chabon Writes

    10:21 am PST 02/12/2012
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    Things weren't pretty in geekdom this week. READ MORE

  13. Nicolas Cage Denies Vampire Accusations: 'I Don't Drink Blood' (Video)

    3:27 pm PST 02/10/2012
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    David Letterman questioned the actor about a photo from 1870 that bears a striking resemblance to the "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" star, Feb. 9. READ MORE

  14. Hollywood Docket: Outrage Over 'Ghost Rider' Settlement; Dueling 'Beauty and the Beasts'

    11:21 am PST 02/10/2012
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    A roundup of entertainment legal news. READ MORE

  15. Marvel Defeats 'Ghost Rider' Creator In Long-Running Fight Over Rights

    3:03 pm PST 12/29/2011
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    A Judge ruled that Gary Friedrich plainly handed over all rights on "Ghost Rider" character to Marvel in two contracts from 1970s. The ruling comes as a new film starring Nicolas Cage is about to be released. READ MORE

  16. National Geographic Films Partnering with Hyde Park

    11:46 am PST 12/22/2011
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    The announcement comes on the heels of the closing of Nat Geo Film's Beverly Hills office. READ MORE

  17. New 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' Trailer Hits the Web (Video)

    11:23 am PST 12/16/2011
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    The Nicolas Cage action-adventure film will be released Feb. 17. READ MORE