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  1. 'Grimm' First Look: It's the Pigs' Turn to Blow Houses Down (Video)

    8:40 am PST 12/09/2011
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    Reformed wolf, Monroe, finds out that his past has caught up with him on Friday's episode of the NBC drama series. READ MORE

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  2. 'Grimm' EPs Reveal 4 Things That Make a Fairy Tale Ripe for Adaptation (Exclusive Photos)

    1:30 pm PST 12/08/2011
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    With every episode of the NBC series featuring one or more myths, writers and executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf tell THR what they're looking for. READ MORE

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  3. NBC Gives 'Grimm' a Full-Season Order

    6:15 pm PST 11/21/2011
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    The network also schedules a special original episode for Thursday, Dec. 8 at 10 p.m. READ MORE

  4. NBC Orders Additional Scripts for 'Grimm'

    5:51 pm PST 11/16/2011
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    The rookie fairy tale procedural launched strong, but has since dropped off in the ratings. READ MORE

  5. 'Grimm' Star Bitsie Tulloch Teases a Big Reveal for Juliette (Video)

    11:45 am PST 11/11/2011
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    The actress tells THR what's coming up for her character on NBC's new fantasy-meets-procedural series. READ MORE

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  6. VIDEO: Bitsie Tulloch 'Grimm'

    10:52 am PST 11/11/2011
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    Bitsie Tulloch explains the numerous genres involved in her hit television show and applauds NBC for making the series. READ MORE

  7. TV Ratings: 'Grimm,' 'Chuck' Perform Lower

    10:24 am PDT 11/05/2011
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    Without baseball to contend with, several programs rise on Friday. READ MORE

  8. NBC's 'Grimm' Premiere: What the Viewers Are Saying

    9:21 am PDT 10/29/2011
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    "I'm totally hooked," opines one of the fairy-tale-themed procedural, while another claims it is "by the numbers." READ MORE

  9. TV's Newfound Love for Portland

    4:14 pm PDT 10/28/2011
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    BACKLOT: "Portlandia," "Grimm" and "Leverage" are the latest Hollywood productions to set up shop in cloudy but cool Portland, Ore. READ MORE

  10. 'Grimm': TV Review

    11:44 am PDT 10/23/2011
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    TELEVISION REVIEW: NBC tackles the darker side of fairy-tale fare with violence, special effects and an easy-to-follow concept. READ MORE

  11. NBC Previews First 20 Minutes of 'Grimm,' Extended Peek of 'Chuck' (Video)

    12:43 pm PDT 10/21/2011
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    Watch a first look at the new and returning series premiering on Oct. 28. READ MORE

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  12. 'Once Upon a Time': TV Review

    6:00 am PDT 10/18/2011
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    TELEVISION REVIEW: ABC tackles fairy-tale fare with results that look and feel hokey. READ MORE

  13. NBC Offering Full 'Grimm' Pilot Before Premiere

    1:55 pm PDT 10/14/2011
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    The upcoming fairytale procedural will be available via social media prior to its Oct. 28 debut. READ MORE

  14. NBC Pushes 'Chuck' and 'Grimm' Premieres Back for Halloween

    3:05 pm PDT 09/30/2011
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    The two series will debut during NBC's two nights of programming for the holiday on Oct. 27-28. READ MORE

  15. Fall TV's 'The X Factor,' 'New Girl' Among Top Shows For Advertisers

    12:54 pm PDT 09/21/2011
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    Marketing group NewMediaMetrics ranked the best Fall shows for big advertisers like Apple, Coca-Cola and Ford to feature their products during. READ MORE

  16. Fall TV Death Pool: Will 'Charlie's Angels,' 'Whitney' or 'How to Be a Gentleman' Be Axed First?

    4:21 pm PDT 09/16/2011
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    THR chief television critic Tim Goodman's new season projections. READ MORE

  17. Fall TV Preview 2011: 10 Fresh Faces To Know

    9:26 pm PDT 09/05/2011
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    From Playboy Bunnies to Pan Am stewardesses and time-traveling teenagers, the upcoming season has a whole new slate of actors worth watching. READ MORE

  18. Preview NBC's Fall Key Art for 'Playboy Club,' 'Grimm,' 'Whitney,' More

    12:59 pm PDT 08/15/2011
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    From Amber Heard to Christina Applegate, check out the posters for some of NBC's upcoming fall fare. READ MORE

  19. 'Whitney' Stars Highlight NBC's Fall Lineup (Video)

    2:38 pm PDT 08/08/2011
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    In a new 25-minute video, Whitney Cummings and Chris D'Elia highlight the network’s new and returning series. READ MORE

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  20. Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive: 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer's' Anthony Head to Moderate 'Grimm' Panel

    2:49 pm PDT 07/15/2011
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    The actor, who played watcher Rupert Giles, will reunite with "Buffy" and "Angel" executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf. READ MORE