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  1. Bradley Cooper Is People's Sexiest Man Alive and Says He's 'Single'

    9:49 am PST 11/16/2011
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    The handsome "Hangover" star downplays his good looks, saying sometimes he can look "horrifying." READ MORE

  2. Falcom Secures John Stockwell’s ‘Code Name: Geronimo’ for German-Speaking Europe from Voltage

    8:07 am PST 11/14/2011
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    The Swiss distributor also nabs rights to guys comedy “21 & Over” from "The Hangover" screenwriters Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. READ MORE

  3. 'Project X' Trailer: Teens Get Rowdy, Raunchy in Movie Produced by 'Hangover' Director Todd Phillips (Video)

    4:04 pm PDT 11/02/2011
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    The comedy, which opens March 2, centers on a party thrown by three high school seniors looking to make a name for themselves. READ MORE

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  4. 'Hangover II' Star Ken Jeong Becomes a Billion-Dollar Star

    7:25 am PDT 07/08/2011
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    Doctor-turned-actor Ken Jeong is the breakout comedy star of 2011, and among the most unlikely stars ever. READ MORE

  5. Box Office Update: 'The Hangover Part II' Outpacing the Original

    2:08 pm PDT 06/12/2011
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    The Todd Phillips sequel has grossed $432.1 million worldwide in less than three weeks, and it has already passed the first film internationally. READ MORE

  6. Box Office Report: 'X-Men: First Class' on Track for $55 Mil Domestic Opening

    11:47 pm PDT 06/03/2011
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    UPDATE: 'Hangover' sequel takes No. 2 spot at Friday box office; 'Bridesmaids' approaches $100 million mark. READ MORE

  7. 'Hangover II's' Bradley Cooper Speaking French Becomes Internet Sensation (Video)

    11:44 am PDT 06/03/2011
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    The actor impresses with his mastery of the Romance language. READ MORE

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  8. 'The Hangover' Stars: Before They Were Famous

    12:30 pm PDT 05/27/2011
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    See what the guys of 'The Hangover Part II' were up to before they made it big. READ MORE

  9. 'The Hangover Part II' - What Critics Say

    11:04 am PDT 05/27/2011
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    Despite a huge Thursday opening, the bachelor-party based sequel is getting panned by reviewers. READ MORE

  10. New 'Muppets' Trailer Pays Homage to 'The Hangover'

    11:28 am PDT 05/26/2011
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    The Jason Segel-Amy Adams film is in theaters Nov. 23. READ MORE

  11. 5 Facts About Ed Helms

    11:43 am PDT 05/25/2011
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    'The Hangover Part II' opens Thursday, find out more about one of the film's stars. READ MORE

  12. Comcast Hits 20 Billion On Demand Views

    5:30 am PDT 05/25/2011
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    The most-viewed new release movie is "The Hangover," while "South Park" is the most-viewed TV series, the cable giant says. READ MORE

  13. In Raunchy 'Hangover Part II,' Male Genitals Get a Starring Role

    4:00 am PDT 05/25/2011
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    Perhaps the most debauched mass global release by a Hollywood studio, the movie showcases an astonishing array of male anatomy. Says comedy veteran Ivan Reitman: "It's a last frontier." READ MORE

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  14. 'Hangover' Director Todd Phillips Sides with Theater Owners Against Studios' VOD Plan

    3:44 pm PDT 03/31/2011
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    "If I had wanted to make movies for television, I would have been a TV director," Phillips told CinemaCon attendees. READ MORE

  15. Song as Punchline: 10 Movies That Use Music for Laughs

    6:33 pm PST 12/06/2010
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    From 'Tommy Boy' To 'Easy A,' THR counts down ten movies that feature songs as gags. READ MORE

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  16. Bill Clinton to Appear in 'The Hangover 2'

    4:10 pm PST 11/14/2010
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    Former president will play himself in a cameo in the comedy sequel. READ MORE

  17. Mel Gibson Out of 'Hangover' Sequel

    3:17 pm PDT 10/21/2010
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    News of Gibson's casting triggered an internal backlash at the studio and on the film. READ MORE

  18. Mel Gibson to Appear as Tattoo Artist in 'Hangover 2'

    7:19 pm PDT 10/18/2010
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    Mel Gibson is taking a "pivotal" cameo as a tattoo artist in "Hangover 2." READ MORE

  19. ShoWest to honor 'The Hangover' helmer

    1:18 pm PST 03/03/2010
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    Todd Phillips, director of Warner Bros.' fall comedy "Due Date," will be honored as director of the year at ShoWest 2010. READ MORE

  20. 'Avatar,' 'The Hangover' win Golden Globes

    4:05 pm PST 01/17/2010
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    "Avatar," which has been attracting record-breaking audiences around the world, soared even higher at the Golden Globes on Sunday night as it was named best drama. READ MORE

  21. 'The Hangover' edges 'Up' from No. 1 spot

    10:21 am PDT 06/08/2009
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    Disney/Pixar's "Up" moved down in weekend boxoffice rankings Monday, when final data showed that Warners' "The Hangover" brought in $45 million. READ MORE