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  1. 'Skyfall' Sets Seven-Day U.K. Box-Office Record

    5:31 am PDT 11/02/2012
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    The James Bond film with Daniel Craig brought in $60 million during its opening week in Britain, beating out previous record holder "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2." READ MORE

  2. 'Harry Potter' Star Emma Watson Takes a Break From Filming 'Bling Ring' to Dine at WeHo Hotspot Lemonade

    7:58 pm PDT 04/10/2012
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    While in LA shooting Sofia Coppola's latest film, about the real-life teens who robbed Paris Hilton, Megan Fox and Orlando Bloom among others four years ago, Watson took time out for lunch and a manicure. READ MORE

  3. Blu-ray Sales Up 20 Percent in 2011; Brick-and-Mortar Rental Activity Down 28.8 Percent

    11:27 am PST 01/10/2012
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    "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1" and "Part 2" were the top-selling titles of the past year, according to Digital Entertainment Group data. READ MORE

  4. 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 2' Wins Best Film at Children's BAFTAs

    7:39 am PST 11/28/2011
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    Wizard franchise finale beats "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 1" in category at BAFTA juniors. READ MORE

  5. Box Office Report: 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' Powers Thanksgiving, Nears $500 Mil Worldwide

    10:15 am PST 11/27/2011
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    "The Muppets" easily wins the family race with $42 million, while the jury's out on "Arthur Christmas" and "Hugo"; the specialty box office surges with "The Artist," "My Week with Marilyn" and "Dangerous Method" READ MORE

  6. 'Harry Potter' And Blu-Ray Boom Keeps German Video Market Steady

    2:45 am PST 11/16/2011
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    Third quarter revenue tops $1.2 billion as Blu-ray sales jump 38%. READ MORE

  7. 'Harry Potter' Director Developing Big-Screen Take on 'Doctor Who'

    12:45 pm PST 11/14/2011
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    David Yates will helm the movie version of the BBC television series. READ MORE

  8. Alexandre Desplat Wins Film Composer of the Year at World Soundtrack Awards

    1:29 am PDT 10/24/2011
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    The French composer wrote the scores for "The King’s Speech," "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and "The Tree of Life." READ MORE

  9. Teen Choice Awards Preview: Kaley Cuoco Hosts, 'Twilight' Battles 'Harry Potter,' 'Glee' Takes on 'Big Bang'

    5:21 pm PDT 08/05/2011
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    Rachel Bilson, Lucy Hale and Kim Kardashian are set to appear at this year's ceremony. READ MORE

  10. 'Harry Potter': 25 Surprising Facts About Grimmauld Place and the Ministry of Magic

    8:02 pm PDT 07/19/2011
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    Check out the fifth installment of THR's behind-the-scenes look at the Warner Bros. franchise. READ MORE

  11. 'Harry Potter': 20 Surprising Facts About Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Shop

    11:41 am PDT 07/15/2011
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    Check out the fourth installment of THR's behind-the-scenes look at the Warner Bros. franchise. READ MORE

  12. 'Harry Potter': 25 Surprising Facts About Set Miniatures and Franchise Offspring

    7:18 pm PDT 07/11/2011
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    Check out the third installment of THR's behind-the-scenes look at the Warner Bros. franchise. READ MORE

  13. 'Harry Potter': 25 Surprising Facts About the Wizard's Wands, Props

    5:58 pm PDT 07/08/2011
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    Check out the second installment of THR's behind-the-scenes look at the Warner Bros. franchise. READ MORE

  14. Growing Up 'Harry Potter': Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint

    4:29 pm PDT 07/06/2011
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    See the series' stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint grow up over the course of a decade of fimmaking. READ MORE

  15. MTV Movie Awards Preview: Jason Sudeikis Hosts, 'Twilight' and 'Harry Potter' Battle for Top Spot

    12:23 am PDT 06/05/2011
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    "Inception," "Black Swan" and "The Social Network" also top the list of nominees. READ MORE

  16. Warner Bros.' German, Austrian DVD Distribution Back With Cinram

    6:14 am PDT 05/03/2011
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    Studio partner Technicolor sub-contracts with Cinram for territories. READ MORE

  17. 'Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1' Is Highest Grossing 'Potter' in International Markets

    6:25 pm PST 03/09/2011
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    The film has earned $657.24 million passing "Philosopher's Stone" at $657 million. READ MORE

  18. Time Warner CFO Sees More Profit Upside at Studio Unit, CNN

    3:47 pm PST 03/08/2011
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    John Martin also discusses Warner Bros.' film rental trial with Facebook, saying it is an early test, but "social media might advantage the type of content that we make." READ MORE

  19. Daniel Radcliffe on 'Mission' to Prove He Can Succeed Post-Harry Potter

    8:14 pm PST 03/03/2011
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    The actor, who next stars in a stage revival of "How to Succeed in Business," admits he's anxious about how people will perceive him in the role, which requires him to sing and dance. READ MORE

  20. 'Inception' Tops Visual Effects Society Awards

    10:50 pm PST 02/01/2011
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    Christopher Nolan's film takes home four trophies, while "How to Train Your Dragon" sweeps the feature animation categories. READ MORE