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  1. Sarah Silverman Talks Sex Scenes, Bill Cosby and Revisiting Her Battle With Depression for 'I Smile Back' (Q&A)

    11:00 am PST 01/05/2016
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    The comedy star admits she had a "full-body panic attack" when she signed on to play the dramatic (and SAG Award-nominated) role of a drug-addicted mom: "I think people who are open books are boring, but I am one." READ MORE

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  2. Best of 2015: Lea Michele, Sarah Silverman and More Reveal Their Favorite Films, Series and Performances

    10:00 am PST 12/17/2015
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    Eight other Hollywood players — from Selma Blair to Donna Langley — also share which actors and onscreen projects have made an impression this year. READ MORE

  3. 7 Indie Contenders on Tight Budgets, Outside-the-Box Opportunities, Keeping Studios Out of Fests (Video)

    3:33 pm PST 12/06/2015
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    Ramin Bahrani, Blythe Danner, Saoirse Ronan, Jason Segel, Sarah Silverman, Lily Tomlin and Olivia Wilde join Scott Feinberg to discuss the state of indies. READ MORE

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  4. 'Awards Chatter' Podcast — Sarah Silverman ('I Smile Back')

    6:04 pm PST 11/06/2015
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    The comedienne opens up about her battle with depression, the recent loss of her mother, the art of comedy and why she's also drawn to dramas like her latest film, in which she plays a troubled housewife. READ MORE

  5. AFI Fest: Saoirse Ronan, Jason Segel, Olivia Wilde Set for THR Indie Contenders Roundtable

    9:00 am PDT 10/26/2015
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    Ramin Bahrani, Blythe Danner, Tom McCarthy, Sarah Silverman and Lily Tomlin will also join THR's Scott Feinberg for a 90-minute conversation on Nov. 8. READ MORE

  6. 'The Awards Pundits' on Chris Rock Hosting Oscars, Gotham Noms, Sarah Silverman

    7:00 am PDT 10/23/2015
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    Scott Feinberg and Stephen Galloway also compare notes on the box-office performance — in many cases, underperformance — of Oscar hopefuls so far, and the impending arrival of 'Star Wars.' READ MORE

  7. Sarah Silverman Wins Big at Oldenburg Fest

    12:00 pm PDT 09/20/2015
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    The comedian takes best actress honors for her dramatic turn in Adam Salky’s 'I Smile Back.' READ MORE

  8. TIFF: Sarah Silverman Says Transition Into Dramatic Work “Wasn’t a Calculated Move”

    4:13 pm PDT 09/15/2015
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    “This came to me and I got a chance to do something different, so I was like, ‘hell yeah!’ And then I was like, ‘what have I done?’” READ MORE

  9. TIFF: ‘I Smile Back’ Star Sarah Silverman Says Her “Performance is So Good”

    10:01 am PDT 09/15/2015
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    “I have experience with depression in my life and I don’t have a problem with addiction, but I’m a comedian and I’m surrounded by it, so I had a lot of resources.” READ MORE

  10. 'I Smile Back' Trailer: Sarah Silverman Gets Dramatic

    9:51 am PDT 09/11/2015
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    The movie will screen next week at the Toronto Film Festival. READ MORE

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  11. 'I Smile Back' Trailer

    9:45 am PDT 09/11/2015
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    The first official trailer for Sarah Silverman's 'I Smile Back.' READ MORE

  12. TIFF: Sarah Silverman's 'I Smile Back' Nabbed by Search Engine for Canada (Exclusive)

    5:00 am PDT 09/09/2015
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    The movie will be released by Broad Green Pictures stateside after screening at Sundance and Toronto. READ MORE

  13. Terrence Malick's 'Knight of Cups' and Sarah Silverman's 'I Smile Back' Nab Release Dates

    11:57 am PDT 07/23/2015
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    Broad Green Pictures also dates 'The Dark Horse.' READ MORE

  14. Sarah Silverman's 'I Smile Back' To be Released by Broad Green Pictures

    7:44 pm PDT 03/10/2015
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    The comedian takes on a straight role in Adam Salky's drama. READ MORE

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  15. 'I Smile Back': Sundance Review

    5:42 pm PST 01/26/2015
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    Sarah Silverman takes a decidedly dark turn in director Adam Salky's unflinching look at a wife and mother's battle with self-destructive depression. READ MORE

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