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  1. If Movies Were Candidates: Weinstein Tells Maddow That Obama is 'King's Speech,' Romney 'Our Idiot Brother'

    12:38 pm PDT 07/07/2012
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    "With all due respect to Gov. Romney, he's not capable to run the United States," the Oscar-winner tells the MSNBC host. READ MORE

  2. 'Our Idiot Brother' Writer-Director to Helm ABC Comedy Pilot (Exclusive)

    9:00 am PST 03/01/2012
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    Jesse Peretz has boarded Adam Sztykiel's "Dusty Goes to Awesometown" for the network. READ MORE

  3. THR Awards Analyst Scott Feinberg's Top 10 Films of 2011

    2:13 pm PST 12/24/2011
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    Feinberg's personal favorites include a black-and-white silent, an old-school epic, an NC-17 character study, a Spanish-language thriller, and an unscripted love story. READ MORE

  4. Elizabeth Banks and Husband Sell Comedy to Fox (Exclusive)

    4:46 pm PDT 10/10/2011
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    The "Our Idiot Brother" co-star joins a string of well-known actresses taking their turn behind the camera. READ MORE

  5. 'Our Idiot Brother,' 'The Perfect Family' Share More Than Deschanels

    9:16 pm PDT 09/06/2011
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    A look at some strange similarities between two 2011 indie comedies. READ MORE

  6. Box Office Update: Hollywood Scores a Record Summer Worldwide

    9:37 am PDT 09/05/2011
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    "The Help" and "The Debt" outshine genre fare at the Labor Day box office; "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" one of August's top earners of all time. READ MORE

  7. Paul Rudd: What's Next

    6:15 pm PDT 08/28/2011
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    The actor's "Our Idiot Brother" went up against Hurricane Irene on its opening weekend. READ MORE

  8. 'Our Idiot Brother's' Elizabeth Banks Reveals Why She Finally Joined Twitter

    4:44 pm PDT 08/27/2011
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    In a new interview, the actress says she "accidentally" got into social networking to fend off an impostor. READ MORE

  9. Paul Rudd in 'Our Idiot Brother': What Critics Say

    2:13 pm PDT 08/27/2011
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    With Hurricane Irene putting a damper on the weekend box office, reviewers were mixed on the family feature. READ MORE

  10. Box Office Update: 'The Help' Braves Hurricane Irene to Stay at No. 1

    10:07 am PDT 08/27/2011
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    Zoe Saldana's "Colombiana" comes in at No. 2, followed by "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" and "Our Idiot Brother," with Hurricane Irene taking a big bite out of the domestic box office as theaters close on the East Coast. READ MORE

  11. Box Office Report: Hurricane Irene a $30 Mil Threat

    6:29 pm PDT 08/26/2011
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    Films are already being hurt as the East Coast prepares for the massive storm; early results show "The Help" staying at No. 1, followed by "Colombiana." READ MORE

  12. Paul Rudd Hitchhiked his Way to the Airport (Video)

    6:24 pm PDT 08/26/2011
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    The “Our Idiot Brother” star told Letterman about a good Samaritan who picked him up. READ MORE

  13. Box Office Report: Hurricane Irene Advances, Shutting First East Coast Theaters

    1:21 pm PDT 08/26/2011
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    UPDATED: Clearview Cinemas is shutting all of its 57 theaters along the Philadelphia-New York corridor this weekend and AMC is closing theaters in Virginia, Baltimore and Washington on Saturday; Hollywood expects the domestic box office to take a sizeable hit because of massive storm. READ MORE

  14. New Movie Reviews: 'Colombiana,' 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark,' 'Our Idiot Brother' Hitting Theaters

    10:41 pm PDT 08/25/2011
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    What is THR's critical take on the new films hitting the cinemas Friday? READ MORE

  15. 'Our Idiot Brother' Director Jesse Peretz Talks Sundance Edits and Name Change

    3:13 pm PDT 08/25/2011
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    In an interview with THR, the helmer discusses the film’s new ending and offers an update on his upcoming project, “What’s This S*** Called Love.” READ MORE

  16. ABC Bans Weinstein Company's 'Our Idiot Brother' Commercial (Video)

    11:05 am PDT 08/25/2011
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    UPDATE: The network is asking TWC to make three cuts to the spot -- a visual of an exchange what is assumed to be drugs; a visual of Paul Rudd's character using a juice box to depict urination; and various references to getting high and smoking. READ MORE

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  17. Paul Rudd in 'Our Idiot Brother': Director Jesse Peretz Talks Casting

    1:43 pm PDT 08/24/2011
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    In an interview with THR, the helmer discusses the “Chateau” actor and his “I Love You, Man” co-star, Rashida Jones. READ MORE

  18. Our Idiot Brother: Trailer

    10:00 pm PDT 08/22/2011
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    Trailer for 'Our Idiot Brother' starring Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks. READ MORE

  19. Watch Paul Rudd in 'Our Idiot Brother' Trailer

    6:21 pm PDT 04/24/2011
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    The movie, which opens Aug. 26, also stars Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer. READ MORE

  20. Sundance Review: “My Idiot Brother”

    10:24 pm PST 01/25/2011
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    Paul Rudd’s clueless ex-con character leaves this dysfunctional-family comedy adrift. READ MORE