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  1. Director and Stars Reveal How They Made 'The Impossible' Possible -- Without CGI (Video)

    6:43 pm PDT 11/01/2012
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    Director Juan Antonio Bayona and actors Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, and Tom Holland recently sat down for a wide-ranging Q&A with THR about their epic drama. READ MORE

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  2. 'The Impossible' Trailer

    12:00 am PDT 11/01/2012
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    Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor face unbeatable odds to protect their children and each other when a tsunami hits Thailand. READ MORE

  3. Q&A with the cast and crew of 'The Impossible'

    12:49 pm PDT 10/30/2012
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    THR's Scott Feinberg moderates a Q&A with the cast and crew of 'The Impossible'. Director Juan Antonio Bayona joins stars Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts and Tom Holland open up about working on the tsunami movie. READ MORE

  4. 'The Impossible' Breaks Box Office Records in Spain

    8:20 am PDT 10/15/2012
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    The movie, featuring hyper-realistic water scenes, benefited from Warner's market savvy release over a holiday weekend. READ MORE

  5. Naomi Watts Credits Much of Her Success to THR's Todd McCarthy (Video)

    9:43 am PDT 09/13/2012
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    The longtime film critic wrote a "love letter" about "Mulholland Drive," which the actress says sparked immense interest in the film and herself. READ MORE

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  6. Naomi Watts Praises THR's Todd McCarthy

    9:11 am PDT 09/13/2012
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    Naomi Watts, who attended the world premiere of her new film The Impossible at the Toronto International Film Festival, said she credits much of her success to THR film critic Todd McCarthy. READ MORE

  7. Toronto 2012: Naomi Watts Reflects On a Career That Once Seemed 'Impossible' (Video)

    3:26 pm PDT 09/12/2012
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    The Oscar-nominated actress talks about her career's early struggles, breakthrough role, and the seven months that she spent making her new film. READ MORE

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  8. A Few Minutes with Feinberg: TIFF Awards Contenders

    10:00 am PDT 09/12/2012
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    THR's awards analyst Scott Feinberg gives us his take on which Toronto International Film Festival films have a chance of going on and winning awards this awards season. READ MORE

  9. The Impossible: Toronto Review

    6:45 pm PDT 09/10/2012
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    The actors give edge-of-seat performances as their characters weather the 2004 East Asian catastrophe in J.A. Bayone's taut disaster film. READ MORE

  10. Naomi Watts Arrives in Marchesa at Venice Film Festival

    3:32 pm PDT 08/29/2012
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    The actress continues on her amazing fest run, showing off great gowns accompanying her man to Venice. READ MORE

  11. 'The Impossible' Trailer: Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor Caught in Deadly Tsunami (Video)

    6:33 pm PDT 08/21/2012
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    Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona's film is based on the true story of a family which must find its way back together after being swept away in the 2004 Indian Ocean disaster. READ MORE

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