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  1. Oscar Insiders: Why the Academy Should Kill the Best Song Category

    4:00 pm PST 02/17/2011
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    Some experts are suggesting to replace it with an adapted-music award. The good news is, the Academy will likely be open to new ideas, writes Tim Appelo. READ MORE

  2. Marion Cotillard 'in Discussions' to Join 'Dark Knight Rises'

    5:58 am PST 02/14/2011
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    Her rep tells THR that "nothing has been confirmed yet," but the move would reunite her with "Inception" director Christopher Nolan. READ MORE

  3. 'Inception' Cinematographer Wally Pfister Wins ASC Film Award

    9:49 pm PST 02/13/2011
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    Also earning trophies were Stephen Windon for HBO's "The Pacific" and Jonathan Freeman for his work on the network's "Boardwalk Empire." READ MORE

  4. 'Social Network' Nabs Best Int'l Film, Actor Honors at Irish Film and TV Awards

    9:37 am PST 02/13/2011
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    Annette Bening gets int'l actress award for 'The Kids Are All Right' at Dublin ceremony, which dished out 37 awards for movies and television shows on Feb. 12. READ MORE

  5. Inside 'Inception': The Last-Minute 8-Oscar-Bait Featurette

    4:02 pm PST 02/10/2011
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    For a $823 million movie, clearly the year's most spectacular and original, "Inception" has one lowish profile. So here's Warner Bros.' new five-minute featurette to keep the Oscar dream alive. READ MORE

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  6. Christopher Nolan's 'Memento' to Hit Theaters Again With New Footage

    10:47 pm PST 02/09/2011
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    The thriller will screen at select theaters for one night only, featuring a recorded Q&A with the writer-director. READ MORE

  7. 'King's Speech,' 'Inception,' 'Black Swan' Win Art Directors Guild Awards

    10:38 pm PST 02/05/2011
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    "Mad Men," "Modern Family" take trophies in TV categories. READ MORE

  8. 'Inception,' 'Social Network' Win Top WGA Awards

    5:58 pm PST 02/05/2011
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    Writers of "Boardwalk Empire," "Inside Job" also receive honors at ceremony. READ MORE

  9. Screenwriting Guru Robert McKee Rates the Oscar Nominees

    10:06 am PST 02/05/2011
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    The longtime screenwriting teacher weighs in on the debate about accuracy in biographical films such as "The Fighter," "The King's Speech" and "The Social Network." READ MORE

  10. Christopher Nolan, 'Inception'

    1:03 pm PST 02/04/2011
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    Nominated for eight Oscars, "Inception" delves into a dream world the writer-director says he’d “been imagining for years.” READ MORE

  11. 'Inception' Tops Visual Effects Society Awards

    10:50 pm PST 02/01/2011
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    Christopher Nolan's film takes home four trophies, while "How to Train Your Dragon" sweeps the feature animation categories. READ MORE

  12. 'Inception' and 'True Blood' Receive SAG Honors for Stunts

    4:15 pm PST 01/30/2011
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    The ensemble teams receive the first awards announced from the red carpet. READ MORE

  13. SAG Predictions: Annette Bening Presents -- But Pundits Think Natalie Portman Will Win

    3:00 am PST 01/28/2011
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    SAG announced Friday that Bening will introduce "The Kids Are All Right," but THR and top pundits predict a Portman victory (and 14 others) at Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards. READ MORE

  14. How the Eddie Predicts the Oscar, and Why '127 Hours' Took 'Inception's' Editing Nom

    11:01 am PST 01/27/2011
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    Who’s going to win the Oscar for best picture? The one group in Hollywood that usually holds the key to the answer are the film editors. An Oscar-winning editor explains this year's race. READ MORE

  15. Top 5 Oscar Nomination Mysteries Solved

    8:19 pm PST 01/26/2011
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    Why did Christopher Nolan, Lesley Manville, Marion Cotillard, "Tron", and "Waiting for Superman" lose, and teensy upstarts win? Here's why. READ MORE

  16. New Oscar Predictions: 'King's Speech,' David Fincher, 'Inception,' 'Inside Job'

    6:57 pm PST 01/25/2011
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    THR's Oscar Nostradamus respectably guesses 31 out of 35 Oscar noms, and reveals who's going to win now. And why "The King's Speech" is ahead again (by a nose). READ MORE

  17. Oscar Nominations: Christopher Nolan's Snub Sparks Twitter Outrage

    8:07 am PST 01/25/2011
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    Fans are upset that he didn't get a directing nom for 'Inception.' READ MORE

  18. Pauline Kael's Editor: 'She'd Laugh at 'Black Swan,' Vote for 'The Fighter'

    12:38 pm PST 01/24/2011
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    Daniel Menaker channels Pauline Kael's votes on the 2011 Oscar race: "I don't think she'd like 'The King's Speech.'" READ MORE

  19. Pre-PGA Oscar Predictions: 'Social Network' and Portman Will Win

    12:56 pm PST 01/21/2011
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    THR's Oscar predictor gives up on "The King's Speech" and Annette Bening -- but ask us again after Saturday's PGA Awards. READ MORE

  20. 'Black Swan,' 'Inception' Top Motion Picture Sound Editors' Golden Reel Nominations

    4:37 pm PST 01/20/2011
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    "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1" and "The Social Network" also are among the movies receiving multiple nominations. READ MORE

  21. Decoding the Critics' Choice Awards: 7 Moments and What They Mean

    11:26 am PST 01/15/2011
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    Beneath bright smiles and perky words, stars at the Critics' Choice Awards revealed more than they actually said. Here are seven charged moments and what they could really mean. READ MORE