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  1. Justin Timberlake's 7 Best Moments in Film

    6:00 am PDT 03/21/2015
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    On the 15th anniversary of *NSYNC's sophomore album 'No Strings Attached,' THR takes a look back at the pop star's transition from the stage to the screen. READ MORE

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  2. CBS Films Shake-Up: Wolfgang Hammer Out, Terry Press Now Sole President

    12:56 am PDT 07/22/2014
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    Hammer has transitioned out of his role of co-president. READ MORE

  3. Why Aren't There More Music Oscars? (Guest Column)

    8:00 am PST 02/28/2014
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    A producer on the soundtracks of "Twilight" and "World War Z" argues against the industry’s afterthought status in Hollywood. READ MORE

  4. Brutally Honest Oscar Voter Ballot No. 3

    7:01 am PST 02/28/2014
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    A member of the Academy's executives branch talks THR's Scott Feinberg through his picks: "Gravity" is "spiritual," I'm voting for "the 'Captain Phillips' guy" and "Dallas Buyers" makeup succeeds in making stars "look like they're really dying!" READ MORE

  5. Sound Mixers Reveal Misconceptions About Their Art and Views on Immersive Sound

    8:45 am PST 02/18/2014
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    In advance of Saturday’s CAS Awards, THR caught up with sound mixers who worked on "Captain Phillips," "Gravity," "Inside Llewyn Davis" and "Iron Man 3." READ MORE

  6. 'Gravity' Cinematographer Reveals How He Got Those Astonishing Shots

    9:00 am PST 02/14/2014
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    Emmanuel Lubezki and his fellow Oscar nominees share the tricks they used to capture their favorite scenes. READ MORE

  7. ASC Awards: Sizing Up The Feature Nominees

    11:45 am PST 01/28/2014
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    THR talks with the cinematographers for the ASC-nominated films, including "Gravity", "Inside Llewyn Davis" and "12 Years a Slave." READ MORE

  8. SAG Awards: Tina Fey, Benedict Cumberbatch, Amy Adams to Present

    11:24 am PST 01/17/2014
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    Bradley Cooper, John Goodman and Jeremy Renner are also among the final group of presenters announced Friday. READ MORE

  9. Oscars: Things to Know About the Crafts Nominees

    10:25 pm PST 01/16/2014
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    From the double nominees to the cinematography vets, THR looks at the race. READ MORE

  10. Oscar Nominations: Who Was Snubbed (Poll)

    6:21 am PST 01/16/2014
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    UPDATED: The big movies, actors, directors and screenwriters left out of Thursday morning's Academy Award nominations. READ MORE

  11. 'Captain Phillips,' 'Gravity,' 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Among Sound Mixers' Nominees

    5:30 am PST 01/14/2014
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    The Cinema Audio Society Awards' TV nominees include "Behind the Candelabra," "Breaking Bad" and "Game of Thrones." READ MORE

  12. Golden Globes 2014: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett Hit Saturday's Parties

    5:45 pm PST 01/11/2014
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    THR is on the scene at the evening's biggest bashes featuring the talents behind "Gravity," "Captain Phillips" and "Blue Jasmine." READ MORE

  13. '12 Years a Slave,' 'Captain Phillips,' 'Gravity' Among ACE Eddie Award Nominees

    6:00 am PST 01/10/2014
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    "Breaking Bad" receives four nominations in television. READ MORE

  14. Art Directors Guild Nominations Announced

    6:34 am PST 01/09/2014
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    The ceremony will take place Feb. 8 at the Beverly Hilton. READ MORE

  15. 'Gravity,' 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Among Cinematography Nominees

    8:30 am PST 01/08/2014
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    Cinematographers also give nods to the DPs of "12 Years a Slave," "Captain Phillips," "The Grandmaster," "Nebraska" and "Prisoners." READ MORE

  16. '12 Years a Slave' Named Best Film at Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards

    9:00 pm PST 01/07/2014
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    "Inside Llewyn Davis" star Oscar Isaac wins best actor and the Coen brothers take the best screenplay prize. READ MORE

  17. New York Film Critics Circle Awards: Steve McQueen Heckled By Film Critic

    10:13 pm PST 01/06/2014
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    The "12 Years a Slave" director was razzed from the audience by Armond White upon taking the stage in tears following a moving intro by Harry Belafonte. READ MORE

  18. Box Office (Specialty): 'Philomena' Beats Competition, Nears $20 Million

    1:42 pm PST 01/05/2014
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    "Inside Llewyn Davis," playing in far fewer theaters, also places in the top 15. READ MORE

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  19. 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Awarded Best Picture by National Society of Film Critics

    1:25 pm PST 01/04/2014
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    The group of 56 critics voted Saturday and awarded the top honor to the Coen Brothers film. READ MORE

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  20. 5 Costume Designer Contenders on Creating Characters and Key Pieces

    5:17 pm PST 01/03/2014
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    Catherine Martin ("The Great Gatsby"), Michael Wilkinson ("American Hustle"), Mary Zophres ("Inside Llewyn Davis"), Trish Summerville ("Catching Fire") and Daniel Orlandi ("Saving Mr. Banks") reveal the inspiration behind the sartorial splendor they created onscreen. READ MORE