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  1. 'The Hobbit' Tops List of 2013's Most Pirated Movies

    5:53 am PST 12/31/2013
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    The first installment of Peter Jackson's trilogy and Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" were both illegally downloaded more than 8 million times this past year. READ MORE

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  2. Worst of 2013: Bring on the Ineffectual Bad Guys

    11:30 am PST 12/28/2013
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    2013 hasn't been the best year for cinema's no-goodniks. Here are some of the worst examples of scum and villainy on show at the movies this year. READ MORE

  3. Disney Extends Nordic Pay-TV Deal With Modern Times Group

    12:25 am PST 12/04/2013
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    MTG picked up a slew of first-run features from Disney including “Iron Man 3,” “Thor: The Dark World” and “Wreck-It-Ralph.” READ MORE

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  4. DMG's Dan Mintz on How to Work With China, Remaking 'Point Break' and Johnny Depp's Next Film (Q&A)

    11:00 am PST 11/25/2013
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    The CEO of the Beijing-based entertainment company talks to THR about government restrictions, the rise of local movies and the biggest change in the last 20 years: "China sells itself now." READ MORE

  5. Disney Quarterly Earnings Beat Expectations

    1:37 pm PST 11/07/2013
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    The conglomerate's interactive unit swung to an operating profit after years of losses. READ MORE

  6. Report: Kingsley's Marvel Studios Return Revealed

    2:22 pm PDT 10/29/2013
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    Will Ben Kingsley return to Marvel just to get his comeuppance from the fictional character whose identity he stole in "Iron Man 3"? A new report suggests the answer is yes. READ MORE

  7. Can Marvel's Mandarin Rise Again?

    10:48 am PDT 10/22/2013
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    "Iron Man 3"s' red herring may be making a comeback, if recent comments by Sir Ben Kingsley are to be believed. READ MORE

  8. The Many Sins of 'Iron Man 3' Revealed (Video)

    11:54 am PDT 10/09/2013
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    A new parody video reveals all of the problems -- and then some -- of this summer's Marvel Studios hit. READ MORE

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  9. MIPCOM: Amazon's LoveFilm Germany Inks Major VOD Deal With Tele Munchen

    2:44 am PDT 10/07/2013
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    "Iron Man 3," "Magic Mike" and "Midnight in Paris" are among the titles included in the new streaming deal. READ MORE

  10. 'Iron Man 3' Debuts at No. 1 on Home Video Sales Charts

    5:55 pm PDT 10/02/2013
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    Brad Pitt's summer blockbuster "World War Z" slipped to No. 2 after topping the charts the previous week. READ MORE

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  11. Parody Trailer Mocks 'Iron Man 3': Tony Stark Is 'Regular Man' (Video)

    4:23 pm PDT 09/04/2013
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    Honest Trailers takes issue with how little Robert Downey Jr. actually wears his superhero armor in the Marvel threequel. READ MORE

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  12. 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' 'Pacific Rim,' 'Iron Man 3' Lead HPA Awards Feature Nominations

    11:44 am PDT 09/04/2013
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    Peter Jackson's Park Road will receive the Judges Award for "The Hobbit's" high frame rate, stereoscopic 3D postproduction. READ MORE

  13. Summer Box Office Wrap: Flops Aside, Season Set Records

    6:42 pm PDT 09/03/2013
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    A healthy crop of midrange and smaller pics fueled the boom, along with select tentpoles led by "Iron Man 3"; in the U.S., 3D attendance falls to an all-time low. READ MORE

  14. 'Elysium' to 'Iron Man 3': This Summer's 4 Weirdest Accents (Video)

    2:20 pm PDT 08/30/2013
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    From Will Smith's strange futuristic affectation to Ben Kingsley's theatrical turn as The Mandarin, THR takes a look at some of the most interesting accents to hit the big screen this summer. READ MORE

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  15. 3D Titles Boost First-Half Admission Revenue at Euro Exhibitor Cinemaxx

    8:03 am PDT 08/21/2013
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    Britain's Vue controls the exhibitor, which operates in Germany and Denmark. READ MORE

  16. Box Office Pulls Even With 2012; Universal and Warner Bros. Lead

    12:35 pm PDT 08/13/2013
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    UPDATED: Domestic revenue for 2013 has reached an estimated $7.08 billion, compared to $7.07 billion for the same period last year. READ MORE

  17. Regal Entertainment Beats Quarterly Earnings Expectations

    1:20 pm PDT 07/25/2013
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    Amy Miles, CEO of the giant theater chain, says she is "optimistic" about the current quarter. READ MORE

  18. 'Iron Man 3' Dominates Hong Kong Box Office in First Half of 2013

    1:08 am PDT 07/03/2013
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    Tony Stark's latest outing easily took the top spot, but the surprise runner-up is Brad Pitt's "World War Z," which secured second place for the year so far within two weeks of opening. READ MORE

  19. How Audi Took Over Hollywood

    11:18 am PDT 06/20/2013
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    Once barely on the industry's radar, the German car maker has waged a quiet war against Mercedes and BMW through relentless event sponsorships and A-list loaners (up to a year!) READ MORE

  20. China Box Office: 'Switch' Nets Third-Biggest Opening Day Ever for Homegrown Film

    2:39 am PDT 06/10/2013
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    Boasting special effects from "Avatar's" Chuck Comisky, the state-backed heist thriller stars Andy Lau and Zhang Jingchu. READ MORE

  21. RealD Beats Analysts Projections With Latest Earnings Report

    2:44 pm PDT 06/06/2013
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    Shares of the 3-D movie company were up as much as 5 percent in after-hours trading. READ MORE