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  1. Terrence Howard Accuses Robert Downey Jr. of 'Iron Man' Sabotage

    1:25 pm PST 11/15/2013
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    The actor says that Downey Jr. "took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out" of Marvel's superhero franchise. READ MORE

  2. Tony Stark Discovers the Truth About His Past in 'Iron Man' Comic

    1:11 pm PDT 10/23/2013
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    Iron Man's alter ego isn't who he thought he was, as he discovers in this week's "Iron Man" #17. READ MORE

  3. Elon Musk's New Invention: Playing With Your Computer Like Iron Man

    4:05 pm PDT 09/05/2013
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    The SpaceX founder demonstrates a new way to interact with your computer -- as previously seen in the hands (literally) of Marvel's Tony Stark. READ MORE

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  4. Mark Wahlberg Plays Iron Man in Fake Trailer (Video)

    6:40 pm PDT 09/04/2013
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    Can a Red Sox-obsessed Tony Stark resembling Wahlberg's "The Fighter" and "The Departed" characters save the day? READ MORE

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  5. Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2 Preview Featurette

    8:24 am PDT 04/03/2013
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    Marvel's new featurette offers a look at "Avengers 2," the new "Captain America" film and Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man." READ MORE

  6. 'Iron Man' Editor’s $50 iPad App -- a '21st Century Moviola' -- Is Now Available on iTunes

    1:05 pm PST 02/17/2013
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    Dan Lebental “thought there had to be a more efficient way to make movies." READ MORE

  7. 'Innocence of Muslims' Shot on Hollywood-Built Set

    4:49 pm PDT 09/13/2012
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    UPDATED: Hollywood production worker talking to FBI as authorities probe L.A. location. READ MORE

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  8. Marvel Hires Three-Time Black List Writer for 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (Exclusive)

    4:51 pm PDT 08/02/2012
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    Chris McCoy will rewrite the space adventure movie from a draft by Nicole Periman. READ MORE

  9. Superhero Stars: Does a Comic Book Film Help or Hurt a Career?

    6:32 am PDT 07/30/2012
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    The opportunity to lead a blockbuster franchise seems like a no-brainer, but it hasn't always proved to be such a good thing for some actors in the long run. READ MORE

  10. Jon Favreau Talks 'Iron Man 3,' Praises Joss Whedon for Avengers and Leads 'Revolution'

    12:49 pm PDT 05/14/2012
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    The producer-director gives insight on his sci-fi ventures on screens both big and small. READ MORE

  11. Marvel's Kevin Feige Talks New 'Iron Man,' 'Thor,' 'Captain America' Movies (Video)

    11:01 am PDT 05/13/2012
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    After the immense success of "Avengers" at the box office, fans can expect five more Marvel films in the next few years, including the previously announced "Thor 2," "Captain America 2" and "Iron Man 3." READ MORE

  12. Rebecca Hall in Talks to Join 'Iron Man 3'

    6:20 pm PDT 05/08/2012
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    If a deal is made, the actress would take on the role previously earmarked for Jessica Chastain. READ MORE

  13. Despite 'John Carter,' Disney Beats Quarterly Earnings Expectations

    1:30 pm PDT 05/08/2012
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    The film studio loses money and sees revenue decline, but other segments make up the difference and the stock trades higher after the closing bell. READ MORE

  14. Jessica Chastain Passes on 'Iron Man 3' Role

    5:00 pm PDT 05/07/2012
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    The Oscar-nominee announced via her Facebook page that she couldn't fit the Marvel sequel into her schedule. READ MORE

  15. 'Avengers' Stars Clark Gregg and Cobie Smulders on a Movie That's 'Designed to Respect Comics' (Video)

    12:14 pm PDT 05/03/2012
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    Gregg and Smulders, who play S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Coulson and Hill, talk to THR about creating characters who were faithful to the mythology of Marvel universe -- with or without a precedent in film's source material. READ MORE

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  16. Jessica Chastain in Talks to Join 'Iron Man 3'

    7:12 pm PDT 04/23/2012
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    The Shane Black-helmed production begins shooting in North Carolina in five weeks. READ MORE

  17. International News Roundup: Cronenbergs in Cannes; Norwegian Killer on Trial; Julian Assange, Talk Show Host

    2:05 pm PDT 04/20/2012
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    The top global media stories of the past seven days. READ MORE

  18. Adrian Pasdar Previews His Turn as Iron Man in 'Ultimate Spider-Man' (Exclusive Video)

    10:30 am PDT 04/19/2012
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    The "Heroes" alum will voice the Marvel hero in Sunday's installment of the Disney XD animated series. READ MORE

  19. Tele München Group Takes German Rights to 'Iron Man 3'

    7:20 am PDT 04/18/2012
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    TMG has released both "Iron Man" Films in Germany and Austria. READ MORE

  20. Disney's Marvel to Co-Produce 'Iron Man 3' in China

    2:00 am PDT 04/16/2012
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    DMG Entertainment will make an investment, manage the co-production process in the country and distribute the movie in China in collaboration with Disney. READ MORE

  21. 'Avengers': Robert Downey Jr. Talks 'Iron Man 3', Marvel Reveals Plan for More Movies

    11:10 pm PDT 04/12/2012
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    "For 'Iron Man 3', we are going to back to the exploration of this character, which is what made the franchise work to begin with," Downey told THR at the Wednesday premiere. READ MORE