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  1. 'Jobs' Trailer

    12:00 am PDT 07/01/2013
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    Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad star as Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the to be released biopic 'Jobs'. READ MORE

  2. Ashton Kutcher's 'Jobs' Biopic Gets New Release Date

    9:48 am PDT 06/12/2013
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    In March, Open Road Films pushed back the movie's April 19 release. READ MORE

  3. 'Jobs' Featurette: The Making Of Jobs

    12:00 am PDT 06/01/2013
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  4. Ashton Kutcher: I Was Hospitalized After Eating Steve Jobs' Fruit Diet

    1:44 pm PST 01/28/2013
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    At Sundance, the "jOBS" actor recounted how his well-intentioned attempt to emulate his role model yielded an unwelcome response. READ MORE

  5. 'jOBS' Clip: The Operating System

    12:00 am PST 01/27/2013
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    Ashthon Kutcher and Josh Gad debate about consumer demand for Apple's first operating system in the new clip for 'jOBS'. READ MORE

  6. jOBS: Sundance Review

    2:19 am PST 01/26/2013
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    Ashton Kutcher stars as the legendary inventor and entrepreneur who converted a generation of computer users to Apple products. READ MORE

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  7. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Disputes Ashton Kutcher's 'jOBS' Clip

    7:55 am PST 01/25/2013
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    "I'm embarrassed, but if the movie is fun and entertaining, all the better," he tells Gizmodo. READ MORE

  8. First Clip of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs Features a Nerdy Freakout (Video)

    9:40 am PST 01/24/2013
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    The tech-geek actor has a minor revelation in this first clip from the Sundance film, which hits theaters in April. READ MORE

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  9. Ashton Kutcher's 'jOBS' to Hit Theaters on Apple's 37th Anniversary

    1:18 pm PST 01/23/2013
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    The film makes its worldwide premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this week ahead of its April release in theaters. READ MORE

  10. Sundance 2013: The Premieres

    1:22 pm PST 01/14/2013
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    Among the films announced is "jOBS," the Steve Jobs biopic that features Ashton Kutcher as the Apple co-founder, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's feature directorial debut, "Don Jon's Addiction." READ MORE

  11. Sundance 2013: Movie Stars Getting Behind the Camera Too

    5:00 am PST 12/05/2012
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    With Ashton Kutcher's “jOBS” closing out the fest, big names from Reese Witherspoon to Rooney Mara go small for good roles. READ MORE

  12. Sundance 2013: Festival Unveils 2 Star-Studded Noncompetition Categories

    1:00 pm PST 12/03/2012
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    Among the films announced is "jOBS," the Steve Jobs biopic that features Ashton Kutcher as the Apple co-founder; other projects feature Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Amanda Seyfried. READ MORE

  13. Ashton Kutcher Filming Steve Jobs Biopic in India

    1:20 am PDT 08/30/2012
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    A photo of the actor is doing the rounds on social media sites showing him in the bylanes of Old Delhi shooting some India scenes for the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic. READ MORE

  14. Kevin Dunn, J.K. Simmons Join the Cast of Steve Jobs Biopic 'Jobs'

    12:26 pm PDT 07/10/2012
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    The feature starring Ashton Kutcher as the late co-founder of Apple is filming in California. READ MORE

  15. Steve Jobs Biopic Adds Ron Eldard, James Woods to Cast

    11:00 am PDT 06/26/2012
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    John Getz and Lesley Ann Warren also board the indie project, portraying Jobs' adoptive parents. READ MORE