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  1. 'John Carter': Watch 'Sky Captain' Director Kerry Conran's Demo Reel of Early Film Version (Video)

    4:13 pm PST 02/22/2012
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    Andrew Stanton directed the Disney film, but before it was made by the studio, the sci-fi adaptation spent time at Paramount. READ MORE

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  2. 'John Carter' Author's Estate Sues Over 'Pornographic' Comic Book Knockoffs

    9:27 am PST 02/22/2012
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    Two weeks weeks before Disney's 'John Carter' hits theaters, the estate of the original author looks to protect his work. But the case opens up questions about the public domain and the boundaries between copyright and trademark law. READ MORE

  3. Behind the Scenes at Comic Con India 2012

    2:42 pm PST 02/21/2012
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    Fanboys and girls descend on New Delhi for three days of Hollywood action heroes, Indian comic book icons and plenty of face paint. READ MORE

  4. Comic Con India: 'The Avengers,' 'John Carter' Rub Shoulders With Growing Indian Content

    5:18 am PST 02/20/2012
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    In its second year, India's homegrown comic convention evolves into a much-needed platform, promoting everything from Hollywood movies to a rich diversity of Indian content, while welcoming international guest speakers such as legendary artist Robert Crumb. READ MORE

  5. Andrew Stanton Slams 'John Carter' Budget Overage Claims: "A Complete and Utter Lie"

    6:52 pm PST 02/17/2012
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    On Thursday, Andrew Stanton refuted claims that his upcoming sci-fi opus John Carter went over budget. READ MORE

  6. 'John Carter' Jumps Into Action With Two New Clips (Video)

    1:45 pm PST 02/15/2012
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    Science-fiction (not to mention Taylor Kitsch) fans got a few more glimpses of the action that’s in store for them Wednesday with a collection of new clips from John Carter. READ MORE

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  7. John Carter Sneak Peek

    1:30 pm PST 02/15/2012
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    Sneak peek of 'John Carter' starring Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins. READ MORE

  8. John Carter Featurette

    1:28 pm PST 02/15/2012
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    Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins and the cast and crew of 'John Carter' let us know what we can expect from the Disney picture. READ MORE

  9. Super Bowl Aftermath: How the Movies Fared

    2:57 pm PST 02/08/2012
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    The final score as marketing teams spent big ($3.5 million each) trying to turn their quick-hit TV spots into box-office wins. READ MORE

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  10. TiVo: Madonna's Halftime Show More Popular Than Super Bowl Football Game

    2:15 pm PST 02/06/2012
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    The DVR pioneer says Doritos scored the top commercial while most of the commercials for movies fared poorly. READ MORE

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  11. Super Bowl 2012: Trailers for 'Avengers,' 'John Carter,' 'Battleship' Premiere (Videos)

    8:07 pm PST 02/05/2012
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    A handful of new trailers for some of 2012's most anticipated films were featured during the Patriots-Giants championship game. READ MORE

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  12. John Carter Super Bowl Commercial

    5:11 pm PST 02/05/2012
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    Extended version of Walt Disney Pictures' 'John Carter' starring Taylor Kitsch. READ MORE

  13. Disney Signs Multi-Year Package Deal With Germany's RTL

    3:13 am PST 02/01/2012
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    Marvel Studios' "The Avengers" and Pixar's "The Brave" and are among the top titles in the agreement. READ MORE

  14. Analyst: 'Stop Worrying About DVD' Sluggishness

    6:09 am PST 01/31/2012
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    Susquehanna's Vasily Karasyov says what really drives studios' profits are costs and risk, and he likes the consistency of Time Warner's and News Corp.'s film units. READ MORE

  15. 'John Carter' Super Bowl Teaser Hits the Web (Video)

    6:56 pm PST 01/30/2012
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    Viewers watching the big game on Sunday can catch a glimpse of the upcoming Disney Epic, while entering to win a trip to next year's matchup. READ MORE

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  16. Mega Movies + New Directors = Big Drama

    11:57 am PST 01/19/2012
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    THE REPORT: Problems plague "John Carter" and "47 Ronin" as studios place $200 million-plus bets on untested auteurs. READ MORE

  17. 'The Hunger Games,' 'Battleship' Will Feature Some of the Year's Biggest Breakout Stars (Poll)

    2:10 pm PST 01/04/2012
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    A Fandango poll predicts that Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Mackenzie Foy and Brooklyn Decker are some of the actors who will become major celebrities this year. READ MORE

  18. Box Office in Free Fall: Why December Numbers Are Tanking and How 2012 Could Improve

    5:58 pm PST 12/15/2011
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    "There just haven't been that many compelling movies," admits one veteran, though rising ticket prices have also hurt the cause. READ MORE

  19. John Carter: Trailer

    11:07 am PST 12/02/2011
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    Trailer for 'John Carter' starring Taylor Kitsch and Bryan Cranston. READ MORE

  20. 'John Carter' Official Trailer Premieres (Video)

    10:02 pm PST 11/30/2011
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    Disney’s action-adventure epic stars Taylor Kitsch as a Civil War captain who is mysteriously transported to Mars. READ MORE

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  21. 'John Carter' Star Taylor Kitsch Teases Official Trailer on 'Good Morning America' (Video)

    12:43 pm PST 11/30/2011
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    UPDATED: The Disney action epic, directed by Andrew Stanton, hits theaters on March 9. READ MORE