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  1. Box Office's New Normal in 2015: "You Can't Cheat an Opening Weekend Anymore"

    5:00 am PST 12/17/2015
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    Record highs and lows put studio heads on edge as audiences get savvier. Says Fox domestic distribution president Chris Aronson, "There is no bottom anymore." READ MORE

  2. New Movies, TV on iTunes in May: 'Fifty Shades,' 'The DUFF,' 'Ray Donovan' Season 2 and More

    2:09 pm PDT 04/28/2015
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    New films starring Kristen Wiig, Elizabeth Banks and Michael Fassbender will also be available the same day they hit theaters. READ MORE

  3. Japan Box Office: 'Doraemon' Anime Still All-Conquering

    4:49 am PDT 04/06/2015
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    The latest installment of the 'cat-type robot' - Japan's most-watched cinematic franchise - has racked up $28.5 million. READ MORE

  4. New Movies, TV on Amazon in April: Kevin Smith's 'Tusk,' 'Mommie Dearest' and More

    10:44 am PDT 03/29/2015
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    Titles available for digital download include Oscar winners 'Selma' and 'American Sniper' and the final season of 'Mad Men.' READ MORE

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  5. China Box Office: 'Cinderella' Stays on Top as Andy Lau's 'Lost and Love' Opens Strong

    10:12 pm PDT 03/23/2015
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    Liam Neeson's kidnap drama 'Taken 3' is among a decent showing by foreign movies this week. READ MORE

  6. Global Box Office: 'Jupiter Ascending' Finds Redemption in China

    12:17 pm PDT 03/08/2015
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    New entry 'Chappie' opens to a troubled $13.7 million internationally, while 'Big Hero 6' delights in crossing $600 million worldwide. READ MORE

  7. U.K. Box Office: ‘Fifty Shades’ Maintains Control

    2:14 am PST 02/25/2015
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    Even a sharp drop in Britain, like in the U.S., couldn't stop the erotic drama coming out on top in its second week. READ MORE

  8. Italy Box Office: 'Jupiter Ascending' Opens in Fourth, 'Birdman' in Sixth Spot

    5:24 am PST 02/11/2015
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    'Night at the Museum 3' stays in the top spot, but 'American Sniper' dominates the year-to-date results. READ MORE

  9. South Korea Box Office: 'Jupiter Ascending' Debuts in Third, 'Big Hero 6' Remains Second

    7:49 pm PST 02/09/2015
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    'C'est Si Bon' topped charts amid the dominance of other homegrown period dramas 'Ode to My Father' and 'Gangnam Blues.' READ MORE

  10. RealD to Explore "Strategic Alternatives" After Reporting Quarterly Net Loss

    1:15 pm PST 02/09/2015
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    The company said it lost $11.3 million in its fiscal third quarter, compared to a loss of $271,000 in the same quarter a year ago. READ MORE

  11. Global Box Office: 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Earns $10M on First Day in China

    11:09 am PST 02/08/2015
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    Elsewhere, 'Jupiter Ascending' tops the foreign chart with an okay $32.5 million from 65 countries, while Disney's 'Big Hero 6' crosses the $500 million mark worldwide thanks to a victorious run in Japan. READ MORE

  12. Box Office: 'SpongeBob' Capsizes 'Jupiter Ascending,' 'Seventh Son' With $56M

    7:43 am PST 02/08/2015
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    Paramount's sequel, combined with the wild success of 'The Lego Movie' on the same weekend in 2014, firmly establishes February as a home for animated fare. READ MORE

  13. 'Jupiter Ascending': 5 Most Baffling Moments

    6:00 am PST 02/07/2015
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    Things get a little strange in the new film, starring Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis and Eddie Redmayne. READ MORE

  14. Box Office: 'SpongeBob' Soars to $56M Debut, Topples 'American Sniper'

    1:15 pm PST 02/06/2015
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    Paramount's sequel, combined with the wild success of 'The Lego Movie' on the same weekend in 2014, firmly establishes February as a home for animated fare; 'Big Hero 6' crosses the $500 million mark globally. READ MORE

  15. Warner Bros. Postpones Ukraine Release of 'Jupiter Ascending'

    8:56 am PST 02/06/2015
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    The move was caused by "internal issues" at the licensee. READ MORE

  16. In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews of 'The SpongeBob Movie,' 'Jupiter Ascending' and More

    6:30 am PST 02/06/2015
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    Read what THR's critics are saying about the Jeff Bridges-Julianne Moore fantasy film 'Seventh Son' and the Amber Tamblyn-Wes Bentley drama '3 Days in the Desert.' READ MORE

  17. 'Jupiter Ascending': What the Critics Are Saying

    5:00 am PST 02/06/2015
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    Mila Kunis heads The Wachowskis' space epic about a young janitor who discovers she is heiress to a powerful intergalactic dynasty. READ MORE

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  18. 'Jupiter Ascending': Film Review

    9:00 pm PST 02/02/2015
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    Another ambitious effort from the Wachowskis that possesses familiar sci-fi genre elements, but anyone hoping for the old 'Matrix' magic will be disappointed. READ MORE

  19. The 'Norbit' Scale: Which Oscar Nominee Has the Most Embarrassing New Project?

    7:00 am PST 01/23/2015
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    In 2007, Eddie Murphy was a shoo-in for best supporting actor for 'Dreamgirls' — until ads for lowbrow comedy 'Norbit' deflated his Oscar campaign. Will one of this year's frontrunners suffer a similar fate? THR rates their new projects. READ MORE

  20. 'Jupiter Ascending' International Trailer

    1:29 pm PDT 09/25/2014
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    Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) enlists the help of Caine (Channing Tatum) in an attempt to save the world in Lana and Andy Wachowski's sci-fi adventure film. The film is set to hit theaters on Feb. 6, 2015. READ MORE