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  1. Tiffany Haddish to Voice-Star in 'Lego Movie 2'

    12:30 pm PDT 03/23/2018
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    The film is set for Feb. 8, 2019. READ MORE

  2. 'Book of Life' Director Developing 'Lego' Film (Exclusive)

    4:27 pm PDT 08/02/2017
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    Jorge Gutierrez is taking over a project known as 'The Billion Brick Race.' READ MORE

  3. 'Lego Movie's' Unikitty Gets Animated Series at Cartoon Network

    10:00 am PDT 05/10/2017
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    The show's executive producers include the film's directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. READ MORE

  4. 'Lego Movie' Sequel Enlists 'Trolls' Director Mike Mitchell (Exclusive)

    9:12 am PST 02/03/2017
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    Rob Schrab was previously on board as helmer. READ MORE

  5. Producer Sues Animal Logic Over 'Peter Rabbit,' 'Lego Movie' Sequels

    7:07 pm PDT 10/31/2016
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    Jason Lust says Animal Logic Entertainment conned him into giving up his intellectual property, according to the lawsuit. READ MORE

  6. New Lego Short 'The Master' to Debut Before 'Storks'

    12:05 pm PDT 08/25/2016
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    The short is based on the Lego Ninjago series and will feature some of the same voice talent that has committed to the upcoming Lego Ninjago feature. READ MORE

  7. Comic-Con: 'Lego Batman' Debuts New Trailer With Robin, Joker

    5:34 pm PDT 07/23/2016
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    The Lego spinoff movie is currently under construction. READ MORE

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  8. 'Batman v Superman': The LEGO Story With Will Arnett

    2:12 pm PDT 03/21/2016
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    Will Arnett, who plays LEGO Batman in 'The LEGO Movie,' determines who would win in the LEGO showdown of Batman v. Superman. READ MORE

  9. Phil Lord, Chris Miller on 'Star Wars' Spinoff Pressure, Being "Stoney" Filmmakers

    8:30 am PST 11/18/2015
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    The multihyphenates behind 'The Lego Movie' discuss their massive slate of upcoming projects and why people think they do a lot of drugs. READ MORE

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  10. Netflix Adds 7 Original Kids Series, Including Lego's 'Bionicle' and DreamWorks' 'Dawn of the Croods'

    9:29 am PDT 10/01/2015
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    Saban Brands' 'Glitter Force' and American Greetings' 'Buddy Thunderstruck' also get series orders as the U.S.-based streamer expands its youth programming. READ MORE

  11. Warner Bros., Imax Renew Pact With 30-Picture Deal

    5:32 am PDT 04/20/2015
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    The latest multipicture agreement through 2020 includes 'Batman v. Superman,' 'Heart of the Sea' and 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.' READ MORE

  12. New 'Lego' Spinoff Movie in the Works From Jason Segel, 'Iron Man 3' Writer (Exclusive)

    12:59 pm PDT 03/25/2015
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    Titled 'Billion Brick Race,' the film is in addition to three Lego movies already on Warner Bros.' release schedule. READ MORE

  13. Studio Profitability Report: Who's Up and Who's Down

    5:00 am PDT 03/20/2015
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    'Frozen' fever and Marvel moolah helped deliver $1.7 billion in 2014 as Disney topples Warner Bros., Paramount increases box office and Sony stumbles on 'Spider-Man' in THR's annual breakdown of money at the major studios. READ MORE

  14. Village Roadshow Looking to Raise $400 Million in New Financing

    3:05 pm PDT 03/17/2015
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    The company, which has backed 'American Sniper' and 'The Lego Movie,' is aiming to increase its film output. READ MORE

  15. 'Lego Movie' Sequel Lands 'Community' Director

    3:17 pm PST 02/24/2015
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    Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who directed the first movie, are now producing the movie with Dan Lin and Roy Lee. They are also writing it. READ MORE

  16. Oscars 2015: Nine Inside Jokes Explained

    2:13 pm PST 02/23/2015
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    References to "Chinese bucks," "the Dependent Spirit Awards" and the box-office grosses of this year's nominees may have left non-entertainment industry viewers scratching their heads. READ MORE

  17. Oscars 2015: Meet the Brickmaster Who Made the Lego Statuettes

    10:17 am PST 02/23/2015
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    Everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Emma Stone posed with Nathan Sawaya's creations. READ MORE

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  18. Oscars 2015: 'Selma' Wins Best Original Song

    8:07 pm PST 02/22/2015
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    John Legend and Common's "Glory" gave the film its first win on Sunday night. READ MORE

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  19. Oscars: Tegan & Sara Parties on "Everything Is Awesome" With The Lonely Island

    6:18 pm PST 02/22/2015
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    The 'Lego Movie' earworm was written by Shawn Patterson and was nominated for best original song. READ MORE

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  20. Best (and Worst) of Awards Season: And the Honor of Most Obviously Intoxicated Presenter Goes To …

    5:00 am PST 02/20/2015
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    Is it over yet? From Telluride to the final tally, an exhausting five-month Oscar race has left casualties ('Fury'? 'Big Eyes'?), controversies (#OscarsSoWhite) and a whole lot of crazy moments. THR breaks down the good, the bad and the embarrassing in our fourth annual Awards Season Awards. READ MORE