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  1. Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Announce Dorian Award Nominees

    10:58 am PST 01/09/2013
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    "Argo," "Beasts of the Southern Wild," "Keep the Lights On," "Les Miserables," "Lincoln" and "Moonrise Kingdom" are nominated for best film of the year. READ MORE

  2. Cinematographers Reveal Film Nominees

    9:00 am PST 01/09/2013
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    UPDATE: The ASC Awards will be held Feb. 10 at Hollywood and Highland. READ MORE

  3. Steven Spielberg Reveals Daniel Day-Lewis' Original 'Lincoln' Rejection Letter

    7:22 am PST 01/08/2013
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    While presenting his star with a best actor award, Spielberg read the decade-old note the Oscar-winner sent him to decline the role as the 16th president. READ MORE

  4. Cinema Audio Society Nominations Announced

    5:30 am PST 01/08/2013
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    "The Hobbit," "Les Miserables," "Lincoln," "Skyfall" and "Zero Dark Thirty" will vie for outstanding achievement in sound mixing in the live-action film category. READ MORE

  5. Palm Springs International Film Festival 2013

    6:42 pm PST 01/07/2013
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    From the THR Bombardier Shuttle THR's editorial director Janice Min breaks down the awards gala of the 24th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. Plus from the red carpet of the gala we catch up with 'Lincoln' star Sally Field, 'The Impossible' actress Naomi Watts plus Ang Lee and Mychael Danna of 'Life of Pi'. READ MORE

  6. Oscar Antics: Steven Spielberg's Anti-Campaign for 'Lincoln'

    8:00 am PST 01/02/2013
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    The director claims he doesn't lobby the Academy as he pitches the movie to the Senate, Obama and intellectuals across America. READ MORE

  7. Box Office 2012: 5 Hard Lessons

    5:00 am PST 01/02/2013
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    Despite a record-breaking take of $10.8 billion, Hollywood executives have lots of reasons to worry -- from the fading power of stars to the end-of-year movie glut. READ MORE

  8. 'Lincoln' Leads Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards With Five Nods

    6:07 pm PST 12/27/2012
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    Steven Speilberg's drama about the 16th president earned lead Daniel Day Lewis a best actor nomination. READ MORE

  9. THR's Oscar Expert Breaks Down the Production Design Race

    10:00 am PST 12/21/2012
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    Scott Feinberg on the front-runners, major threats and possibilities for 2012. READ MORE

  10. Oscar's Dirty Tricks: Inside the Whisper Campaign Machine (Analysis)

    5:00 am PST 12/20/2012
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    As balloting gets underway, negative talk is escalating ("Zero Dark Thirty" justifies torture, "Lincoln" distorts history) as rivals look for a way to undermine the competition. READ MORE

  11. Steven Spielberg Screens 'Lincoln' for Bipartisan Senate Audience

    7:06 pm PST 12/19/2012
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    The director, along with actor Daniel Day-Lewis and others, were invited to screen the movie in hopes of bringing senators together for “an opportunity for bipartisanship” -- with popcorn. READ MORE

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  12. 'Jack Reacher' Co-Star Signs With WME (Exclusive)

    12:58 pm PST 12/19/2012
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    David Oyelowo can also be seen in "The Paperboy" and "Lincoln." READ MORE

  13. Steven Spielberg: In 2012, 'Chris Christie Was a Hero for Me' (Q&A)

    5:00 am PST 12/19/2012
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    The "Lincoln" director and Obama supporter, one of The Hollywood Reporter's 2012 Rule Breakers, says the New Jersey governor was "able to put party politics aside for the greater good" and also cites Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton among his heroes. READ MORE

  14. 2012's Biggest Rule Breakers: 'Walking Dead,' Psy, Quentin Tarantino and 7 Others Who Rocked the Status Quo

    4:59 am PST 12/19/2012
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    THR's second annual issue honoring the men and women in Hollywood who played by their own rules this year. READ MORE

  15. Jon Voight in Negotiations to Play KGB Agent in Ronald Reagan Biopic (Exclusive)

    11:00 pm PST 12/18/2012
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    The indie, "Reagan," is one of at least three upcoming films about the 40th U.S. president. READ MORE

  16. A Few Minutes with Feinberg: Voting Begins

    4:01 pm PST 12/18/2012
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    Awards analyst Scott Feinberg breaks down which frontrunners for best movie of the year will relate best to academy voters. Nomination ballots have been mailed out to voters and are due back January. READ MORE

  17. Daniel Day-Lewis Honored by Santa Barbara Int'l Film Fest

    9:11 am PST 12/18/2012
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    The two-time best Oscar winner, whom many believe will win a third for his performance in Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln," will receive the Montecito Award on Jan. 26. READ MORE

  18. Box Office Report: Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' Scores Record $84.8 Million Weekend

    8:53 am PST 12/16/2012
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    UPDATED: The 3D fantasy-adventure opens to $138.2 million overseas for a worldwide total of $223 million; "Lincoln" and "Silver Linings Playbook" see boost from Golden Globe nominations. READ MORE

  19. Q&A with the 'Lincoln' Team

    12:39 pm PST 12/14/2012
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    THR awards analyst Scott Feinberg interviews 'Lincoln' director Steven Spielberg; screenwriter Tony Kushner; and actors Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, David Strathairn, James Spader and Lee Pace. READ MORE

  20. Box Office Report: 'Lincoln' Crossing $100 Million in North America

    12:49 pm PST 12/13/2012
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    Steven Spielberg's historical drama scored a leading seven Golden Globe nominations Thursday. READ MORE