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  1. Fall Movie Preview 2012: Major New Releases From Spielberg, Jackson, Tarantino, the Wachowskis, Burton and More

    11:18 am PDT 09/12/2012
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    The summer is done, and with a slew of hugely anticipated movies set to premiere in the coming months, Hollywood is hopeful to chase away the box office doldrums. Get a glimpse at the hottest new features -- including P.T. Anderson's "The Master," the return of 007 in "Skyfall" and the first of Peter Jackson's "Hobbit" trilogy -- in THR's 2012 Fall Movie Pre READ MORE

  2. Live Coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival

    4:59 pm PDT 09/07/2012
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    Live coverage from the Toronto, Canada. READ MORE

  3. Toronto Film Festival Opening Day: 'Looper' Premiere, 'American Beauty' Reading

    3:22 pm PDT 09/07/2012
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt and Bruce Willis walked the red carpet for the premiere of Rian Johnson's time-traveling thriller. READ MORE

  4. Toronto 2012: 'Looper's' Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt Bring Star Power on Opening Night

    6:50 pm PDT 09/06/2012
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    "I hope you like this film. If you don't, it's going to be awkward," director Rian Johnson told the Roy Thomson Hall audience. READ MORE

  5. Toronto 2012: Bruce Willis on Performing Opposite His Younger Self in 'Looper'

    1:42 pm PDT 09/06/2012
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    “At some point, you just have to let go and imagine it’s you,” the action star said of his role opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Rian Johnson’s time-traveling festival opener. READ MORE

  6. Looper: Toronto Review

    8:15 am PDT 09/06/2012
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis go head-to-head in writer-director Rian Johnson's clever science fiction tale. READ MORE

  7. Toronto 2012: FilmDistrict's Peter Schlessel on the Fest -- 'It's My Favorite Acquisitions Market'

    10:00 am PDT 09/05/2012
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    The movie vet talks to THR about nabbing "Looper," leaving Sony and the future for upstart film labels. READ MORE

  8. 'Looper' Interactive Trailer Reveals New Interviews, Behind-the-Scenes Footage

    5:57 pm PDT 08/27/2012
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    Rian Johnson's sci-fi thriller stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a time-traveling hit man who is tasked with killing an older version of himself, played by Bruce Willis. READ MORE

  9. Midyear Awards Preview: Columbia/Sony Animation/Screen Gems/TriStar (Analysis)

    12:30 pm PDT 08/21/2012
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    Sony's labels account for an eclectic batch of contenders, including Meryl Streep's latest showcase, the 23rd Bond film and Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal's sure-to-be controversial Osama bin Laden film. READ MORE

  10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt: CNN, MSNBC Are Like 'Bullshit Entertainment,' Media Ignores Corporate Evil

    9:55 am PDT 08/16/2012
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    The "Premium Rush" star tells Playboy that he learns little by turning on television news, which he says ignores the real issues of the day. READ MORE

  11. Hollywood's Unsung Scouts: THR Profiles Six Hot Casting Directors

    9:00 am PDT 08/15/2012
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    These are the women and men who pluck the stars of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Looper” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” out of piles of thousands of headshots. READ MORE

  12. Toronto Defends Choosing 'Looper' Over a Canadian Film to Launch Festival

    2:09 pm PDT 07/24/2012
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    Piers Handling: "I think for your opening night film you want a film that actually commands the screen, a film that is entertaining, that people really enjoy and get their heads into the rest of the festival." READ MORE

  13. Rian Johnson's 'Looper' to Open Toronto International Film Festival

    7:05 am PDT 07/24/2012
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    Also in the TIFF mix this year: the latest films by Robert Redford, Mira Nair, Ben Affleck, David O. Russell, Neil Jordan, Thomas Vinterberg, Takeshi Kitano and Terrence Malick. READ MORE

  14. Comic-Con 2012: 'Looper' Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Getting Kicked in the Head by Bruce Willis (Video)

    5:57 pm PDT 07/13/2012
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    The actor plays a younger version of Bruce Willis' character in the sci-fi actioner. READ MORE

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  15. Joseph Gordon-Levitt on 'Looper'

    5:33 pm PDT 07/13/2012
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    From Comic-Con actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt informs us what it was like working with writer and director Rian Johnson and starring the action film that was written with him in mind. He also describes his time traveling character that is also an assassin. READ MORE

  16. 'Looper' Trailer Puts Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a Tough Spot: Killing Bruce Willis (Video)

    10:28 am PDT 06/27/2012
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    The Rian Johnson-directed sci-fi thriller gets a second trailer, this time with far more plot revealed -- something Johnson warns against on Twitter. READ MORE

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  17. Endgame and FilmDistrict to Reteam on the Sci-Fi Thriller 'Selfless'

    1:26 pm PDT 04/30/2012
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    Written by brothers Alex and David Pastor, the story revolves around an older man who's mind is transplanted into a younger man's body. READ MORE

  18. 'Looper' Trailer, Featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, Arrives Online (Video)

    5:23 am PDT 04/13/2012
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    Rian Johnson's sci-fi thriller finally opens up a full teaser look ahead of a September 28 release date. READ MORE

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  19. 'Looper': Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Physical Transformation in Teaser Clip (Video)

    6:35 pm PDT 04/11/2012
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    The actor reveals how much time was spent in the makeup chair each morning as he prepped to become a young Bruce Willis. READ MORE

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  20. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks 'Looper' in Teaser of the Trailer (Video)

    6:29 pm PDT 04/09/2012
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    The actor appears alongside writer/director Rian Johnson in a new promotional clip, which reveals a first look at the highly anticipated footage. READ MORE

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  21. 'Looper' Poster Features Joseph Gordon-Levitt Mirroring Bruce Willis (Photo)

    12:42 pm PDT 04/06/2012
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    The first artwork for the upcoming sci-fi film emphasizes the present and future, with the two stars playing the same character at different times. READ MORE