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  1. Steven Soderbergh on Refining His 'Logan Lucky' Experiment, Quieting the Ego

    2:15 am PST 11/09/2017
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    The Oscar-winning director, at the Tokyo International Film Festival for a 'World of Steven Soderbergh' showcase, also talks about creativity in uncertain times. READ MORE

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  2. ISIS Using Hollywood Movies in Recruiting Propaganda

    6:10 am PDT 05/31/2017
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    Stolen footage and copied scenes from films like 'American Sniper' and 'Hunger Games' are being incorporated inro the terror group's recruitment efforts. READ MORE

  3. 'Fury Road': The Challenge Facing 2 'Mad Max' Sequels

    3:11 pm PDT 04/27/2017
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    Franchise creator George Miller says both installments are already written, but can they surprise audiences like the 2015 hit? READ MORE

  4. 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Producer Iain Smith to Get Lifetime Achievement Award at Transilvania Film Fest

    8:31 am PDT 05/18/2016
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    The Scottish-born producer, whose credits also include 'The Fifth Element' and 'Seven Years in Tibet,' will be honored for his contribution to world cinema. READ MORE

  5. 'Mad Max' Director George Miller Is Way Too Sane to Be a Mad Genius

    6:30 am PDT 05/10/2016
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    The Cannes jury president — a surprise pick for the influential role — opens up about childhood trauma, 'Fury Road's' Oscar haul, his shock at Mel Gibson's meltdown and venturing into comedy (his wife thinks it's to prove to her he's funny). READ MORE

  6. 'Mad Max' Co-Writer and Designer Fight Off Sleep With New Project 'Dream Gang'

    12:26 pm PDT 04/14/2016
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    Dark Horse Comics will publish Brendan McCarthy's new comic book this summer. READ MORE

  7. 'Mad Max' Costume Designer Jenny Beavan on Her Oscar Win: "I Don’t Mind in the Least If They Didn't Clap"

    6:00 pm PST 03/02/2016
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    The self-professed “older lady from London” is proud of her best costume design accomplishment and doesn’t mind if people misinterpreted her 'Mad Max' homage in her Oscar outfit: "People don’t have to clap for you, they don’t have to like the work." READ MORE

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  8. 'Mad Max: Fury Road': Seth Meyers Suggests Environment-Friendly Solutions in New Spoof

    6:46 am PST 03/01/2016
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    "It feels a little silly and, if I'm being honest, very irresponsible that whenever we go to get gasoline, we drive a fleet of muscle cars that literally shoot out fire." READ MORE

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  9. Oscars: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Sets Australian Record With Six Wins

    3:07 am PST 02/29/2016
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    George Miller's post-apocalyptic road movie bested the previous record for an Australian film, which had been held by 'The Piano' with three Academy Awards. READ MORE

  10. Oscars: Warner Bros. Scores Most Wins, But Open Road Has Critical Victory

    11:02 pm PST 02/28/2016
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    In the competition among distributors, Fox and A24 both picked up three trophies. READ MORE

  11. Oscars: 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Grabs Six Crafts Awards; Comes One Short of 'Titanic' Record

    9:44 pm PST 02/28/2016
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    The pic won Oscars for costume design, makeup and hair styling, film editing, production design, sound editing and sound mixing. READ MORE

  12. Oscars: Margaret Sixel, Wife of George Miller, Wins Oscar for 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Editing

    6:41 pm PST 02/28/2016
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    “She has a super brain and can solve a problem like a Rubik's Cube," Miller said of Sixel. READ MORE

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  13. Oscars: 'Mad Max' Grabs Makeup and Hairstyling Oscar

    6:27 pm PST 02/28/2016
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    Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Wardega and Damian Martin win their first Oscars. READ MORE

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  14. Oscars: Postapocalyptic World of 'Mad Max' Drives Off With Win for Production Design

    6:23 pm PST 02/28/2016
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    Production designer Colin Gibson and set decorator Lisa Thompson each collected their first Oscar. READ MORE

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  15. Oscar Math: 'Star Wars' Looks for Visual Effects Win In the Midst of 'Mad Max' Victories

    3:39 pm PST 02/26/2016
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    'The Revenant' could also pull out wins in a couple of the crafts categories. READ MORE

  16. Oscars: Nominated Production Sound Mixers Reveal Tricks of Their Trade

    12:30 pm PST 02/23/2016
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    Nominees who worked on 'The Force Awakens,' 'The Revenant' and 'Mad Max: Fury Road' talk about the challenges they faced on far-flung shoots, from Namibia to Abu Dhabi. READ MORE

  17. Oscars: 'Mad Max' Producer on the Most Stressful Stunt in George Miller’s Film

    9:00 am PST 02/19/2016
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    "You start seeing this vehicle careening toward the cameras — and you know a friend is inside — you think, 'F—, what are we doing?'" says Doug Mitchell of navigating production challenges for 'Fury Road.' READ MORE

  18. CAS Awards: A Guide to the Sound Mixers' Big Night

    12:45 pm PST 02/18/2016
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    The ceremony will be held Saturday at the Millennium Biltmore, and there will be a related exhibition of early sound devices. READ MORE

  19. 'Mad Max,' 'Star Wars' Lead Nominations for U.K.'s Empire Awards

    3:28 am PST 02/18/2016
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    'The Hollywood Reporter' is sponsoring the best British film category at the annual London shindig. READ MORE