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  1. 'Suicide Squad,' 'Secret Life of Pets' Drive Cineplex to Record Third-Quarter Box-Office Revenue

    8:11 am PST 11/08/2016
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    The exhibitor saw box-office revenue jump from Hollywood movies showing on 3D and other premium large-format screens despite a slight drop in attendance. READ MORE

  2. Europe Fills Hollywood Coffers as Box Office Hits New Record

    7:15 am PDT 05/04/2016
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    Box office surges to $8.4 billion in 2015 with U.S. studio films including 'Star Wars' and 'Minions' leading the charge. READ MORE

  3. Canada Box Office: Revenue Rises to $699M in 2015

    10:38 am PST 01/08/2016
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    'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' 'Jurassic World' and 'Avenger: Age of Ultron' were the year's top performers. READ MORE

  4. Mexico 2015 in Review: Televisa vs. Trump, 'Spectre' Shoot Controversy

    4:14 am PST 12/30/2015
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    The country's longest-running TV show was canceled, and 'The Revenant,' with Leonardo DiCaprio, again causes awards season buzz for Mexico's Alejandro G. Inarritu and Emmanuel Lubezki. READ MORE

  5. Hollywood's Surprise 2015 Box-Office Hits and Misses Abroad

    3:29 am PST 12/23/2015
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    'Minions,' not 'Inside Out,' rules in Russia, while China connects with 'Terminator: Genisys' and U.S. flop 'Fantastic Four' is a surprise hit south of the border. READ MORE

  6. France Box Office 2015: Hollywood Tentpoles Reclaim Dominance

    4:27 am PST 12/22/2015
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    After a locally produced top three in 2014, France's most-visited films of the year included three blockbusters from Universal. READ MORE

  7. Mexico Box Office 2015: A Record Year Led by Universal Pictures

    1:00 pm PST 12/18/2015
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    Business down south was booming for Hollywood, but not so great for local releases. READ MORE

  8. Box Office's New Normal in 2015: "You Can't Cheat an Opening Weekend Anymore"

    5:00 am PST 12/17/2015
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    Record highs and lows put studio heads on edge as audiences get savvier. Says Fox domestic distribution president Chris Aronson, "There is no bottom anymore." READ MORE

  9. German Box Office Sets Record in 2015

    1:52 am PST 12/17/2015
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    Even before 'Star Wars' opens, Germany has blown by the $1.12 billion revenue mark set three years ago. READ MORE

  10. 'Minions,' 'Paddington' Among Winners at BAFTA Children's Awards

    1:50 am PST 11/23/2015
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    DisneyXD animated series 'Gravity Falls' won the best international show award at the annual event. READ MORE

  11. Cineplex Sets Quarterly Revenue Record on Strength of 'Minions' and 'Mission: Impossible'

    12:03 pm PST 11/10/2015
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    The Canadian exhibition giant says it's too early to measure success after teaming with Paramount to shorten genre movie release windows. READ MORE

  12. Russia Box Office: Hollywood Dominates, No Local Film Seen Making Top 10 of 2015

    5:08 am PDT 10/27/2015
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    The last time no homegrown Russian film made the top 10 for a full year was in 2003. READ MORE

  13. 'Minions,' 'Steve Jobs' Campaigns Win at Key Art Awards

    12:42 am PDT 10/23/2015
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    'Black-ish' star Anthony Anderson hosted the gathering of Hollywood's prominent marketing teams at the CLIO Key Art Awards partnered with The Hollywood Reporter. READ MORE

  14. Italy Box Office: 'Inside Out' Becomes Top Grossing Film of 2015

    11:46 pm PDT 10/18/2015
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    Netflix's organized crime drama 'Suburra' grabbed second spot at the box office this week. READ MORE

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  15. Italy Box Office: 'Inside Out' Becomes No. 2 Film of Year

    3:35 am PDT 10/13/2015
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    Animated films have largely escaped piracy in the country. READ MORE

  16. Russia's Box Office Won't Reach $1 Billion This Year for First Time Since 2010

    9:21 am PDT 10/02/2015
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    The decline is explained by the national currency's devaluation against the dollar. READ MORE

  17. Italy Box Office: ‘Inside Out’ Rides High on ‘Minions’ Success, Crushes ‘Everest’

    8:45 am PDT 09/29/2015
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    Animated films have escaped the perils of Italian piracy. READ MORE

  18. Italy Box Office: ‘Inside Out’ Knocks ‘Minions’ Out of Top Spot

    1:37 am PDT 09/22/2015
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    'Amy' premiered strongly in the number-three spot. READ MORE

  19. Box Office: 'Minions' Gobbles Up 'Pixels' in China, 'Maze Runner' Wins Foreign Race

    3:20 pm PDT 09/20/2015
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    In its second weekend in China, 'Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation' also beats the debut of Adam Sandler's 'Pixels.' READ MORE

  20. Italy Box Office: 'Minions' Becomes Highest Grossing Film of 2015

    9:41 am PDT 09/14/2015
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    The animated feature has kicked ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ out of the top spot. READ MORE