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  1. 'Nymphomaniac' Posters Feature Orgasmic Charlotte Gainsbourg, Uma Thurman and Shia LaBeouf

    4:21 am PDT 10/10/2013
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    Lars von Trier unveils the porn-inspired posters featuring the film's ensemble cast, including Stellan Skarsgard, Christian Slater, Jamie Bell and Willem Dafoe. READ MORE

  2. No Sex But Lots of Poe in New Sneak Peek at Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' (Video)

    5:24 am PDT 09/27/2013
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    The clip from the upcoming erotic epic features Stellan Skarsgard quoting from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher." READ MORE

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  3. Uma Thurman Shows off 'Whoring Bed' in 'Nymphomaniac' Clip (Video)

    1:40 am PDT 08/30/2013
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    Controversial director Lars von Trier posts the latest sneak peek video for the erotic epic, which also stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and Shia LaBeouf. READ MORE

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  4. Shia LaBeouf Channels Ricky Gervais in Creepy 'Nymphomaniac' Clip (Video)

    9:15 am PDT 07/26/2013
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    The "Transformers" star traps a young woman in an elevator in the disturbing scene. READ MORE

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  5. 'Nymphomaniac': 'Jerome' Clip

    12:00 am PDT 07/24/2013
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    Shia LaBeouf's character Jerome is introduced in short preview of Lars Von Treir's arthouse drama. READ MORE

  6. First 'Nymphomaniac' Clip: Seduction on a Train

    10:00 am PDT 06/28/2013
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    Lars von Trier's buzzy erotic epic also stars Shia LaBeouf and Uma Thurman, among others. READ MORE

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  7. 'Nymphomaniac' Clip

    7:00 am PDT 06/28/2013
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    First clip of Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard and Shia LeBeouf. In this scene Sophie Kennedy Clark's character coaches Stacy Martin how to seduce a stranger on a train. READ MORE

  8. A Gagged Lars von Trier Reveals 'Nymphomaniac' Chapters

    3:21 am PDT 05/31/2013
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    The Danish director unveils the structure of his upcoming erotic epic. READ MORE

  9. Cannes: 'In a Better World,' 'Girl With Dragon Tattoo' Producers Unite for Viking Epic

    6:00 am PDT 05/21/2013
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    “The Long Ships,” based on the novel by Frans Gunnar Bengtsson, follows the life of 10th-century Norseman Red Orm. READ MORE

  10. Cannes: 'Nymphomaniac' Producer Reveals Graphics Are Used in 'Groundbreaking' Sex Scenes

    9:00 pm PDT 05/20/2013
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    A producer for Lars von Trier's hotly anticipated two films tells THR of the sex scenes: "Above the waist it will be the star and the below the waist it will be the doubles.” READ MORE

  11. 'Nymphomaniac' 101: Who's Who in Lars Von Trier's Sexually Explicit New Film

    10:52 am PDT 05/16/2013
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    The controversial film releases its first cast photo, featuring plenty of stars -- including Uma Thurman, Shia LaBeouf and Willem Defoe -- in compromising positions. READ MORE

  12. Cannes: Lars Von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' Releases First Cast Photo With Shirtless Shia LaBeouf

    1:33 am PDT 05/16/2013
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    UPDATED: The porn-inspired tableau for the controversial film -- which will hit theaters in December -- also features Christian Slater posing in front of Charlotte Gainsbourg with legs akimbo. READ MORE

  13. Cannes: Zentropa Unveils Teaser Poster for Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac'

    2:03 am PDT 05/02/2013
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    The simple, sexually evocative image heats up the theatrical campaign for the Danish auteur's upcoming erotic epic. READ MORE

  14. Berlin 2013: Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' Sells in Canada, Hungary

    1:58 am PST 02/15/2013
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    The erotic epic, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, is close to selling out following the screening of a promo at the European Film Market. READ MORE

  15. Berlin 2013: Download THR's Day 7 'Daily'

    12:59 pm PST 02/12/2013
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    In Day 7 of THR's Berlin Festival Daily, THR's critics discuss buzz titles at the midpoint, Roadside Attractions picks up U.S. rights to Competition hit "Gloria" and Magnolia acquires Lars von Trier's "Nymphomaniac." READ MORE

  16. Berlin 2013: Magnolia Pictures Takes Lars Von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac'

    6:41 am PST 02/12/2013
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    Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard and Shia LaBoeuf star in the erotic epic. READ MORE

  17. Berlin 2013: New 'Nymphomaniac' Still Shows Charlotte Gainsbourg in Threesome

    12:01 pm PST 02/09/2013
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    She plays a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac in the new film from Lars von Trier, which also stars Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman and Willem Dafoe. READ MORE

  18. First Still From Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac'

    6:14 am PST 02/06/2013
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    The picture from the hotly-anticipated film shows an unconscious Charlotte Gainsbourg lying discarded in an alley. READ MORE

  19. Germany Boosts Film Funding

    5:59 am PST 11/09/2012
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    New budget allots an additional $12.7 million annually for production support of the kind that helped "Cloud Atlas." READ MORE

  20. AFM 2012: Transmission Films Takes Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' For Australia

    8:29 am PDT 11/01/2012
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    The erotic epic stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgard and Uma Thurman. READ MORE